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Did you know that the number of people who want to learn about body types and shape their clothing style is increasing rapidly? Nowadays, if you turn any person on the street and ask about their body shape, they will most likely be able to answer that. However, these body shapes I mentioned will be nothing more than classic body shapes. What do I mean by classic body shapes? We can say that there are 4 main headings: apple body shape, pear body shape (hourglass figure), rectangle body shape, and hourglass body shape. So, what is gamine body type?

Recently, there is a method that we have started to see everywhere, including TikTok. This method is “Kibbe Body Types”. I can also say that there are countless blog posts on kibbe body types. We also have a very detailed article on this subject. If you want to learn more about Kibbe body types, learn about your own body type and shape your clothing accordingly, you should check out Kibbe Body Types Article! In today’s article, we will examine the gamine body type in more detail, which is one of these kibbe body types.

Brief Summary About Kibbe Body Types

Before I start to examine the gamine body type in detail, I would like to briefly talk about the kibbe body types.

There are 5 different categories as Kibbe body types. These; are dramatic body type, romantic body type, natural body type, classic body type, and gamine body type. In addition, there are sub-categories formed by the combination of these categories. These 8 categories are: soft dramatic (mixture of romantic type and dramatic type), soft natural body type (mixture of romantic type and natural type), flamboyant natural body type (mixture of dramatic type and natural type), soft classic body type (mixture of romantic type and classic type), dramatic classic body type (mixture of dramatic type and classic type), soft gamine body type (mixture of romantic type and gamine type), flamboyant gamine body type (mixture of dramatic type and gamine type), and theatrical romantic body type (mixture of dramatic type and romantic type). I have examined many of them in detail in the article I mentioned above.

gamine body type

Who Created This Method?

The trend was first developed in the late 1980s in New York by stylist David Kibbe. He mentioned the kibbe body types in his book. The book’s name is “Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle as Only YOU Can”.

gamine body type

What is Yin & Yang Balance?

David Kibbe evaluated body features in two different ways, yin and yang. According to him, yin represents soft features while yang represents sharp features. The keywords of Ying elements energy can be list the words like feminine, soft, round, delicate, petite, fine-boned, and plump. The keywords of Yang elements energy can be list the words like masculine, strong, sharp, contrast, hard, large, narrow, pointed, and bony. All of David Kibbe’s categories have been determined through the combinations of these two energies.

gamine body type

Gamine Body Types Features

In this article, I would like to talk a little about this body type, which is one of the kibbe body types. In this section, we will examine the height, body shape, bone structure, and facial features of those with the pure gamine body type.

gamine body type

Height of Gamine Body Type People

Those with the gamine body type are generally petite type people. Usually, they are 5.5ft and under (short vertical line).

gamine body type

Body Shape of Gamine Body Type People

The body shape of those with the gamine body type tends to be most often a rectangle or letter L shape. Their shoulders are slim, straight, angular, or small, sloping. The arms and legs are usually quite long compared to the torso. Hands and feet tend to be medium or small, often narrow. They have small or medium breasts. The waist is straight or slightly prominent. The hips and thighs are straight, narrow, and boyish. Their forearms are slender and slim.

gamine body type

Bone Structure of Gamine Body Type People

This body type people’s bone structure look as sharp angular, narrow, and sometimes delicate. The shoulders of this body type are square or tapered and tend to be narrow. Facial features such as the nose, jaw, and cheekbones are sharp.

gamine body type

Facial Features of Gamine Body Type People

The jaws of the gamine body shape are tapering and slightly outlined. Their noses are medium or small. The sharpness of the cheekbones may vary according to the weight of the person. The eyes are large and round. The lips are slightly fuller and less often narrow. Finally, the cheeks of the kibbe gamine body type people are taut and slim.

gamine body type

Gamine Body Type Clothes

In this section, we will take a look at the clothes that those with gamine body shape can choose and gamine style. Generally; many different alternatives such as jackets, geometric patterns, horizontal and vertical lines, jeans and pants, and skirts will be featured in this section. First of all, there is something I want to tell you. These clothing recommendations are only “suggestions”. Knowing your body type and choosing clothes with this factor in mind can help you show your proportion more accurately. But after all, all bodies are beautiful!

gamine body type

T-Shirts and Blouses

Let’s start with the clothing recommendations for the gamine body shape with the selection of t-shirts and blouses. First of all, they should definitely choose t-shirts and blouses with collars, cuffs or pleats because those with gamine body type have narrow shoulders. Details such as collars or cuffs can help make your shoulders look wider.

gamine body type

In addition, tops with smooth and stiff fabrics are also on the list of clothes that those with gamine body should like and prefer. Especially, t-shirts and blouses with crisp cotton show gamine body type people’s shape very well.

gamine body type

Those with the gamine body shape should avoid frilly blouses, flimsy blouses, and unconstructed blouses.


Jackets are in the second row of the article. Those with a gamine body type should use their jacket choices in favor of short models. It is beneficial that the jackets they choose are short. Also crop model, very fitted with sharp edges, and extreme tailoring and construction.

gamine body type

I really liked the leather jackets in two different models you see below. In the first photo, there is a short jacket with faux fur details. I thought that this jacket would suit gamine body types as it is short and would provide shoulder proportions with the faux fur detail on the collar. I think the leather jacket in the second photo will suit the gamine body shapes as it is also short and oversized. Collar, cuff, lapel, and waistband detail are important for people who want to reorganize their look.

gamine body type

Those with the gamine body shape should avoid long jackets, unconstructed jackets, and flouncy jackets.

Jeans and Pants

In the third row, we will take a look at jeans and pants. Those with a gamine body shape should prefer jeans and pants with sharp lines and a good tailored. In addition, details such as waistbands, pleats, and crisp cuffs are also things that should not be overlooked when choosing jeans and pants.

gamine body type

Also, jeans and pants can be short lengths which are anywhere from cropped at the calf to the top of the ankle. In addition, skinny models are among the jeans and trousers models that can be preferred by those with the gamine body type.

gamine body type

Those with the gamine body type should avoid plain-front, symmetrical shapes. Also, they should avoid unconstructed or baggy styles. Lastly, draped styles with tapered legs are among the clothes that the gamine body type should avoid.


Skirt models that can be preferred by those with the gamine body shape are the last subject of this title. A straight, sharp, and short skirt with a narrow and tapered hemline will please the gamine body.

gamine body type

The Flare skirt model can be suitable for gamine body shape people if you can kept the skirt very straight through the hips and thighs.

gamine body type

As the gamine body has long legs, short and straight skirts will also look good. These straight skirts should be short in length. In addition, since geometric shapes are recommended for the gamine body type, it is useful to examine 2 different skirt models in the photo below.

gamine body type

Long skirts can be tricky. However, a long skirt with a slit can be very useful. I would also like to say that I love the outfits in the photos below.

gamine body type

Those with gamine body should avoid full skirts, flouncy skirts, oversized or unconstructed skirts, A-lines and symmetrical skirts, and, long hemlines.

Other Clothing Details for Gamine Body Type

When choosing clothes according to Kibbe body type, besides clothes such as blouses, trousers, and skirts, details such as the patterns, fabric, and shape of these clothes are also important. Because these details can help to show the body lines better. Therefore, we will be reviewing some patterns, fabrics, and shapes under a few subheadings.

Line and Silhouette

Lines and silhouettes are important for gamine body. Of course, not every line and silhouette type is included in this scope. Using lots of short vertical lines and lots of short horizontal lines is a good way to make the gamine body look better than it actually is.

gamine body type

Those with the gamine body type should avoid elongated lines, wide lines, curved lines, flowing lines, smooth lines, oversized or unconstructed silhouettes, symmetrical silhouettes, and ornate silhouettes.


The fabric of the clothes to be preferred is another important issue. Non-shiny matte fabrics are best. However, in addition to these, hard-finished sheens, especially metallics, can be preferred. Although lighter weights that hug the body may be preferred, it is another recommendation to generally prefer medium-weight fabric. Finely woven knits, in particular when ribbed and skinny can be an excellent choice. Sharp and narrow waist definition is important. So, the fabric

gamine body type

Those with the gamine body should avoid oversized, rough textures. Also, kibbe body type recommend you to avoid drapable fabrics. Sheer, flowing fabrics, and delicate fabrics are other fabrics that kibbe body type recommend you to avoid.


A use of well-combined pieces with lots of patterned and colorful detail can be very good if it is used right. But these patterns should always be small, sharp, and draw attention.

gamine body type

Patterns should be very crisp, staccato, fragmented, and multicolored. Gamine body type people can use patterns in contrasting colors. They can prefer these patterns on collars, cuffs, waistbands, or lapels.

gamine body type

In the final part of the Gamine Body Type article, we will check out and watch a video about kibbe body types. The video is about comparing the gamine body type with other kibbe body types. In the video, she talks about gamine body and then shows gamine body type celebrities. You can watch this video and learn more about gamine body type!

So, I hope you all enjoy to read this article. Also, I hope you all love the photos. In addition, you can check our Pinterest Account for more Body Shape related photos!

Stay Stylish!

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