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grunge outfits

Hello girls! Welcome to Fashion Activation Blog! Today we are traveling in time and going to the 90s grunge era. If you look for ideas about grunge style and grunge outfits, this article is the ultimate guide for you. Just grab a coffee or tea and let’s begin!

What is Grunge Fashion?

Grunge fashion is a disobedient and unique look that first appeared in the 90s has an eternal attraction that still motivates fashionistas today. Grunge fashion is a cultural and aesthetic protest against accepted norms. It has roots in Seattle’s alternative music movement thanks to groups like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple of the Dog and Soundgarden. Also, their distinctive sound and anti-norm mentality started to influence people, even their clothing styles such as oversized flannel shirts, tattered trousers, and scuffed-up boots.

grunge outfits

Grunge Aesthetics

A special set of components that form the grunge style’s unique and rebellious, obedient style. Let’s look at these components of the grunge aesthetic.

Wearing Oversized Clothes

The style of grunge is characterized by oversized garments, which promote a sense of freedom and a careless look. For instance, you can wear large-sized flannel shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters.

grunge outfits

Wearing Worn-out Pieces

Clothes that you wear should look distressed or worn out a lot. For instance, ripped jeans, and slightly dirty shoes are one of the elements for grunge outfits. Distressed fabrics might give a message that you don’t obey everything that society forces you to do such as looking put together.

grunge outfits

Plaid Patterns

The grunge look is tightly linked to a certain palette of colors, which adds to its instantly recognizable aesthetic spirit. Grunge clothing is dominated by earthy colors, such as soft black, browns, grays, and dark greens which evoke a feeling of rustic originality and subtle chill. An iconic representation of grunge style is plaid, especially on flannel shirts.

grunge outfits

What Are the Pieces for a Grunge Outfits-Fashion?

There are a few essential elements that may assist you create that effortless cool and rebellious look when putting together a grunge outfit. Let’s explore each of these pieces for grunge style.

Grunge Outfits with Band T-shirts

Band t-shirts are necessary for a grunge-inspired look. Choose your favorite band and look for a t-shirt that them on it. These days band T-shirts are very popular and you can access any band T-shirt you want. You can check out Vintage-inspired Queen T-shirt or Nirvana Short Sleeve Neon Smile T-shirt.

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Grunge Outfits with Flannel Shirts

For a grunge style, flannel shirts are big YES. They are a classic representation of grunge style. Their comfort and coziness give rebellious energy to the person. Zontroldy Plaid Oversized Flannel Shirt is ideal for a grunge outfits.

disco outfits

Grunge Outfits with Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans, provide the entire outfit with a tough and disobedient look. SweatyRocks Casual Loose Ripped Wide Leg Jeans can be an example of a rebellious grungy outfit.

disco outfits

Vintage-Inspired Dresses

Except for ripped jeans or oversized t-shirts, vintage dresses are a thing for a grunge look You can spend some time in a thrift store and find your grunge-inspired dress. Grunge fashion is not something about being a tomboy, it is something rebellious and comfortable while expressing yourself. So if you like dresses such as floral patterns, just get it and style it. For example, Wdirara Floral Print Sheer Mesh Tie Shoulder Cami Dress or Muineobuka Backless Bodycon Mini Dress with Long Sleeve.

disco outfits

Grunge Outfits with Leather Jackets

Moreover, the leather jacket is an enduring representation of defiance and a key component of grunge style. This famous piece of jacket has the ability to right away transform any ensemble into a bold declaration of rebellious fashion. So let’s explore the appeal of leather jackets and its unmistakable association with the grungy era.

grunge outfits

Grunge Outfits with Combat Boots

Wearing combat boots can make a strong fashion statement. It should look like worn out a lot. Actually, any worn-out shoes are ideal items for footwear when it comes to grunge fashion. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boots are very popular these days.

grunge outfits

Grunge Outfits with Chokers

Chokers are the most well-known piece of jewelry from the 1990s. A tight, flexible piece of plastic or velvet is designed to fit snugly over your neck. In addition to 90s grunge outfits, stretchable chokers and 90s grungy jewelry are still quite fashionable now and come in all different colors. If you want to learn more about 90s jewelry, check out our article.

grunge outfits

How to Create Grunge Look?

As you know, grunge fashion comes from the 90s, but we can see the effects of it even today. A lot of people admire grunge style. You can create a grunge look for every season, situation, or trend. Here is some advice about how you style your outfit to look grungy.

Layering Regardless of Season

Although I mentioned layering is a fundamental component of grunge style, you can modify it to fit various seasons and occasions. For instance, in the winter, go for distressed clothes such as ripped jeans, combat boots, and oversized flannel shirts over your favorite band t-shirt. In summer, this time choose distressed or ripped denim and layer a thin flannel shirt over a crop tank top finishing the look with worn-in sneakers. By doing so, you may maintain the grunge aesthetic while adjusting to the weather shifts.

Celebrities with Grunge Fashion

The fashion of grunge has experienced a strong resurgence in the past decade, thanks mainly to the contributions of famous people and bloggers who have recreated and reinvented the iconic look. Celebrities which are Kurt Cobain, Kristen Stewart, Halsey, Evan Rachel Wood, Jared Leto, etc.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana, changed the grunge music industry and established himself as a timeless fashion hero. His love of flannel shirts, torn pants, and multiple outfits embodied the grunge aesthetic’s natural and real essence.

grunge outfits


Rihanna, who is renowned for her bold attitude toward style, accepted grunge aspects while putting her own shiny touch on them. She seamlessly fuses grungy to create an undoubtedly alluring look by pairing oversized sweatshirts with bold accessories including thick necklaces, rings, chokers, or striking sunglasses. It is not surprising how she styles her pregnant look. She is iconic when it comes to grunge outfits.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz has adopted grunge style with her unflappably stylish rock and roll aura. She wears ripped jeans, leather coats, band tees, a variety of chokers, stacked necklaces, and other jewelry.

grunge outfits

Grunge Look Makeup

Grunge outfits don’t mean clothing but also makeup. The grunge makeup emphasizes a gloomy, deep, edgy look that flawlessly matches the imperfect and rebellious character of the overall appearance. It’s about being yourself, showcasing your uniqueness, and accepting your flaws.

Smokey Eyes

Nowadays, smoky eyes are still a highly popular eye makeup trend. Mixing tones of dark, earthy colors like black or brown will provide this well-known eye look. So you need lots of black eyeshadow and that’s it. You can then admire the immaculate and alluring eyes. Wet n Wild Color Icon Satin Black Eyeshadow is a good idea to apply smoky eyes.

grunge outfits

Dark Lips

The lips definitely need to attract attention in grunge makeup. So, choose ominous, dark colors like black, burgundy, or dark red colors. The secret to a bold, permanent look is to select a color of lipstick with a matte texture. Revlon Super Lustrous Black Cherry Matte Finish lipstick is ideal for grungy makeup.

grunge outfits

Light Foundation

Grungy makeup emphasizes the eyes and lips, other than that other parts of the face need be stay minimal. Maybe a little bit of concealer for your dark circles or blemishes or just to equalize skin tone.

Hairstyles for Grunge Outfits

Bedhead Hair for Grunge Outfits

Firstly, I want to start with messy hair that gives off a ‘just woke up’ look. I love this bedhead hairstyle. You can see these hairstyles in Billie Ellish.

grunge outfits

Loose Waves for Grunge Outfits

Secondly, I want to continue with soft, realistic-looking waves. They will make you feel like you’re on the beach. For a laidback, beach hairstyle that screams excited disobedience. Finally, to achieve the hairstyle, you can use an iron to curl or braid damp hair overnight.

grunge outfits

Lastly, I hope you enjoy reading this article and have some ideas about grunge outfits. Finally, I highly suggest you watch this video about grunge outfits.

Stay Stylish!

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