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Hi girls! You’ve been seeing a lot of things about Kibbe Body Type on the internet lately. It is possible to say that everything looks better when styling appropriate to the body type. Firstly, in this article, I will tell you what is romantic body type. Secondly, we will take a look at the styling of many famous names. If you’re curious too, start reading!

Kibbe Body Types

In his book Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle As Only You Can from 1987, David Kibbe helped to popularize it. The 13 Kibbe body types system has lately gained more supporters among communities on Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube, even though the book is out of print. Fans of the system claim that it has helped them understand their body/frame and how to dress for it. In our previous article, we told many facts about Kibbe Body Types.

romantic body type

David Kibbe used the yin and yang theories to analyze various physical characteristics. He said that Yin stands for soft traits and Yang for sharp ones. The keywords of the Ying elements energy are feminine, soft, round, delicate, small, fine-boned, and plump. So, the adjectives masculine, powerful, sharp, contrast, hard, huge, narrow, pointed, and bony can be used to describe the energy of the Yang components. The mixtures of these two energies have produced all of David Kibbe’s categories.

romantic body type

As far as Kibbe body types go, there are 5 main categories. These include the gamine body type, the dramatic body type, the romantic body type, the natural body type, and the romantic body type. Additionally, these categories can be combining to create subcategories. If you don’t know what body type you have, many tests are available on the internet to find the Kibbe body quiz. For example, by looking at the results of this body type test, you can learn your own body type and follow the style recommendations accordingly.

What is a Romantic Body Type?

romantic body type

The most yin energy is carried by this body type. In other words, those with the romantic body type have hourglass bodies. This body shape is characterizing by a narrow waist. Along with having small hands, little feet, short legs, and large luminous eyes and lips, they also have chubby features. They frequently have muscular arms and big hips. They typically have large breasts as well.

romantic body type

romantic body type

The excessive, soft Yin body components that make up a Romantic body type are summarizing as follows. Knowing Yin’s opposite, Yang, will help you comprehend how Yin appears. It is always conceivable for there to be a small variation from these descriptions. Still, as long as the general structure maintains the balance of a Romantic, there should be no cause for concern. Basically it contains yang bone structure yin body together.

romantic body type

David Kibbe had a very different idea of what a romantic body type lady should look like than the typical romantic body type image of an ethereal, delicate blonde with a small, curved physique. In accordance with his theory, the most feminine physical type is essentially what a romantic type of representative possesses. No matter one’s weight or height, full breasts, a slim waist, and rounded hips are the most defining romantic traits. The bust is not usually the same as that of the dramatic type or the soft dramatic, though it is always important, and the arms are rounded. The waist is more prominently defining, while the hips and buttocks are more rounded. In the light of these dimensions, romantic body types also include other subcategories such as soft romantic body type, theatrical romantic body type.

Romantic Face

romantic body type

  • the lush nose cheekbones, or jawline of a person with tiny and fragile facial bones may look slightly broad or lush
  • round features and big, bright eyes
  • large bone structure
  • plump cheeks
  • large lips
  • wide or lush bones

A romantic won’t possess:

  • a very tall person (more than 6 inches)
  • a large nose, an acute chin, or other angular or pointed facial features
  • possess a youthful or straight figure
  • possess a thick bone structure
  • to have symmetry

romantic body type

Romantic Facial Makeup

Makeup for a romantic look should be elegant and delicate. All contours in eye makeup should appear hazy and out of focus. For nighttime makeup, smoky eyes are preferable over an intense, distinct eyeliner line, so a bright metallic shade in the inner corners of the eye is necessary. Furthermore, at all times, a light shine is needed (metallic shadows, illuminating pink, lip gloss). Colorful makeup also looks great, but it needs to be subtle, like watercolor. Always wear seductive, sparkling lips. It means both dark and very light colors should be avoided.

Kibbe Romantic Body Type Clothing

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Knowing what to wear and what to avoid is equally important. Thus, the following recommendations:

  • geometrics with angular edges and short vertical lines
  • angular and harsh silhouettes
  • unconstructed, boxy clothes with vertical lines that conceal the waist because it covers your contours
  • stiff, hefty materials
  • rough surfaces
  • extreme matte-finished clothing or cosmetics
  • hefty, bulky, angular, chunky footwear and accessories
  • straight dresses and skirts

Stay away from anything that will obscure or work against your delicate bone structure. As a Romantic, your ultimate aim is to balance your extreme soft Yin.


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Maintain fitting, hourglass-shaped lines that highlight your contours. The shoulders should be significantly more angular, while the waist should always be clearly defined. Tapering at the wrist, hemline, and knee regions also helps to enhance sharpness and angles. And keep the rest of your clothing lines tight, flowy, soft, and draped. Choose drapey, airy materials like silk or crepe. Shiny textiles, sheer fabrics, and soft textures are all great. Keep your color palette rich, light, and airy. It’s thrilling to see a stark contrast. Choose medium- to large-sized flower designs or keep prints abstract and watercolor-like.


romantic body type

You should select bottoms with supple, soft and flowing materials as a preference. This would make your slender hips seem better. Additionally, the smooth contour and roundness of the soft lines will provide a drapery at the waist. Because of this, your best options are tulip skirts, galley trousers, and pleated skirts. Also, you would generally look excellent with trousers.

romantic body type

Classic fit jeans with an unrestricted leg breadth should be worn by romantic bodies. Make sure your jeans are high-rise if you’re a member of the Romantic family. Since one of the simplest ways to emphasize your waist in an outfit is to tuck your top into high-rise bottoms. I also advise choosing jeans with a narrow fit since they will best follow your lines and embrace your body’s curves. However, I understand that not everyone like skinny jeans for comfort or modesty concerns; as an alternative, choose slim-fitting jeans that taper in near the ankle. When it comes to length, anything somewhat cropped that bares the ankle will look great, but full-length jeans will do just fine, especially in winter.


romantic body type

Consider using pastel, delicate, or rich, lavishly mixed colors to maintain the overall effect of gentle and feminine. Your clothes will feel even softer with the addition of little, delicate flower designs. Your greatest materials are those that drape beautifully, are lightweight, have a soft weave, and are sheer, like chiffon. And abstract lines with soft edges

Celebrities with Kibbe Romantic Body Type


The Romantic Kibbe body type is characterized by soft, curvy, and feminine proportions, with a round face and full, lush hair. Celebrity examples of the Romantic Kibbe body type include Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, and Sofia Vergara. These actresses are known for their hourglass figures, with defined waists and full hips and busts. They tend to have a natural, effortless sensuality and glamour about them, and often portray characters with a playful, charismatic personality. Furthermore, their style tends to be romantic and feminine, with a focus on flowy fabrics, soft curls, and bold, feminine accessories.

romantic body type

Celebrities with Kibbe body type romantic tend to have a feminine and romantic style. They often gravitate towards soft, flowy fabrics and dresses with defined waists that showcase their hourglass figures. They may also wear fitted tops and skirts or wrap dresses to highlight their curves. To add a touch of glamour, swirls and intricate flowing shapes. Also, they may accessorize with statement pieces such as chunky jewelry, bold hats, and dramatic shawls or wraps.

romantic body type

In terms of hair and makeup, Romantic Kibbe body type celebrities often have full, lush locks and may wear their hair in soft curls or waves. They may also opt for romantic updos or braids for a more formal look. For makeup, they may choose soft, romantic shades such as pink or peach for the full lips, and define their eyes with lengthening mascaras and subtle eye shadows. Also, for further advices you can visit the YouTube video about Romantic Kibbe Make-up.


Overall, the style of Kibbe body types romantic celebrities tends to be feminine, romantic, and glamourous, with a focus on showcasing their soft, curvy figures and natural sensuality.

Stay Stylish!

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