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flamboyant natural

Hi, stylish! Our topic today is the Flamboyant Natural body type, one of Kibbe body types. Previously, we talked about the Soft Natural body type, which is also in the natural category. Today we will examine in detail the second category of Naturals. We also talked about David Kibbe, the creator of these body types, and his Yin and Yang balance in our Soft Natural review in detail, if you take a look before reading this article, you can understand it more clearly.

It is very difficult to get to know our bodies better and look at ourselves objectively from the outside. Every person who can achieve this can more easily choose suitable clothes and distinguish the parts their body can carry. David Kibbe has made a more original, more open-ended, appearance-oriented categorization. These types make our job much easier. Based on these, I will tell you how to use parts and how to avoid parts. After finding the Kibbe body type that suits you best, I suggest you read this article. To find your own type, you should read our informative Kibbe Body Types article. If you are Flamboyant Natural or want to learn FN body type and dress accordingly, you are in the right place. Let’s start!

Flamboyant Natural Yin-Yang Balance

flamboyant natural

Kibbe’s Flamboyant Natural body type is a subtype of pure natural. This indicates a powerful predominance of yang, the divine male element, without the acute concentration that characterizes the dramatic type on the yin-yang axis. Also, is that yin is a combination of male and female attributes where as yang is the divine male trait.

Flamboyant Natural falls between pure natural and dramatic body type. So in general, it is a yang-dominant body type. Dramatic body types often represent yang and are described as blunt yang as it has a natural core. So, while the Flamboyant body and facial features have a strong yang, the edges of the body are also blunt. Flamboyant Naturals are naturals with a dramatic undercurrent, their features are angular. To sum up, this body type has wide, long corners without sharp edges.

Flamboyant Natural Body Looking

flamboyant natural

Flamboyant Natural type bone structure or facial features are important points to consider for categorization. To have this body type, it is enough not to have all the conditions, but to have most of them and the vibe they give, because as we said, the balance of yin and yang is more variable for this body type, but it is clear. Often the dominant feature of Naturals is their width, so they will have a width in the shoulders and upper back and often in the rib cage. For naturals, shoulders are one of the prominent features, people of this type have majestic and broad shoulders. They also have a long vertical line like dramatics. Since Flamboyant Natural is a mixture of dramatic and natural types, the rate of powerful charisma and fantastic charm increases depending on the dramatic features in it.

Flamboyant Body Features

flamboyant natural

There are three important criteria in Kibbe’s body types: bone structure, flesh, and facial features. Kibbe Flamboyant Naturals can have a body close to the model type. Height usually starts at 164 cm and goes up to longer lengths. The body view can be seen as a cone or a rectangle. The hourglass figure provided by the fuller breasts and hips of the Soft natural type is not seen in this type. The body appears muscular, long, and straight. There is not much of a difference between the waist and the pelvic bones, and the hips are straight and not overly prominent. Furthermore, arms and legs have a long and muscular appearance. So the body in general hands arms legs etc. It has a width, casing, and length from yang. The chest and hips tend to be flat or medium looking. But it is not a man’s body that will come to life in your eyes, but a mannequin body, because the lines have an ovality that comes from Soft, namely Yin.

Women with Flamboyant body types sometimes have squarer bodies when they gain a lot of weight. Usually, the face gets rounder and fuller. The body grows square and stocky, and extra weight typically gathers around the face, below the waist, and below that.

Kibbe Flamboyant Natural Facial Features

flamboyant natural

The face is also of great importance for kibbe body types. The eyes may be very large or straight and small. The lips are usually small and flat. At the same time, bone alignment is important for the face. The nose, cheekbones, and chin of the Flamboyant Naturals, whose facial features are quite pronounced, may be pronounced like their body lines, but blunt or slightly sharp.

Flamboyant Natural Outfit Tips

flamboyant natural

My purpose in this article is to inform people who have found the Kibbe body type and decided that it is Flamboyant Natural. To give them more control over their body, to create an idea for people who do not know how to dress most appropriately. Women with this body type have an innate artic or free spirit appearance, which creates a bold extravagant image. It is of great importance to me that we exhibit this in outfits. The appearance of the body is similar to the letter t due to its bone and flesh structure and we need to consider this when preparing our outfits. The vertical line, horizontal line, and shoulder line seem to be of equal importance, so we need to pay attention to each of them separately and be in harmony with FN the outfits.

How to Dress Flamboyant Natural?

flamboyant natural

Softer natural colors, beige, light pink, etc. are preferred in the Soft Natural body type, while Flamboyant Naturals need to be bold and free to fully reflect the body type. Bold decisions to choose vibrant colors, rich and sharp, and unusual and bold color combinations are all good for Flamboyant Naturals. You should avoid dull colors unless they are executed with vivid details or extraordinary fabric. Also, FN types should avoid monochromatic schemes without vivid accessories.

Again, the important point in the body is to bring the shoulders forward and for this, padded shoulder clothes can be preferred. Prints can be used on clothing, but printed clothing can be bust and vivid, expressed in abstract geometric irregular shapes or soft-edged asymmetries. Minimal prints are nicer to use, and it looks a bit bohemian to me, and Flamboyant Naturallere looks great with a bohemian style!

Tops for Flamboyant Natural

flamboyant natural

Flamboyant Natural types, who do not have very strict requirements for top selection, can create outfits according to their tastes. Preferring comfortable tops can achieve sportiness and elegance. On the other hand, their clothes aren’t loose or slightly draped they can look a little restricted to accommodate the vertical.

Blouses and Tees Flamboyant Natural

flamboyant natural

It is comfortable in blouse preferences, but one model can be used, the neck transition should be slightly loose and should not hinder movement. Fabrics are of great importance in these options. Stiff satin fabrics can be an excellent choice for an easier and more elegant look. Besides, ultra sheer, flimsy or clingy fabrics are not suitable for you. It is important for us that the tops are in an effortless style. T-shirts can be used tight or oversized. My preference is that the bottom narrow should be used or the waist should be left empty when using oversize t-shirts.

Sweaters and Hoodies Flamboyant Natural

flamboyant natural

They can be very free in choosing FN-type sweaters and sweaters. He just needs to analyze his style well and find suitable pieces for the outfit. Very tight sweaters are not recommended. They do not need a waist accent like Soft Naturals because they have a flatter body structure. Oversize choices can be beautiful, but if a tight top is preferred, they can also capture elegance with a beautiful style.


flamboyant natural

Jackets suit Flamboyant Naturals very well. Things to watch out for with jackets are very tight and short lengths. Long and flowing jackets are among the most basic models to be preferred. We can also strengthen this piece by adding some spice. You can do this very easily by emphasizing the shoulder lines, with clear and straightforward details. The best details are simple and oversized: with or without large lapels, big roomy pockets, and easy double-breasted styles worn open necks might be preferred.


flamboyant natural

My favorite parts of the FN body type might be their legs. Many options will create a perfect fit for long and straight legs. Choosing tight or loose skirts and trousers allows you to capture different styles for both pieces. In the continuation of our article, we will examine the parts and examples. I would very much like the photo samples that we use from celebrities to be a steal-her-look game for you.


flamboyant natural

A masculine touch on trousers takes Flamboyant Naturals to another level in elegance. It is best to choose fabric trousers in black, gray, or white if you are looking for classic masculine elegance as a Flamboyant Natural. It is a color that should be preferred especially for white bottoms because it highlights thin and straight legs. The best suits for Flamboaynt Naturals are slightly wide and loose-fitting designs, as if the trousers were made for men. We need to decorate and improve these trousers with details. Pleats, pockets, cuffs, pocket flaps, and plackets feature excellent details. Parachute pants, boot cut, or boyfriend-style jeans look great on the FN type.

I may have found the perfect jean as I described for the FN type, check out these extra comfortable pants!


flamboyant natural

Outfits with skirts can reflect many different styles. Of course, there are general rules that we should pay attention to. In the use of skirts, the visual emphasis should be on the hip line, not on the waist. The details should be kept smaller and the focus should be on the whole. Since the legs of Flamboyant Natural type people will be long and straight, the skirt will be the right choice. These skirts should be kept more lively when they are preferred as long and straight. Short and tight skirts are also created for this body type, you can combine a lot of options from a basic outfit to a stylish outfit. The use of oversized t-shirts and short narrow skirts will also allow you to achieve a stylish and sporty look in a line between the two.


flamboyant natural

The emphasis in dresses can be on the shoulders, waist, or hips. My preference is to use two different accents. Dresses might be free in silhouette and shape. Flamboyant Naturals can achieve a stylish look by wearing slim, tight dresses that emphasize your waist. In addition, many different ways of dressing can adapt to the FN body type. Dresses to be avoided are those that are overly baggy, completely symmetrical, and have no accents.

Check out this video reviewing Blake Lively’s style with the Flamboyant Natural body type. I think her dress, which was examined in the 7th minute of the video, is magnificent!

Hair Style

flamboyant natural

Like other naturals, Flamboyant Naturals should take care of their hair with natural touches. Hair is a part that should be seen as a result of personality and face shape together. High-style refinement and disheveled freedom should coexist in flamboyant natural hairstyles. It is always vital to layer in order to maintain freshness and prevent a sharp outline. We don’t have strict rules for this, but we do have a few items that we should avoid. Layered haircuts can look good, but be careful not to cut too many layers. You can show the hair more layered by using curly bangs. With the help of tongs, you can create hair that you can shape and remove in five to six minutes.

Flamboyant Naturals who want to try bangs should try curtain bangs but also a good option for you might be wispy bangs or even straighter bangs. Take care to use volume in your hair. If you pay attention to these, your face and hair will look amazing as a whole!

Hair Color

flamboyant natural

Rich and colorful FN hair color are ideal since it matches your fresh, free-spirited nature. Keep the base of your hair as close to your natural tone as possible if you decide to use artificial coloring. Generally speaking, streaks and highlights are preferable since they give you more of an outdoor shine. When bleaching your hair, exercise caution. Additionally, you should refrain from over-lightening your hair and over-softening your natural color since this will make you look older.

Makeup Look

flamboyant natural

Makeup has features that can change every woman’s face. Since the face of Flamboyant Naturals is more bony and soft at the same time, make-up that will highlight their facial features is the best. You can make the face contour with a color that is one or two shades darker than the skin color, but it is very important that the color is evenly blended. Even if the contour made is thin on the face, it should not be linear and should integrate with the face. Lips should come to the fore, so a dark and shiny look is my favorite. I found Live Tyler’s iconic-looking bright red lipstick, which has FN body type, and I suggest you take a look at this perfect lipstick.

You can get a more slanting and linear look by using eyeliner for the eyes. In addition, if the smokey eye look is too heavy and dark, it is among the eye make-ups to avoid. Instead, you can use more natural and bright eye makeup. Another look you should avoid is too heavy too much makeup, which may be too heavy for the FN type and far from sophisticated.

We have come to the end of our article, and everything we have learned together so far is just a suggestion, it would be much better if you take them and combine them with your style. Still stylish, love you!

Stay Stylish!

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