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triangle body shape

Do you know that in order for the clothes you wear to suit you, they must first be suitable for your body type? Dressing stylishly and using clothes that suit your body type can make you look more magnificent than you are. I mean, dressing appropriately for your body type is an as important detail as dressing stylishly. This detail is not known to everyone. I think it is time to clarify what has been said. But in this article, I will talk about only one of these body shapes specifically: Triangle Body Shape!

The triangular body shape has become very popular in recent years and has turned into a body shape that everyone knows. I can say that many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez contributed to this. Also, another name for triangular body shape is pear body shape. In addition to these, the body shape, which is the opposite of the triangle body shape, is called the inverted triangle body shape. But first of all, there is something I want to remind you of. Regardless of your body type, remember that there are many different types of bodies, and all bodies are beautiful!

What is a Triangle Body Shape?

Before talking about the triangular body shape, it is useful to know all body types. There are five different types of body shapes. Sometimes they are called with fruit names such as apple. If you want to learn which fruit is your body shape you should visit that article.

Sometimes body shapes called with geometrical shapes. These are:

All these body shapes have different features.

triangle body shape

When these shapes are used correctly, they will provide a more elegant appearance to the person. You can easily determine your body type with just a tape measure. Start by taking bust, waist, and hip measurements. Let’s get back to the triangular body type. If your hips are the widest part of your body, you have a triangular body shape. Also, the pear body shape can be called the triangle body shape. These two body types mean the same thing. In addition to that, there are informative photos. You can get to know the triangle body type better by examining the photos below.

triangle body shape

How Do You Know You Have a Triangle Body Shape?

Besides all I have said, you can think of a pear or triangle shape to visualize a triangular body shape (pear body shape). Just like these two pear and triangle examples of the body type, the upper part of the body, known as the shoulder, chest, and waist, is narrow, and the lower part is wider than the upper part.

triangle body shape

If you have normal or small breasts, a thin waist, and widened hips after the curve, and if your hips are fuller than your upper body, it means you have a triangle body shape.

What are the Differences Between Triangle Body Shape and Other Body Shapes

Also, I think it would be useful to briefly mention other body shapes in addition to the triangular body shape. In this way, it can be much easier to understand the difference and get to know your own body in more detail. You can learn more about your body shape in each of the topics below. In addition to all of that, you can take a look at celebrities who have different body types.

Apple Body Shape

First of all, people with an apple body shape have broad shoulders and narrow hips. In addition to their large breasts and large abdomen, their legs can be quite slender. The differences between the apple body shape and triangle body shape are the shoulders, breasts, and abdomen. Apple body shape includes celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore.

angelina jolie body shape

Hourglass Body Shape

In the hourglass body shape, the shoulders and hips are equal in size. Hourglass body shape people have large breasts and a thin waist. Also, their upper body is proportional to their leg length. The similarities between the hourglass body shape and triangle body shape are the thin waist and wide hips. Hourglass body shape includes celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Ashley Graham, Tracee Ellis Ross.

triangle body shape

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

In the inverted triangle body shape, the shoulders are wider than the rest of the body. In inverted triangle body shapes, people have a normal-sized waist and thin hips. Their bodies are short, and their legs are long. Also, the inverted triangle body shape is the opposite of the triangle body shape. While an inverted body shape is like a reverse triangle, a triangle body shape is like a normal triangle figure. The differences between inverted triangle body shape and triangle body shape are the shoulders, hips, and waist. Inverted triangle body shape includes celebrities like Rosie Huntington, Halle Berry, and Cate Blanchett.

triangle body shape

Rectangle Body Shape

People with a rectangular body shape have equally wide shoulders, waist, and hips in addition to normal or small chests. They have a hollow waist and long legs. The differences between rectangle body shape and triangle body shape are the waist, hips, and legs. Rectangle body shape includes celebrities like The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Hudson, and Mindy Kaling.

triangle body shape

What to Wear on Top

Among the tops that those with a triangular body shape can choose, there may be asymmetrical blouses, cuts that will make their shoulders wider, that is, padded jackets or T-shirts. Especially padded T-shirts have become very fashionable lately. In addition, V-neck tops are among those that can be preferred. We have only one rule: Whatever you do, remember to draw attention to your top.

Highlight the Top

It is necessary to keep the attention on the upper sections as much as possible. Tops that will create a wide shoulder effect and emphasize the thin waist detail can be preferred. So, let’s list the things you should and shouldn’t choose for the top.

First of all, since the shoulders are narrow in the triangular body shape, it would be good for you to choose embroidered or feathered tops on the shoulder and collar sections. As you see in the photos below, these kinds of tops are very helpful for you to show your shoulders better.

triangle body shape

Second, since your waist is thin, you can choose tight, waist-fitting clothes in the upper part. I think these kinds of tops look very stylish and cool. I really love to wear them in my daily life.


Especially the sleeveless crops you see in the first photo will be a savior in every color. It is a must-have in every wardrobe. You can wear them with any jeans you want. Also, these crops can look good with a skirt too.

triangle body shape

Another suggestion is to make belts for you one of your most preferred accessories. For example, if you want to do an outfit with a shirt and a jacket, wearing a thin belt on your shirt to emphasize the waist is a good tactic to apply.

triangle body shape

Also, you can opt for brighter colors and large prints on the upper body. These will make the shoulders and bust a little wider and balance the whole-body look.

triangle body shape


We can also talk about outerwear for those with a triangular body shape. In my opinion, the only thing that people with this body type should pay attention to when choosing a coat is that it is a belted coat. In this way, a thin waist and wide hips can come to the fore.

triangle body shape

Also, short coats and jackets can look pretty good.

triangle body shape

What to Wear on Bottom

In fact, most women with a triangular body shape say that they have difficulties in choosing clothes. It is risky for them to buy items such as trousers, especially when shopping online. This is because their hips are wider while their waists are very thin. For example, even if the trousers pass through the hips, it is too loose for the waist. On the contrary, the trousers may not pass through the hips sometimes. Therefore, they have to take the clothes they bought to the tailor.

Skirt and Dress

Now that we’ve drawn attention to the top, it’s time to talk about the bottom side. The first suggestion is A-shaped dresses and skirts that are the best way to show off your slim waist. When choosing A-cut dresses and skirts, you should be careful not to be extra baggy. You should choose a piece that fits your body.

triangle body shape

Also, you can show your height taller by combining the dresses and skirts you wear with high heels.

triangle body shape

Finally, there is something I want to add. Although A-cut skirts and dresses are recommended, tight clothing suits well the triangle body shape.

triangle body shape

Jeans and Trousers

Another important issue for a triangle body shape woman is the choice of jeans and trousers. The most suitable pants model for the triangular body shape is wide-leg pants. Considering that it has been very trendy in recent years and is worn by everyone, I can say that it is time to turn to wide-leg pants.

triangle body shape

In addition, flared pants are another model that will fit perfectly with the triangular body shape. The only thing you need to pay attention to is choosing high waist jeans and trousers.

triangle body shape

High waist, loose fabric trousers are also a perfect fit for a triangular body shape. I also love to wear fabric pants. I can say that it shows the body very well. But if you have a short length, it is useful to choose shoes that will make you look taller.

triangle body shape


Finally, I wanted to take a look at the accessories. Most people even all people love accessories. There are many types of accessories from rings to earrings, from necklaces to hats. These are important pieces for us to complete the outfits. There are many types of accessories that can also be suitable for the triangular body shape. I’ll be talking about all of them one by one below. Let’s examine the accessories that fit the triangle body shape together.


The first and most important accessory is, of course, BELTS! You can achieve the tactic of highlighting your waist, which I have mentioned throughout the entire article, thanks to belts. It is beneficial to buy a variety of belts, regardless of whether they are thin, thick, basic, or fancy. I especially love the thick belts used with high waist jeans. In addition, the belts used in the dresses can make the outfit pretty sexy.


Earrings and Necklaces

I have already mentioned the importance of highlighting the top. That’s why using big and flashy earrings and necklaces is a great idea! I especially love the multiple earrings. As you can see in the photo, the harmony created with very different earrings is very appealing to the eye. I love all sizes of round earrings. Those with a triangular body shape should also prefer round earrings. Especially large round earrings will be quite beautiful. I also love multiple necklaces. It can also be a good tactic for those with triangular body shapes to draw attention to the upper part.

triangle body shape

Scarves and Hats

Also, flashy scarves and hats can be helpful. You can get a different look by tying a scarf of your choice on your head. In addition to that, you should definitely use a hat. And who doesn’t love hats? It is very common to use hats and scarves, especially in summer. If you want to take a photo while sunbathing in the sea on vacation, don’t forget to tie a scarf on your head! Because that way, you can look pretty cool and sexy.

triangle body shape

Celebrities with Triangle Body Shape

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is the first person that comes to mind among triangle body shape celebrities. She amazes us with almost every outfit she wears.

The first photo shows Jennifer Lopez in a turtleneck shirt and trousers outfit. She used very bright colors and large patterns in her shirt selection. The choice of trousers was high waist, loose fabric trousers. Finally, revealing her waist with the belt she wears completed the outfit.

jennifer lopez body shape

The second outfit consists of a tight black top and a long A-shaped skirt. I guess the third outfit is a tight midi dress. I found this outfit quite formal and stylish. Attention is focused on the top, revealing the waist, and continuing with a flat fabric that hugs the body.

jennifer lopez body shape


Beyonce is also among the celebrities with a triangular body shape. She has a unique style and all of us are adore her and her style. So, let’s examine the outfits together.

In the first outfit, there is a jacket dress that highlights the waist detail. In the second outfit, there is a rope belt that will highlight the waist. I can say that this outfit is also suitable for the triangular body shape.

beyonce body shape

The third outfit is a bustier and trousers, which is again a top-bottom suit. The wide and high-waisted trousers again show that Beyonce made the right choice according to her body shape. Also, the last outfit is a dress in a very cool and bright color.

beyonce body shape

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is among the celebrities with a triangular body shape. She usually prefers tighter trousers, skirts, and dresses at the bottom to reveal her slim waist. She also knows how to show her hips in the best way. Therefore, I can say that she knows her body and knows how to dress according to her body.

kim kardashian body shape

Also, there is a video for you that include different tips for dressing a triangle (pear) body shape.

Hope, you enjoy and find useful this article!

Stay Stylish!

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