Apple Body Shape Styling Guide

apple body shape

Each body has its own characteristics. These features make each body unique. That is, there is no beautiful body or ugly body. There are different body shapes: Hourglass shape, apple body shape, inverted triangle shape, etc. Therefore, if you can’t fit what you’re wearing, maybe you don’t know your own body type. If you know your own body shape and know how to choose your clothes, you will realize that what you wear looks better on you this time. In this article, we will get to know the apple body type together and then look at various style suggestions.

However, if you don’t know which body shape you have, go and check your body type. And here you can find all body shapes:

How is Apple Body Shape?

apple body shape

Broad shoulders, full and big breasts, a thick waist, and a flat hip structure are the answer to the question of what the apple body type is. The most important feature is that it has a thick waist and abdominal circumference and a hip structure that is almost waist-wide. In the apple body type, the chest, waist, and hip area measurements are very close to each other. This body shape could occur as a result of gain weight or as a natural shape, so it does not mean being fat.

apple body shape

The name comes from the apple-like structure of the mid section of the body is close to each other. Indisputably, it is essential to give attention to your legs in apple body shape. If you think the clothes you wear don’t suit you, maybe you don’t know which clothes look good on your body type. We’ll talk about what you can combine in the rest of the article. In addition, since body measurements give information about body type, it will be helpful to calculate from a website that makes these measurements. Here I found a body shape calculator for you. You may want to check it out after reading the article.

Styling Guide for Apple Body Shape

Choosing the Correct Top

apple body shape

The cut of the top is essential. Whether it’s a blouse or a dress, there are a few rules for wearing tops that show off your bust and draw attention to your fuller upper body.

When choosing a correct top, wearing V-neck tops, low-cut pieces, strapless pieces, scoop neck tops, and fitted tops are good ideas. Because these draws attention to your chest area and make your upper body look longer. You could use these tops both for sports and casual. I really like the V-neck shirts; I think they look gorgeous. Here I linked a lovely Ruffle Collar Long Sleeve V Neck Blouse that you might like. Also, it would be friendly with your apple body shape. V-necks are the best fit with long necklaces. Thanks to the neck look longer than it is. Here I linked a trend layered necklace that would be chic with your V-necks.

In contrast, halter-neck tops, super-high collar pieces, embellished necklines, off-the-shoulder cuts, or bateau-neck tops are the things that you should avoid. Because these make your shoulders and bust appear wider and push your upper body to look more expansive than it is.

Proper Form of the Top

Choosing the proper form in the top outfit is another critical issue. It should not stick to your shirt or blouse too much, and choosing a crop top may also be wrong. If the top is too loose, your body will appear even more shapeless in general and thicker at the waist. Instead, choose a shirt or blouse with a high waistline, a yoke, or an A-line below the bust. Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing the shape of your top outfit:

A shirt or dress with a tie at the waist will help you shape and rich, defined waist. Your top clothes should go lower than your hip bones. You can even wear a long, flowy top or a tunic shirt that goes down to your butt. Wear tops with bell sleeves or sleeve cuffs. You can use tops with lovely off-the-shoulder details like sequins and flowers. Also, large-patterned tops should not be preferred for the apple body type to show the belly as thin as possible. In addition, short jackets and shirts and blouses that stick to the body are not suitable tops for apple body shape.

apple_body shape

Choosing the Correct Bottom

First, cleavage should be your favorite. Models with short skirts do not suit any body type as much as you. In fact, shirts that flow on the top, slits, and mini and pencil skirts should be your favorites. Also, it may look better if the length of the skirt you choose is slightly above the knee length. In addition, wrap dresses and skirts are the excellent options that you could prefer.

apple body shape

A better image can be achieved by avoiding low waists in selecting trousers. The point to note here is not to wear skinny trousers. But if you want to wear tight-fitting trousers, it would be an excellent choice to wear them with longer t-shirts, not crop tops. Boot-cut or wide leg jeans should be in proportion to the upper part of the body. So skinny trouser and skinny jeans models emphasize the thickness of the upper parts of your body. After these styling tips, you can visit this video. She offers style suggestions according to body type by giving examples.

apple body shape

Swimsuit Models for Apple Body Types

There is no one-size-fits-all “summer body”. Each body type has a swimsuit shape that suits them. Let’s find the one that suits you best together!

Swimsuits with underwired tops draw the eye to your breasts, and they look charming. When choosing a bikini top or swimsuit, try thicker straps. They will make your shoulders look more petite. Here I linked a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit that would look fabulous.

apple body shape

Also, you can choose fully printed swimsuits that will camouflage your tummy. In addition, high-waisted bikini models or tankini swimsuit models can be easily preferred for apple-shaped bodies. The fabrics used crosswise in the belly section will create an illusion and hide the excess among the swimsuit models. In addition, swimsuit models with décolleté on the sides will create the illusion in this way. It will help to make your waist look thinner than it is.

apple body shape

Stay Stylish!

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