Hourglass Body Shape Styling Ideas

hourglass body

The hourglass body shape is one of the most popular and known body shapes around the world. It has gained a lot of attention in the past few years on social media and in the fashion industry. Actually, people described hourglass body “ideal” during the Victorian era. Therefore, women in that era wore corsets to define their waist and tightened them as tight as they could.

However, there is no such thing as a “ideal body shape” nowadays because all body shapes are ideal in their own way when you style them according to your personal body type 🙂 In this article you will see how to style your outfits according to your hourglass body. However, if you don’t know which body shape you have, go and check your body type. And here you can find all body shapes:

How to Style Your Hourglass Body

Women with an hourglass body shape are described having a wide bust and wide hip but a really narrow waist. The body shape resembles the shape of hourglass and the overall shape scheme is wide-narrow-wide. If you are tired of not knowing what to wear to define your stunning hourglass body this article might be the perfect style guide for you and could also help you out of your confusion.

The most popular trick and also the key for styling your hourglass figure is to define your waist and follow the natural silhouette of your body. You should try to avoid putting the attention to your top or bottom and focus on your waist.

How to define your waist?

You can easily define your waist by wearing body con dresses that will not only put attention to your waist but also be complimentary to your top and bottom. But if you’re not feeling like wearing a tight dress you can combine a loose dress with a big black belt around your waist and still will look stunning.

hourglass body

Hollywood stars and celebrities just like Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson can also be really inspiring because their stylists just know how to dress them and compliment their stunning hourglass body type. Kim Kardashian, the famous woman in the world with the hourglass body, know all the tricks already. She is the queen of body cone dresses.

hourglass body

hourglass body


If you’re looking for a more casual look and aren’t in the mood for chic dresses you should consider jeans or trousers which balanced with the upper part of your body. The best working trousers for the hourglass body type are mid to high rise trousers.

hourglass body

If mid or high rise should be decided by which one sits perfectly on your waist and works as a defining piece in your outfit. The flare pants are just perfect choice for hourglass body.


hourglass body

You also should be avoiding low-rise jeans because they tend to make your hips look wider and the legs shorter which won’t be flattering.

In this video, she is giving you advice on best jeans with narrow waist and bigger hips. In short, you may have an hourglass body and needs some advice on jeans. You should take a look at these 5 different kinds of jeans and get inspired!

Tops for Hourglass Body Shape

Considering your narrow looking waist and your wish drawing attention to it you should avoid necklines that seem to widen your bust or at volume to your upper body. High necklines and turtlenecks are therefore not really flattering. I strongly recommend you wear some new babies in fashion industry which are halter neck cute tops. I will leave my favorite ones below. They will be definitive pieces on your hourglass body.

hourglass body

A good alternative can be neckline trick. The necklines that seem low and slightly rounded are good for you. Because, they’ll show of your beautiful bust and balance it to the rest of your body. Necklines that can be really flattering are e.g. off shoulder, sweetheart, V neck or square line. The top wear you consider should also sit rather tight on your body and put definition in your waist area. Loose shirts can put a lot of unnecessary extra volume to your upper body. So, this will create extra bulk on the waist which we want to avoid.

hourglass body

If you want to go on some shopping these days, I have news for you. I suggest you a wish list on what’s new in the store, just click here and discover what to buy this summer for your body shape. Enjoy!

Stay stylish!

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