Soft Natural Body Type Styling Guide

soft natural body type

Hi, stylish! We all want to get to know our bodies better at some point in our lives and dress accordingly. I think knowing your body type is the most crucial point to having a glamorous style. Getting to know our body or developing it with some categorization can sometimes be difficult because every person has some unique body characteristics. Classical categorizations may seem to us to be formed from a narrow perspective. At this point, David Kibbe came to our rescue. In this article, we will examine the soft natural body type from David Kibbe’s categorization, which was created from a different perspective. David Kibbe has a beautiful method of dealing with body types. If you have never heard of Davit Kibbe’s body types, you can read this clear and informative article first.

Our subject, the soft natural body type, is based on what we call an absolute angelic look. Maybe you are a soft natural, but you can’t see it because you can’t use it well! This article is for you because, in the persistence of our writing, we will talk about what the soft natural body type looks like and how you should maintain it in the best way. Let’s start!

Closser Look at David Kibbe and His Body Types

soft natural body type

David Kibbe, a stylist in New York, created the fashion in its early stages in the late 1980s. In his work, Metamorphosis, he referred to the kibbe body categories.

David Kibbe created the Kibbe body types system. A classification of body shapes that focuses on five basic types: dramatic, classic, natural, gamine, and romantic. David Kibbe has created these types with an idea based on acceptance and celebration, away from shallow thoughts, without criticizing any body type. The most significant point to consider when finding your type is to be completely at peace with yourself and be objective. To achieve the best results, it is critical to embrace the shape of your natural body. And pay attention to both your skeletal structure and your flesh. Likewise, the flesh and bone structure of your face also affect your body type. Together they make up your entire body shape and style.

In addition, it appears to determine your sense of style and visual impact by considering your unique “essence” and personality quirks. The system assesses how well your yang (sharp, angular) and yin (soft, rounded) traits are in balance. The whole strategy lies in the yin and yang direction.

What is Yin Yang Balance?

soft natural body type

soft natural body type

This scale stretches between yin and yang. By expanding the categories of yin character and yang character, it is ensured that people find the right body shape. This scale diverges into five main categories: drama, natural, classic, gamine, and romantic.

Features we should focus on in the yin influence: “feminine” soft, round, delicate, petite, fine-boned, and plump. Features we should focus on in the yang influence: “masculine” strong, sharp, contrast, hard, large, narrow, pointed, and bony. But as with the body shapes that everyone is familiar with, it is not based on just one shape. The meaningful point is how the body type and facial features look together from the outside. The body type we focus on in this article is among the soft natural kibbe body types.

Soft Natural Kibbe Body

soft natural body type

Features of the soft natural body type of Kibbe The basic type of yin and yang is quite harmonious, with a tiny yang influence predominating. A type is categorized as soft natural or soft natural body type. If the yang in the appearance of a natural is soft and there is somewhat more yin influence than typical. Kibbe categories are not created based on a single physical feature but based on the entire yin/yang balance from head to toe.

Where is Soft Natural in terms of yin and yang?

soft natural body type

soft natural body type

  • Unconstructed, wide silhouette, because of wide bones.
  • Rounded Shapes (yin)+ Unconstructed – loose, larger rounded shapes.
  • Tailoring (yin) + unconstructed = loose tailoring.
  • Intricate detailing (yin) + unconstructed = intricate, larger, relaxed detailing.

Because Soft Natural has an unconstructed wide profile and wide bones, we aim to reflect the width of the bones in the silhouette to harmonize the bone structure and the clothing. Because yin + unconstructed = looser, larger rounded shapes, we get rounded shapes when we put some yin on top of that unconstructed base. We have some loose tailoring that is yin plus unconstructed, as well as some complex detailing that is yin plus an unconstructed base that we are adding to, giving us intricate larger relaxed detailing. When we add it to an unconstructed base, we also have loose waist emphasis for the soft natural, which is yin.

The Vibes of People with Soft Natural Body Type

soft natural body type

Although still retaining some of the bulkiness of all naturals, this type of body is also more slender and more prone to curved forms and softer lines, for example, a white chest and a pronounced shoulder line. When considering soft natural type, associations with femininity, tenderness, and good health come to mind. Traditional Slavic beauty is similar to Russian beauty; it is sometimes mistaken for romantic, but soft natural beauty is more earthy, lacks chlorine, and appears angelic.

Soft Natural Body Type Features

soft natural body type

Let’s take a closer look at how the Soft Natural body type looks from the outside. If you want to learn more about other types, take a look at our article on gamine body type with these explanatory article and beautiful images.

Soft Natural Body Height

soft natural body type

There are two categories in the Natural Kibbe body type scale Flamboyant Natural and Soft Natural. Flamboyant Natural height ranges from the top to medium at 168 centimeters, while Soft Natural height ranges from 165 to 172 centimeters. Fewer people have higher than natural height, which runs from about 165 to 175 centimeters. The Pure Naturals (The Pure Natural category is no longer used) have a long and wide silhouette while the Soft Naturals will find more soft edges in their physique. Also, they have a small and wide look, with a height of fewer than 170 centimeters in general.

Soft Natural Body Weight and Body Looking

soft natural body type

There should never be a perception that the Soft Natural body type is extremely straight, as its shape is softer and curvier. For soft natural body types, the extra weight is deposited in the forearm area affecting the waist and abdomen. They may have slightly fleshy upper arms and thighs. The upper arms, thighs, and hips tend to pick up the excess weight the fastest. When the body puts on weight, it starts to shape itself into a rectangle and may develop soft cellulite. Soft naturals typically have smooth curves and are proportional, although slightly massive, and the difference between their hips and chests can give the impression of an hourglass figure.

Face Features

soft natural body type

Kibbe’s soft natural body type possesses large but delicate features big cheeks, full lips, and expressive, rounded eyes. The soft natural Kibbe type usually has a small but broad nose or a slightly blunt but broad nose. The entire family of natural types’ faces gives off a general appearance that is square with rounded corners.

Soft Natural Styling Tips

soft natural body type

Soft Natural types should look for a little elongated, semi-adjacent silhouette in the cloth that highlights the waist. However, things that are too short and tight are inappropriate. Asymmetrical cuts are acceptable as long as they have clean edges. Geometry is unsuitable for Soft Naturals; it will make them look inconsistent and vulgar.

Compared to basic time, Soft Natural, like other Natural kinds, looks well on natural materials with simple textures or natural colors. There is little exoticism in the look of a Soft Natural type, so the style can be shifted slightly from all-natural to elegant sophistication.

The greatest option would be a feminine, simple but luxurious style. Smooth lines will look far better than little pieces of cells or the overall appearance of cells in a natural color scheme, but you will undoubtedly require a more sophisticated cut and accessories in this situation.

Soft Natural Styling Guide

soft natural body type

For people suitable for a Soft Natural body type, there are many different options, not just a basic relaxed style. My favorite ones are sexy, feminine, and elegant looks. I would like to show some examples in line with the types we have given to organizing the right wardrobe of Soft Natural. The point we need to concentrate on here is to find the parts that the body will carry in the best way.

Top Selections

soft natural body type

Shoulders are the most eye-catching parts for the Soft Natural body type. The shoulder line should not be hard, it should not look like a fabric cover, and clothes that will prevent movement should not be preferred. The point we need to pay attention to in Soft Natural body type top styles is to highlight the folds and not to cover them. For this reason, corset tops which are popular again these days can achieve a beautiful appearance.

Blazer Jackets for SN Body Type

soft natural body type

The traditional blazer or business jacket with a loose, flexible bleeder is a wonderful choice for a Soft Natural body type. Soft Natural should focus on refined elegance rather than laconicism if you want to project a more austere image. The seductiveness of the shape is best highlighted with an av neckline since the breast area of the Soft Natural body type is quite noticeable in this area and should be avoided with the help of the core. Soft Natural body types are best suited to a belted or buckled jacket, which is my favorite style.


soft natural body type

Soft Naturals look fantastic with open or draped necklines, which also help with your kibbe breadth. It is possible to reveal folds by using soft fabric. It is best to choose blouses with no exaggerated details when using silk and shiny fabrics. A long sleeve blouse with a bow is a great option for a soft naturalness as you have a draped neckline and a slightly looser fabric. It is also like a flowy collar, which is another nice option. The important thing to note here is that the body lines and the loose seams around the cuffs are in harmony the bow of the blouse is not too small and the collar is not too high. Check out this perfect blouse I found, it’s like it was tailor made for you Soft Naturals!



Sweaters are a good choice to put forward the luxury feminine look image that we have mentioned before. Sweaters, which are an indispensable part of the winter months, are also of great importance for the SN type. Using sweaters correctly means avoiding excessive looseness and thickness. It is possible to make sweaters with slightly open v-necks using bright colors and yarns. Choosing oversized sweaters depends on how well they fit into the overall look. The most important thing is to find a balance here. To show the waist, narrower trousers are more appropriate if the sweater is loose.

Bottom Selection for Soft Natural Body Type


We don’t need to be overly restrictive for trousers, jeans, and skirts. Many models can be suitable for the Soft Natural body type. Let’s take a look at the suitable and unsuitable models.


soft natural body type

The loose, shapeless, and fold-free trousers, which are very popular today, are not produced for Soft Naturals. If Soft Naturals still want to choose pants close to this style, mom jeans are definitely for them!

Soft vertical lines, flowing textures, and the presence of air between the body and the fabric are the major characteristics of the bottoms of the Soft Natural body type wardrobe. Soft Natural kinds look best in loose clothing with asymmetrical flounces. The optimum solution for this kind is soft pleated a-line, smooth wide-leg clothing, which also comes in dense and delicate, somewhat abrasive textures. Check out these gorgeous trousers that look very similar to the image above and will fit your body type nicely. Soft straight pants, slightly tapered pants, or pants with pegs could have straight legs.


soft natural body type

Skirts with soft lines are best for the Soft Natural type. Full or flared skirts that are straight at the hips can be a perfect choice. Slightly draped or slightly tapered straight skirts can also be a good option. There is a preference for skirts with asymmetrical, non-restrictive details, buttons on the front, and slits on the sides. Asymmetrical silhouettes and tangerine wraps are one of my favorite skirts, if you are the Soft Natural type, give it a try! Skirts that should never be worn are symmetrical like a line, too striped, too tight skirts or pencil skirts.



There are two factors that women of soft natural body type should pay attention to when choosing a dress: to bring the upper chest and shoulders forward softly and to emphasize a gentle waist. Since Soft Naturals have an appearance close to sand satin, the waist should be emphasized, but not with a harsh emphasis.

Make sure the dress is not straight and instead use a more lively flowy dress. As with other clothes, you can choose belts or wear dresses with an open waist. If the dress has a soft structure, it will also make your body type look gorgeous. I suggest you take a look at this magnificent dress we have chosen for Soft Naturals.

You can reinforce the information you have read by clicking on this video where good examples of Soft Natural body type are given. Our views are almost the same with this video where similar examples are given in good detail.



Soft Natural Kibbe body types’ hair look that we should focus on is soft and free. What we want is a soft, effortless look. If you’re the Soft Natural type and your hair is naturally soft and wavy, you’re in luck because beyond all aesthetics, you don’t need a lot of definition. A frame of medium-length hair that falls in gentle waves shows the rounded and rather an essential face of a Soft Natural. When choosing a haircut and hair color, naturalness is crucial. Hair that is blue-black or fiery red, short-clipped, and with ragged edges, is most definitely not a narrative about Soft Naturals.



The most suitable makeup for the Soft Natural type of face is clean girl makeup, which has been popular recently. Our focus is on fresh-looking skin and blended well of skin makeup. The external vibe of makeup should be feminine and sexy, but at the same time, it should create an effortless look. Although it is a little difficult to use these two elements together, if you have a Soft Natural face, it will be very easy for you!

Fresh skin is our most important point, for this we need to avoid sharp cheek contours. Facial contours need to be done for the nose and cheekbones, but they should be distributed very well. Irregular facial contours should not be preferred as they will create a sharp image for the nose and cheeks. By using eyeliner and a soft eyeshadow, a natural look can be captured in the eyes, and makeup can be completed with a rose-colored gloss on the lips. If the makeup is done for the night, the eyes can be focused on, and the makeup can be completed as eyes full lips soft.

The point we pay attention to here is to avoid very dark graphic liners. Make-up made with rose tones on the eyes can be used to expose rounded cheeks, and a bright-finished blush can be used. If attention is desired to be drawn to the lips, the eyes can be in a tone close to a more natural lip light red, without an excessively dark lipstick for the full lips soft cheeks look. Using dark eye makeup with deep-toned lips is not a good idea.

Stay Stylish!

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