Discover Your Unique Look with 90s Rave Makeup – 10 Trendy Rave Makeups!

90s rave makeup

Get ready to embrace your inner beauty with a 90s rave makeup look! Discover your unique look and unleash your creativity with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and electrifying styles. Stand out from the crowd and express yourself like never before. Let’s dive into the world of 90s rave makeup looks and bring out your inner glow!

What is Rave Culture?

90s rave makeup

Firstly, the emergence of rave culture in the late 1980s and its growing popularity during the 1990s is a testament to the power of community and music. At its core, rave culture revolves around electronic dance music (EDM) events known as raves. These places are where individuals gather to dance, socialize, and immerse themselves in a truly unique and exhilarating environment. Also, with several crucial elements in play, including a shared love of music and a sense of togetherness, rave culture inspires and brings people together from all walks of life.

Dance and Music

rave culture

Electronic dance music (EDM) is the center of parties called raves. DJs and music producers play different genres like techno house, trance, and drum and bass. Therefore, making people dance for hours. Also, raves are usually held in unique places. For example, abandoned buildings, warehouses, or outside. Since these parties are underground, they create an exciting and exclusive environment for attendees.

People often dance for a long time at raves. PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, which shows that the culture values positivity and inclusion. Therefore it helps to create a friendly and accepting environment where people can express themselves freely.

Psychedelic Lighting and Visuals

rave culture

Rave parties are known for hypnotic visual displays, frequently using strobe lights, lasers, projections, and glow sticks. So, on the dance floor, these sights boost the sensory experience and foster euphoria. Therefore, the Ravers wear eye-catching, vibrant attire expressing their personality and creativity. Also, common fashion choices include neon and bright hues, striking patterns, fuzzy accessories, and UV-reactive or shiny materials.

Community and Counterculture


Those who participate in rave culture feel a sense of belonging and community. So, the ravers frequently see themselves as members of a greater counterculture that contests established conventions and values uniqueness and self-expression. Historically, rave culture has been linked to drug use, especially drugs like MDMA (Ecstasy). Although drug usage has been a problem in the scene, it is essential to remember that not all rave-goers engage in this activity. In fact, many people go to raves only for the music and the sense of community.


Rave culture has spread over the world, with events taking place in numerous nations and drawing a variety of music lovers. It is not restricted to any one region. Furthermore, Rave culture has had a significant influence on music, fashion, and youth culture all around the world throughout its evolution. While rave attendance and intensity have changed, the culture’s fundamental aspects still impact contemporary music festivals, club scenes, and electronic dance music.

The Key Components of 90s Rave Makeup

Two Models with Orange and Pink Blue Eye Blush Shadows 90s rave makeup

Are you ready to turn heads and embrace the spirit of the 90s rave scene with 90s rave photos? Get ready to shine under the neon lights by expressing your individuality and letting your creativity run wild. Remember, 90s rave makeup is all about having fun and standing out. So, grab your neon eyeshadows, glitter, and facial gems, and get ready to rave on! With this contemporary take on traditional rave makeup, you’ll be transported back to the exciting and exclusive environment of the underground party scene. Let your personality shine and be the life of the party with your unique and vibrant look.

90s Rave Makeup: Neon & Glitter Galore

90s rave makeup eyeliner styles

The neon and glitter-heavy style of 90s rave makeup is its soul. Bold neon eyeshadows in hues like electric blue, scorching pink, neon green, and brilliant purple are perfect for capturing the spirit of this dazzling era. Then, apply sparkling glitter to your cheekbones, lips, and eyelids to up the party mood. Finally, your appearance will improve using glitter gels, loose glitter, or glitter pressed onto a primer.

90s Rave Makeup: Graphic Eyeliner

90s rave makeup white eyeliner

Sharp, graphic eyeliners were a crucial component of 90s rave makeup. Eyeliner with wings, which frequently extended drastically beyond the outer corners of the eyes, took center stage. First, experiment with colored liquid liners to give the conventional black wing a fun twist. Also, use unusual shapes or double the lines to create an edgy impression.

90s Rave Makeup: Face Gems and Rhinestones

90s rave makeup

Embellish your look with face gems and rhinestones to channel your inner rave queen. First, use these sparkling embellishments to adorn your cheekbones, brow bones, and temples with neon and glitter makeup. Also, feel free to try new things and create your own eye-catching patterns because the rave scene of the 1990s emphasized originality.

90s Rave Makeup: Bold Lips

90s rave makeup colorful

Although the eyes typically take center stage in 90s rave makeup, lips were also important. Choose intense hues like fiery reds, electrifying oranges, and redolent purples to draw attention to yourself. Besides, choose whether you want your lips to be matte or glossy, but make sure they stand out despite your striking eye makeup.

90s Rave Makeup: UV Reactive Makeup

90s rave makeup neon

One of the 90s rave makeup’s most fascinating aspects was its ability to shine when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Select UV-reactive cosmetics items to create this alluring appearance. So, you will be the center of attention at any rave party. Furthermore, wear body paint, lipstick, or eyeliners that glows under black light.

90s Rave Makeup: Body Paint

90s rave makeup body makeup

The 90s rave makeup frequently included body paint in addition to the face. The revelers used UV-reactive body paints to paint intricate patterns and designs on their arms, legs, and torsos. It further enhances the appearance of movement and vibrancy.

90s Rave Makeup: Individuality and Uniqueness

90s rave makeup

Celebrating individuality was the most essential 90s rave makeup trend. As a result of the freedom to experiment and express one’s creativity given to ravers, various styles were produced. The 1990s rave scene celebrated individuality and creativity communicated through bold and experimental makeup looks. So, the culture encouraged people to stand out by embracing vibrant colors, glitter, and facial gems. Also, Trends like neon eyeshadows and bold lip colors were born from the “anything goes” attitude of the time. Furthermore, embracing these trends allows you to transport yourself to an exciting and exclusive underground party scene. To sum up, you can let your unique and vibrant look shine and become the life of the party.

In conclusion, the 90s rave makeup trend was about defying convention, embracing vivid colors, and letting creativity shine. It was also a period for liberation, self-expression, and embracing rave culture. And 90s rave makeup continues influencing cosmetics trends.

Rave Makeup of 90’s Trends Still Rock!

90s rave makeup eyeliner

Get ready to rock the 10 hottest 90’s rave makeup look trends still in style today! From bold neon colors to glitter galore, we have all the tips and tricks you need to embrace your inner raver and turn heads on the dance floor. Let’s bring back that nostalgic vibe with a modern twist!

1. Neon Explosion

90s rave makeup neon

Adopt the bright neon color 90s rave makeup trend. Use intense neon eyeshadows in electric blue, neon green, or hot pink for a stunning eye appearance. Besides, for an eye-catching finish, add neon eyeliner to the look.

2. Glitter Goddess

90s rave makeup blue eyeshadow

Pay respect to the rave culture’s glitter addiction. Go all out by liberally applying sparkling glitter to your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. Besides, combine glitter in various colors and sizes for a glittering, multifaceted appearance.

3. Rainbow Warrior

90s rave makeup

Combine rave makeup and the ’90s love of rainbows. Blend colors together to create a bright rainbow makeup appearance on your eyelids. Also, add color and sparkle to the outfit with facial jewels or rhinestones.

4. Bold Eyeliner

90s rave makeup white eyeliner

Emulate the graphic eyeliner trend from the 90s makeup rave by experimenting with solid lines and forms. Use vibrant eyeliners to create one-of-a-kind and artistic eyeliner patterns. Besides, stretching them into exaggerated wings for a ferocious appearance.

5. Metallic Maven

90s rave makeup glitter eye makeup

Choose metallic eyeshadows in silver, gold, and bronze if you want to channel the metallic cosmetic trends of the 1990s. Also, apply a holographic highlighter on your cheeks for a surreal shine.

6. Futuristic Femme

90s rave makeup glitter lips

Use metallic face accents and lips that resemble chrome to channel the futuristic sensations of 90s rave makeup. For a futuristic look, use metallic or chrome lipsticks in iridescent hues.

7. Pastel Beauty

90s rave makeup green and pink eyeshadow

While neon hues dominated the rave scene in the 1990s, pastel tones were also fashionable. With pastel lips, eye colors, and a dash of glitter to keep the party vibe alive, create a delicate, dreamy look.

8. Cyberpunk Chic

90s rave makeup dark

Combine 90s rave cosmetics with elements of the cyberpunk aesthetic. Experiment with neon cyber liner, silver metallic accents, and face decals inspired by circuit boards for a futuristic and edgy style.

9. Bold Lips and Eyes

90s rave makeup eyeliner styles

Recreate the rave makeup trend from the 1990s by emphasizing bold lips and eyes. For a striking and well-balanced look, pair bold eyeshadow hues with a lip color like hot pink, brilliant orange, or electric blue.

10. The Rave Extravaganza

90s rave makeup

Bring back the famous rave makeup from the 1990s with UV Reactive Extravaganza. Make your makeup come to life on the dance floor using UV-reactive neon eyeshadows, lipsticks, and face paints.

Finally, I wanted to remind you that the 90s rave scene was about being yourself and getting creative. Feel free to put your own spin on the trend and let your imagination go wild. Add bright colors, glitter, and face gems to transport yourself to an awesome underground party vibe and stand out. So go ahead and make it your own and have fun with it!

What do you wear to a 90s rave?

90s colorful outfits

A great way to enjoy the colorful and varied fashion styles of the 1990s is to attend a party. First, go bright, vibrant, and expressive to complete the 90s rave look. Also, to help you create the ideal 90s rave appearance, consider the following suggestions for attire and accessories:

Neon and Vibrant Colors

Neon Colors Outfits

Vibrant and neon colors were popular in the 1990s. To stand out, choose neon tops, dresses, or jeans. Also, bold primary colors like hot pink, electric blue, and brilliant purple will help portray the spirit of the time if neon isn’t your thing.

Crop Tops

crop tops

Crop tops and tube tops were everyday garments in 1990s fashion. Wear a crop top with high-waisted jeans or a skirt for the classic rave style. Besides, tube tops were also preferred due to their ease and flexibility, particularly for summer parties.

Rave Pants and Baggy Pants

Rave Pants and Baggy Pants

In the 1990s, the rave scene was all about baggy pants like cargo or parachute pants. They were a sensible option for dancing the night away because they provided comfort and flair. Also, a popular alternative was “rave pants” with eye-catching designs, reflective materials, or UV-reactive prints.

Platform Shoes and Sneakers

Platform Shoes and Sneakers

Platform shoes, quite popular in the 1990s, are still an excellent option for rave attire. They give your outfit a classic feel while also adding height. Besides, converse sneakers in various colors are also popular if you prefer something cozier.


90s rave makeup accessories

Accessorizing is essential to finishing your 90s rave costume. Think of chokers, chunky plastic bracelets, rave beads, and brightly colored bandanas. Besides, remember to add any UV reactive or glow-in-the-dark accessories for an extra touch of rave style.

Hoodies and Windbreakers

hoodies and windbreakers

Choose an oversized hoodie or windbreaker with a striking pattern or emblem for a sportier, more laid-back appearance.

Face and Body Paint

face body paint 90s rave makeup

Expressive face and body painting were famous at parties in the 1990s. To make your clothing pop out under the blacklights and complement it. Besides, imagine painting your face and body with neon or UV-reactive paint.

Fanny Pack

pink fanny pack

To keep your basics like your phone, ID, and cash within reach while you dance. Also, don’t forget a fanny pack or a small crossbody bag.

Remember that the goal of 90s rave fashion was to express oneself; therefore, feel free to mix and match various components to create a distinctive and individual style. Besides, enjoy yourself, be brave, and get lost in the kaleidoscopic world of 90s rave fashion!

What is the 90s aesthetic?

christina aguilera 90s makeup

If you’re a fan of that 90s style, you can totally combine grunge with a touch of nostalgia. You can experiment with graphic tees, ripped jeans, and oversized jackets. Remember to accessorize with chunky jewelry and retro sunglasses. For makeup, a smokey eye and bold brows will do the trick, but keep it simple and effortless. Also, if you want to learn more about the 90s aesthetic, we have tons of articles that you may inspire by!

What makeup did they wear in the 90s?

90s makeup looks

Hey there! Do you wonder what was the makeup in the 90s? We’ve got you covered if you want that 90s grunge makeup look. To achieve the “no-makeup” vibe, start with a matte foundation or BB cream and contour those cheeks for a bit of a grungy feel. For the eyes, go for dark and earthy eyeshadows to create a smokey appearance. Add glitter to the inner corners for a rave touch. Use smudged black eyeliner on both your upper and lower lash lines to give your eyes a rebellious edge. If you’re feeling bold, add some neon eyeliner for a pop of color.

To finish the look, use black mascara to define those lashes and keep your brows big and untamed. During this era, thin, over-plucked eyebrows and dark lip liners with lighter lipstick shades were famous, as well as glitter and shimmer for added sparkle. So have fun experimenting with edgy and glamorous elements to create your unique 90s grunge makeup look.

How to do 90s grunge makeup?

90s grunge makeup 90s rave makeup

Want a 90s grunge makeup look? Start with matte foundation or BB cream. Contour your cheeks for a grungy vibe. Use dark and earthy eyeshadows for a smokey appearance. Add glitter to the inner corners for a rave touch. Use smudged black eyeliner on your upper and lower lash lines for a rebellious edge. Try neon eyeliner for some color. Use black mascara for defined lashes. Keep your brows big and untamed to complete the look.

Also, try adding a dark matte lip color in shades like berry or plum. Because, nude lips are always a good option if you want something more low-key. Additionally, for extra grunge vibes, add face jewels or rhinestones around your eyes, or even create freckles with a brown eyeliner pencil. Just balance everything out for a relaxed and expressive overall look.

Stay Stylish!

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