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dramatic classic kibbe

Hello, my dear friends! I came up with a great topic today! We are going to talk about the Dramatic Classic Kibbe Body Type. I believe that one of the most important things you can do is understand your body type because if you can, it is easy to ensure that the clothes you wear flatter your shape. This article will teach you a lot about Kibbe body types, particularly the dramatic classic kibbe body type. Firstly, I’ll begin by quickly outlining the dramatic classic body type. I’ll secondly make a list of the features Dramatic Classics have and don’t have. I’ll offer suggestions for places where you should concentrate your attention more on my third point. Then, I’ll provide some instances of Dramatic Classic famous people. I’ll next go over some makeup suggestions for them. Lastly, I’ll wrap this with some styling pointers. Are you excited? Let’s start!

Brief Introduction of Kibbe Body Types

One of the kibbe body types is the dramatic classic kibbe body type. Kibbe Body Types as a whole has already been covered in one of the articles, but for those who merely want a quick overview, I’ll discuss them once as usual. So, David Kibbe, a former stylist, created these kibbe body types. The Kibbe Body System’s central purpose is body acceptance rather than partial body concealment. Kibbe body types are divided into eight categories. The categories of body types include theatrical romantic body type, flamboyant gamine body type, flamboyant natural body type, dramatic classic body type, soft classic body type, soft gamine body type, soft natural body type, and soft dramatic body type.

dramatic classic kibbe

Ying & Yang Balance

The Kibbe approach focuses on the Yin and Yang balance of the individual. While yin represents soft qualities and yang represents sharp qualities. The yin and yang proportion of the Dramatic Classic kibbe body type is mixed, but slightly more yang-leaning. Because of this, they are identified by slightly more yang characteristics such as masculine, sharp, strong, large, etc.

What are the Dramatic Classic Kibbe Body Type Features?

Dramatic Classics’ have a symmetrical body with vertical lines. They have a body that is straight and slightly wide.

  • They are not extremely tall, only up to 170 cm.
  • Their bodies are fairly trim and compact. They are slightly muscular and their flesh is taut.
  • Also, they have smooth, angular lines on their faces. Small, almond-shaped eyes and thin, straight, or narrowly pointed lips.
  • Dramatic Classics’ bone structure is symmetrical as other Classics. They have a slightly angular/ wide bone structure.

Furthermore, their shoulders are slightly squared and narrow. They have slightly longer arms and legs. Also, their hands and feet are marginally squarish. Their hips and chest are both in proportion to their waist. When they gain weight, they get the weight from the waist and around the hips. This leads to the body adopting a pear-shaped form.

dramatic classic kibbe

What are the features that Dramatic Classics’ have not?

These characteristics ARE NOT present in Dramatic Classics;

  • And they do not have disproportionately big or angular bone structures.
  • They don’t possess very long arms and extremely long limbs as well as big hands and feet.
  • They don’t have excessively muscular or boyishly straight figures.
  • Moreover, they are not so petite.
  • Last but not least, they do not have an hourglass form.

You can understand what I mean if you examine these two photos of Lizzy Caplan and Jackie Kennedy.

dramatic classic kibbe

How to Style Dramatic Classics’ Lines?

Since Dramatic Classic Kibbe people have tall, sharp, and masculine bodies, it would be nice to focus on this sharp and strong structure and dress accordingly. Keeping your combination simple and straight will provide sharpness. Since dramatic classics’ have long and powerful lines, sharp or sculpted clothes would be really great for them. Also, the fabric of your clothes can be slightly heavy and moderately stiff because your body shape looks well. Moreover, deep colors (dark or medium colors that are comparatively bright) and neutrals will bring out your long vertical line body very well.

dramatic classic kibbe

Makeup Ideas for Dramatic Classic

As you read above, dramatic classics’ yin and yang balance are symmetrical with slightly angular edges so yang-leaning. David Kibbe gives some key points for makeup application in his book which is called “Metamorphosis”.

Dark and smokey colors are more likely to suit their sculpted faces. Mixing those deep and dark colors can highlight sharp edges and angles.

Strongly shaped smoky eye makeup by using matte goods would be good on them. In addition to this, a relatively deep color is suggested for balanced and clean-looking lips. You might want to buy some eyeshadow palette for smokey makeup, take a look from here.

dramatic classic kibbe

Dramatic Classic Celebrities

There are also many famous people whose Dramatic Classic kibbe body types are well known. Celebrities like Jackie Kennedy, Lana Turner, Diana Rigg, Michelle Dockery, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Palermo, Lizzy Caplan, and Chou Tzuyu are examples of Dramatic Classics. The list is endless. I’ll discuss a few of them so you can see the body types. However, I would like to clarify that images of celebrities or any other kind are not meant to be used as benchmarks for the Dramatic Classics. They only act as examples of how yin and yang can coexist. The similarity in body type does not necessarily equate to Kibbe body type. So, I’m hoping you’ll focus on this matter.

Gwyneth Paltrow

In the beginning, I would like to start with Gwyneth Paltrow. Her body structure is symmetrical and has edges with a small angle. She has slightly longer arms and legs. In addition to that, her facial features are even and her bone structure is sharp and angular. As a dramatic classic, her breast, hips and thighs, and waistlines are all proportionate.

dramatic classic kibbe

Jackie Kennedy

Another instance of a dramatic classic kibbe people is Jackie Kennedy. You can notice that she is a typical height. She has a proportionate physical frame and symmetrical facial features. She also has a symmetrical body shape with angular edges, yet she doesn’t appear overly muscular.


Lizzy Caplan

The bones of Lizzy Caplan have symmetrical, slightly sharp edges. She has a tapered or slightly square shoulder line, as you can see. Moreover, she has ordinary or slightly longer arms and legs, and a small waist.


Chou Tzuyu from Twice

Furthermore, Chou Tzuyu has a structure that is symmetrical and has edges that are slightly angular. She has moderate to large eyes. Her lips are thin. She has slightly square shoulders.


Styling Guide for Dramatic Classic

Knowing your body shape and what you like provide individual confidence from my perspective. Do not discard any clothing items that you feel look beautiful on you but are not appropriate for dramatic classic kibbe body type. Everyone is different, and you know yourself best. Whether anything looks good on you depends on the individual. This is entirely typical. I would be very appreciative if you would take the advice into account and remember this. And for the dramatic classic body type, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget which is the silhouette should be fitted perfectly. I recommend you to watch this video about kibbe dramatic classic body clothes, style and makeup.

Jackets for Dramatic Classic Kibbe

You should wear jackets that are fitted or have slightly wide and lengthy edges. I need to remind you that rectangular and peplum jackets may be extreme for your body structure and do not look good. Look how the jacket looks good on Michelle Dockery.

dramatic classic kibbe

Skirts for Dramatic Classic Kibbe

When the topic is wearing skirts, you should wear skirts that are straight and tight. Your hips would look great. Wearing flouncy and A-lines skirts may cause your body to look strange. You can check out which pencil skirt I chose for you.

dramatic classic kibbe

Blouses for Dramatic Classic Kibbe

Then, blouses that are sleek and fitted with sharp edges are the pieces that you’re looking for. Extremely soft or florid blouses may not suit you.

dramatic classic kibbe

Dresses for Dramatic Classic Kibbe

Lastly, since you are a dramatic classic, you need to look for sophisticated, attractive, and lovely clothes. For instance, dresses that are tailored and tight would be a great option for you. You need something that is defined and with pointy shoulders. You can take a look at this black dress.

dramatic classic kibbe

Finally, we have almost reached the end of the article, so I would like to make another video recommendation. It is about dramatic classic kibbe body features. If you watch this video after reading the article, maybe you can understand more fully what the dramatic classic kibbe body type is and what it is not.

Stay Stylish!

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