Long Torso Short Legs Ultimate Styling Guide

long torso short legs

Hi, ladies! Welcome to Fashion Activation Blog! I’m back with a beneficial topic. Today, I’m going to talk about Vertical Body Type, more specifically Long Torso Short Legs Body Type. We all know the fruit body shapes such as pear body shape, apple body shape, triangle body shape, inverted triangle body shape… In addition, there are also kibbe Body Types such as soft Classic Body Type, soft Natural Body Type, romantic Body Type, dramatic Classic Body Type, flamboyant Natural Body Type, gamine Body Type, etc. However, vertical body type is also an important topic to focus on. How the proportion between your upper body and your lower body length matters on your appearance, and your clothing choices.

Vertical Body Type

The vertical body type approaches the body with a new perspective. The vertical body type is concerned with the proportion of your torso and legs. In other words, focus on your upper body and lower body. Focusing on the vertical body type is essential to be aware of your body and feeling more confident about your look. Therefore, deciding on clothes depending on your body can really make difference but of course, if you want.

long torso short legs

Long Torso Short Legs Body Type

Longer torsos have a lower hip line, which makes the torso appear longer. People with longer torsos have shorter legs in contrast to their torsos. I would like to point out that it’s critical to understand that people’s height does not affect their torso length.

How to Determine If You Have a Long Torso and Short Legs?

There are several measurement approaches to knowing the proportion of the body.

  • Measure your entire height from head to toe.
  • Divide the height by two.
  • Then, measure your legs from the lower hip line to the floor.

If your legs are longer than half your height, your torso length is short. And if your legs are shorter than half your height, your torso length is long. Or your upper body and lower body can be balanced, which means they are equal.

Moreover, you can also measure by placing your both hands over your chest area and down to your waist. You will realize the distance between your first hand and the other hand that is closest to your waistline.

There is a video about vertical body proportions. It tells you every important point about torsos and how to measure your torso.

How to Style Long Torso and Short Legs?

There are several tips for people with a long torso short legs body type. Let’s have a look.


The length of the tops can be ranged from short to medium. Also, tops should be tucked, and also wearing layered tops would be amazing. For instance, try to pick ¾ sleeve tops to lengthen your legs. Moreover, wearing fitted tops will boost your look.

Crop T-shirts

Crop t-shirts are an excellent alternative for people with long torsos since they enable a more proportional appearance by drawing attention to the waist. The versatility of cropped tops also provides creating different kinds of outfits to wear. Basic sleeveless tank tops are really ideal for the possibility of matching with every outfit.

long torso short legs


As for crop t-shirts, try to choose crop or short cardigans to provide waist attraction. You can combine them with high-waist pants, skirts, and dresses.

long torso short legs

Coats & Jackets

Coats and jackets that are crop or slightly below the hips will lengthen your legs and you will get a balanced look.

long torso short legs


The pants that you wear should wrap your waist fitted and they need to be high-waist pants. When you wear dark pants or skirts, you should pair them with light or medium color tops. Furthermore, instead of choosing patterned pants, try to wear plain tailored pants and pair them with patterned or colored tops.

High Waisted Jeans & Pants

High-waist jeans and pants also play a great role in elongating your legs. You can try to wear washed loose-fit jeans for school, lunch dates, or high waist wide-leg dress pants for formal occasions. It is up to you! You can do the opposite! Moreover, wide-leg high-waisted bottoms are so comfortable to wear. For instance, Levi’s Women’s Ribcage Bootcut Jeans or PLNOTME High Waisted Straight Baggy Jeans can flatter your outfit.

High-waisted Skirts

Use high-waist skirts with a top and a tote bag to make a stylish statement. Or Pair the skirt with a faux leather jacket and a plain shirt for a classic casual look. These both pleated high rise mini A-line skirts are so adorable and easy to style.

long torso short legs


Try to choose above-the-knee dresses and don’t forget about the waist detailing. You can achieve that with a belt. For instance, ballet core sleeveless square neck mini a-line dress and see-through blazer dress with a belt are classy and cool to style.

long torso short legs


Highly recommend choosing shoes that match the pant or skirt color for a continuous line and thus, you will get longer legs to look. Also, high heels are very useful to elongate your legs and give you an elegant look. Especially, Genshuo Pointed Toe High Heels might be essential for your wardrobe.

long torso short legs

Celebrities with Long Torso and Short Legs

There are several celebrities with long torsos and short legs. Such as Kiera Knightly, Jung Chaeyeon, Olivia Wilde, Rachel Bilson, etc.

Kiera Knightly

Kiera Knightly has a long torso short legs. As you can see, wearing a low waist jeans does not show a balance between the upper and lower body. However, when she wears high waist pants, it is easy to notice the balance.

long torso short legs

Jung Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon is a South Korean singer and actress and also a former member of DIA and IOI K-pop groups. She is considered to have a long torso short legs. However, choosing the right clothing pieces such as high-waisted jeans makes her body look more balanced and tall.

long torso short legs

Having a Long Torso and Short Legs Is Not a Bad Thing!

Unlike high and extreme social standards about having a specific body as tall, with long legs, and a short torso; having a long upper body is not something bad. In this century, we are susceptible to body goals and standards through media. We are taught that only being skinny, tall, and having long legs will be acceptable and ideal for women’s bodies. Having a long torso short legs may not fit society’s expectations. However, you are beautiful on your own. Please do not give over yourself to these unnecessary standards but focus on yourself and your body.

Understanding your body and wearing depending on that body might provide you confidence and self-love. Wear what you want. Conform the standards if you want or not. This article is just a guide to understanding your body. You are worth deciding what you do, wear, or follow…

Finally, this is the end of the article. I want to suggest you another video about a long torso and short legs. It is a very detailed video. I really liked it and feel like you will also like it. I hope this essay has been beneficial for you.

Stay Stylish!

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