90s Accessories

Hi lovelies! We are here again with another ‘90s themed article. Our main topic is ‘90s accesories. As we all know, accessories are the most important things that complete our outfits. In fact sometimes they actually are the center pieces or tools that define our style. Without a doubt ‘90s fashion trends have been one of the most influential trends around the world. A lot of people define the ‘90s fashion as their favorite, it is among the most beloved fashion trends definitely. Frankly, the more we look, the more we see why. And here, we will talk about some of these most beloved ‘90s accessories trends. Whether you are revisiting your childhood stuff or experiencing this trend for the first time, I hope you feel conected with this article. We are going to talk about from ‘90s hair accessories to necklaces to many other ‘90s fashion accessories.

What Accessories Were Popular in The ‘90s?

90s accessories

90s accessories

‘90s fashion is famous thanks to many items and trends and we are going to talk about some of them here. Also you can check out some cool outfits from our All About 90s Outfits article. Firstly let’s answer our question “What accessories were popular in the ‘90s?” The answer is hair claws, butterfly clips, scrunchies, bandanas, bucket hats, round (tinted) sunglasses, choker necklaces, friendship bracelets, mood rings, ankle bracelets and toe rings. Of course there are other popular accessories but we are going to focus on the most popular ones. So it is the right time to take out those boxes from the attic and explore what you or your parents used to wear. It is their time to see the sunlight again.

90s Accessories Hair Clips

90s accessories

Hair claw clips are so on trend right now. They look chic, they are comfortable and keep your hair in place. These hair accessories are what you need if you want to have an effortless elegant look on your hair. You can wear them on a casual event or a formal one. They will suit both of them. Also you can look at these hair clips that I found.

Butterfly Clips

90s accessories

To live the Lizzy McGuire experience the right way, butterfly clips are a must. Or any other character from a ’90s movie, tv show or a cartoon, butterfly clips are one of those essential things. They will add color and freshness to your outfit. Whether you want to create a hair style with them or just using them for their beautiful colors, butterfly clips will be your new favorite. Also you can look at these butterfly clips that I found.


90s accessories

Scrunchies are definitely my favorite. In fact I am wearing one right now while writing this. 🙂 I think one of the reason why people love these so much is because there will be no trace of the buckle in your hair once you take them out compare to other buckles. And that is a very good quality. Scrunchies are the perfect tool to feel the ‘90s coziness. They are so fun to wear and will give your hair a stylish look. Also you can look at these scrunchies that I found.

90s Accessories Bandanas

90s accessories

This one is definitely a multitasking accessory because there are many ways to use this. You can wear bandana around your head, around your neck, around your thigh or as a belt. You can tie it to your backpack as bow or just a knot, or use it as a tank top (and don’t forget to tie it tight, make sure it is really secure). Use it however you like. They will give you the ultimate ‘90s vibes. Also you can look at these bandanas that I found.

Bucket Hats

90s accessories

Bucket hats are really popular right now just like in the ‘90s. They give the best street fashion vibes. They are cool, they are comfortable and apart from looking absolutely good, they protect your head from the sun. You can combine them with your outfits easily. And also, bucket hats are the saviors of bad hair days. If you want to learn more about hats you can check our ‘90s Hats article. Also you can look at this bucket hat that I found, there are many other color options too.

Round Sunglasses

90s accessories

Sunglasses are a must whether it is summer or any other season. They are not just protecting us from the sunlights, but they also make our outfits look cooler than they already are. I am sure you must have seen many celebrities from the ‘90s wearing them. On the red carpets, on the street, they go well with many events. Also you can look at this round tinted sunglass that I found.

Choker Necklace

90s accessories

Even though the ‘90s fashion was two decades ago, the trends are still so relevant today. Chokers have been a part of the fashion for quiet a while now. Especially when they were on the peak of their fame, in the ‘90s, everyone had them. And when I say everyone, I mean every single person; models, musicians, actors, etc. You can see many people weraing tattoo choker neklace. They were almost synonymous with the ‘90s. No wonder chokers were so popular, they look fabulous Also you can look at these choker neklaces that I found.

Friendship Bracelets

90s accessories

Friendship bracelets were not just pretty accessories, they also had a statement and that made them special and unique. They express the unity between you and your best friend. I always found them so sweet because they were like a promise to your friend that you will be there for them no matter what. Whether you make them with your friend or buy them from a store, they would have a special place in your heart. And I mean, who doesn’t like a pretty bracelet on their wrist. Also you can look at these friendship bracelets that I found.

Mood Rings

90s accessories

Rings that show your emotional state via a color changing stone, even writing this was fun. Imagine how fun it is to wear one. Mood rings were round or oval. And the stone actually changes color depending on your body temperature, so there is no magic unfortunatelly. Each color; purple, blue, green, etc. , associated with a feeling; happy, sad, angry, etc. Many teenagers loved them so much, wore them to school or mall all the time. Also you can look at this mood ring that I found.

90s Accessories Baby-G Watches

90s accessories

These super cute baby-g watches were another favorite from the ‘90s. They had bright and lively colors and because of that many kids and teenagers were very attracted to them. And they were able to withstand many rough conditions, so this is a good feature too. You could wear baby-g watches everywhere, they look super cute with any outfit that you wear. Also you can look at this baby-g watch that I found.


90s accessories

Ankle bracelets, in other words anklets, were and still are loved by many teenagers. There are not many accessories to wear on your lower body part but anklets are one these fews and they look so wonderful with sneakers, sandals, flip flops, in short especially in the summer times. They have many varieties such as; just a rope or with little charms or with beads… They can be easily done at home too. You can make one for yourself according to your likings or you can make one or two for your friends too. Also you can look at these anklets that I found.

And we have come to the end of the ‘90s accessories article. I also found this video on youtube “top 10 decade defining fashion trends of the ‘90s”, they are not just talking about accessories but also clothes and shoes and other things too. I thought maybe you would want to see it and fully understand how popular these products and fashion trends were, you can see it down below.

Hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed it as much as I did. And don’t forget “Wear to express, not to impress”.

Stay stylish 🙂

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