Oval Body Shape Styling Guide

oval body shape

Hi, stylish! When the subject is fashion, I always think of recognizing your body type. And wearing the best clothes that your body can carry, instead of fast fashion. The most important thing for this is to know your own body, to know and accept its flaws. Because there is no such thing as a perfect body. And also loving and accepting yourself is the healthiest step to take on this path. In this article, I will talk about the oval body shape, which is one of the five basic body types. If you have an oval body type, you should continue reading this article to improve your style. Oval body shape is also same as the apple shape, Fruit Body Shapes!! with detailed videos of other body types. You should definitely check out our article.

In this article, we will examine together the parts and fabrics to avoid for the oval body, and what kind of clothes you should choose in specific terms.

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How can you tell whether your body shape is oval based on measurements?

oval body shape

The shortest way to understand which type your physique is closer to is through measurements. For this, you need four different measurements. It will be better if someone helps you while making these measurements, but you can do it alone, no problem. Every body and everybody is unique. Simply put, this is more information to assist you in better dressing your body. The idea is to locate clothes that fit and look well on you. You can measure your body whenever you feel comfortable.

The Technique of Mesurements

oval body shape

The initial measurement will be taken at the highest point on your shoulders that you can reach without falling off. Then, take a measurement around the area of your bust that is the fullest. No sagging should occur at the back. The next measurement is the natural waist, which is often around the belly button but may be somewhat higher. Now, simply locate the smallest portion of your natural waist, the one that inches in the most. The final measurement is your hip size, which you will determine by measuring around the widest area of your hips. You now have the resources necessary to determine your body type.

The Oval Body Shape

oval body shape

The biggest measurement in an oval body shape is actually your waist. You have to bear the burden there. Hence, the waist measurement will be two or more inches larger than the bust, shoulder, and hip measurements. Furthermore, you can use these measurements when you decide to buy some clothes that have size charts, so you won’t have trouble selecting the right size and shape.

How to dress an oval body shape?

oval body shape

One of the most prevalent body types is the oval. You’re not the only one who believes you can have an oval shape! Your shape is shared by millions of other women around the globe. This indicates that numerous styles are accessible and will make you feel and look fantastic, enabling you to find the appropriate styles and fits for your physique.

Oval Body Shape Clothes Tips

oval body shape

As in many body types, there are places that we need to focus on and draw attention to the oval body shape. First of all, it will be perfect for you to highlight your slender legs that complement your body shape, the oval shape outfits you will also want to play up your slender legs because this is one of your most important assets that define your body shape, a good thing. Secondly, we will be able to hide the excess weight in your upper body better, especially the abdominal area, and leave it in the background, we will easily do this with the top clothes you choose.

Tips for Hiding Your Tummy

oval body shape

There are many types that can be done to hide your tummy area, and I would like to share with you the most useful ones. First of all, you can choose darker colors to hide your belly by taking advantage of the thinness of the lower body area, darker color tighter skirts or trousers will show your body more balanced when used dark on the upper side. Secondly, large prints on the abdomen should not be preferred when choosing printed clothes. If straight line clothes are preferred vertical lines instead of horizontal lines, your upper region will be thinner and more balanced.

Another important type is to highlight the chest area correctly. For this, v-neck blouses can be blouses that will create mobility in the arms and waist. Kimono sleeve tops are a type of blouse that should be preferred by women with oval body shapes. Let’s take a look at some top options that will inspire you. You should definitely check out this video with lots of tricks to hide your belly! She also touches on many parts that should be used for the oval body type in the video. This video, which is in harmony with our article, sincerely and carefully selects the parts that your belly will attract less attention to.

Suitable Tops for an Oval Body Shape

oval body shape

The most difficult part for women with oval body shapes will definitely be the choice of top. With this article, if you know the points that you should avoid and go over, this will no longer force you and will provide self-confidence. Let’s create variability for the top options you can choose.

Jackets with Shoulder Pads

oval body shape

It is possible to create an illusion for the belly look thinner, for this we need to make the shoulders look structured. Blazers or jackets with shoulder pads can be very suitable for this illusion. It would also be appropriate to use shoulder pads for blouses or cardigans. Also adding a third layer like a coat, cardigan, or vest is suitable for an oval body shape. There are also jackets that women of oval body shape should avoid, these are cardigans that usually end at waist level, and belted or double-breasted jackets.

Top Choices

oval body shape

V-neck tops are unquestionably the items that should be favored, but tunics, shirts made of soft fabric, and half-tucked blouses will also be good options. Use buttons, patterns, and lines to provide vertical lines to your clothing, but watch out for patterns that are too large in the stomach area. By doing so, you divide the largest portion of your body. Something with draping or diagonal lines is more attractive. Moreover, choose blouses and dresses with flowy fits, draping, and wrapping in general. However, there are some items that people with oval bodies should avoid. The most crucial ones are blouses with high necklines, crop tops, blouses with excessive detailing at the waist, hems that extend above the hips, and extremely tight blouses. I also recommend you to take a look at this magnificent blouse, which will definitely suit women with oval body shape.

Bottom Choices for Oval Body Shape

oval body shape

Women with oval body shapes have beautiful slender and straight legs, we should aim to create a more balanced, slimmer, and longer image by using these beautiful legs with the right clothes.

Pants Options

oval body shape

For oval body shapes, choosing pants jeans will be easier than choosing a top. First of all, as I mentioned before, it will be perfect for you if you use dark colors at the bottom. In addition, loose trousers such as Palazzo can make your body look more balanced. The trousers you can choose should be boot cut, straight or wide leg style. But if you are definitely a fan of tight pants, you can still choose skinny jeans that are not too tight, you can choose mid-waist regular skinny jeans.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that the length of the trousers and jeans do not merge with the floor, only two fingers shorter will be necessary for the balance you want. Avoid wearing tapered pants with a high waist. Here I found a very good example for you, I suggest you take a look at these wide-leg trousers, which will be suitable for any atmosphere and will be indispensable.

Skirt Options

oval body shape

Skirts look great on a woman with an oval body shape. If the skirts you can choose are loose skirts like trousers, it will be much easier to catch the balance. For this, you can choose A-line or skater skirts. These go over your tummy and make your flat waist look curvier. Be sure to choose high-waisted styles as this will help create a defined waist. Mini skirts can still be preferred, but you should be careful not to be too short. You can also take care not to choose skirts with too much waist detail and too narrow. Also, it will be perfect for you to choose skirts with soft and draping fabric. You must have this gorgeous satin skirt, which looks very similar to the one in the photo above, don’t you think it looks great?

Oval Body Shape Dresses

oval body shape

There are many dresses that women with oval body shapes can choose from. There are a few things to consider when choosing a dress. The collar is what we need to focus on in our upper body, a low collar will be the perfect choice for you. Dresses with an upper waistline or a vague waistline, dresses that show wider shoulders and sleeve details can be good choices. As with blouses, dresses with an A-line top will suit you. Besides, I can say that wrap dresses are my favorite for women with oval shapes. There are also some dresses that you should avoid. These are dresses that are too detailed, too light, focused on the waist and hips, too tight, and with horizontal stripes.

The oval body shape is also known as the apple body shape. You can take a look at our Apple Body Shape Styling Guide article on the same topic, as well as swimsuit models in this article!

This video is definitely for women with oval body shapes! It visually supports all the parts and types we mentioned and makes it easy to understand. I especially loved the blazer and dress outfit in the 24th minute, this outfit is just for you, my stylish girls.

Stay Stylish!

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