Round Body Shape – What to Wear

round body shape

Before I start this round body shape article, I want to say that there is no such thing as an ideal body. All body shapes are beautiful. Everyone’s body type is different and varies based on many variables. The bone structure, fat distribution, age, pregnancy, genetic permutation, and hormonal combination determine your body shape. A research study confirms that women’s body shapes broadly fall under five categories. Any other body shape is either a mix of two body shapes or a synonym of the five body shapes. These shapes are:

In this article we will talk about round body. What is round body type, how to dress women with round body type, what should they choose and I will give you some outfit inspirations. However, if you don’t know which body shape you have, go and check your body type before start reading this article.

What is Round Body Shape

round body shape

Round body shape has an upper body that is bigger than the lower body, no defined waist, slim hips and broad shoulders. They also have great legs but they may struggle with how to flatter your tummy. Round body shaped women are reasonably straight through the hips, and their shoulders will be more or less the same width as your hips when viewed from the back. They probably have slightly rounded shoulders, rather than a straight line. If you have very straight shoulders, remember, this is about your round body shape, not your size. Your bottom is probably fairly small and flat. This article explains all body shapes very detailed.

What to Wear

This can be a tricky body shape to dress because of their tummy. However, don’t worry, this article may really help you to what to wear. Women have round body shape, tent to wear clothes that are too big for them for covering themselves but this isn’t really right thing to do.

Firstly, you need to learn your body shape very well. If you don’t understand why certain things look great on you, you can’t find new clothes that flatter your body shape. Women have round body shape also known as circle body, need to realize they have curvy figure. So you need to balance your body. So, use your clothes to balance your shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Additionally, you can use lines to draw eye where you want it to go. For example, if you are complaining about your belly area, wear a vertical lined blouses. Our eye is also dranw to patterns and light, bright colors more. Therefore, use more solid black or navy. Keep this in mind when choosing separate pieces.

Outfit Inspiration for Tops

Now that we’ve established a baseline, let’s get specific abour clothes. Here are the best tops, jackets and pants to complement the round body shape.

For the tops, I recommend looking for pieces that emphasize your shoulders, neckline or bust.

round body shape

1. Wrap Tops for Round Body Shape

Wrap tops help you to create a more defined waistline. And also you can create a good looking cleavage. You can style it with either skinny jeans or a nice fabric trousers.

round body shape

2. Dolman Sleeve Tops

Your arms and shoulders get a boost of volume with airy sleeves.

round body shape

3. V-neck Tops for Round Body Shape

Reveals your collarbone, which helps break up your round body shape’s top half.

round body shape

4. Peplum Top for you Round Body Shape

Peplum tops has a built-in waist that flows out, adding some curve to a less defined area.

Different Jacket Styles for Round Body Shape

If you have round body, jackets and blazers are your new best friends because they add structure to your body. And also remember, add some third piece for more stylish and put together looks.

round body shape

1. Open Front Jackets

Jackets without closures flatter your round body frame by adding long vertical lines.

round body shape

2. Long Vests

Long vests are excellent layering pieces that also creates vertical lines to lengthen your midsection. Pair it with some long sleeve top and a good jean.

round body shape

3. Duster

Pair long outerwear with an above the knee dress for an good combo. And some under the knee boots.

round body shape

4. Long Lapel Neck

Single-breasted styles elongate your chest and neckline even while buttoned.

Best Jean Styles for Round Type Bodies

It is time to learn best jeans and pants for your round body shape. Whether you are looking for comfort or to flatter your round body shape, everyone love a good pair of pant that make your legs look longer. I have a few options for you to try depending on your fit preferences.

round body shape

1. Straight or Slim

This is a great option if you don’t love super form-fitting pieces. They float your body easily.

round body shape

2. Bootcut

This more relaxed and slightyl flared style creates a consistent shape through the leg and balances your curvy body shape.

round body shape

3. Skinny Jeans for Round Body Shape

Skinny jeans are very versitile and highlights your slim legs. A high-rise pair also creates a waistline.

round body shape

4. High-Waisted

Define your waist and draw the eye to your lower half all in one.

round body shape

5. Belted

Like high-waisted styles, these also compliments your middle for a well-proportioned shape.

GIRLS! Finally, I find an exercise video that show us how to exercise for our body type! Look at it to learn round body shaped women exercises.

Stay Stylish!

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