Hello I’mHilal!

I’m an architect. I’m interested in fashion and also travel. My biggest dream was discovering the world and see all the different places and experience different cultures. I had started to travel the world and my adventure has been going on. I hope, it will never end. I want to share my experiences and advices with you that you may learn something different from my travels and if you share yours with me, I can learn something different from yours!

Additionally, I’m interested in fashion. Actually this is the main reason why I’ve created my website. I want to share trends about fashion and life of a woman with you. Also, I want to talk about everything that is related to daily care of a woman such as make-up products, diy masks,¬†cellulite problems or anything you need to learn.

What is fashion?

In my opinion fashion is not about fancy clothes but also lifestyle choices arranging from person to person. You should wear what you like and do what you feel better. Actually do what is best for you! Create your own fashion! I just want to help you during this process. I am going to share with you some beauty tips, different combines of clothes and good places to travel. I want to make this blog as a guideline that you can find your answers to various concerns and questions. Therefore, we can create a Freundeskreis involving people from different countries and different styles!

Keep stay with me !

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