90s Jewelry Trends that You’ll Draw All the Attention

90s jewelry

Hello ladies! Welcome to our fashion activation blog! We are constantly going back to the past. We draw inspiration from those times. For example, the comeback of low-rise pants, hair clips, trousers… 90s jewelry is the one that so many of us are dying for. Let me walk through the content of the article. After talking about the history of 90s jewelry, I will directly review the 90s jewelry trends. Grab your coffee and let’s dig in before the coffee gets cold!

Brief History of 90s Jewelry

Self-expression and individuality were the main approach of the nineties and 90s jewelry was also an era that is marked by these ideas. There were so many experimentation styles. Over time, the 1990s became a period when grunge and minimalist styling began to replace the sparkle and glam of the 1980s’ fashion trends. In terms of 90s jewelry, people were more likely to explore themselves and express their individuality ranging from belly button rings to chokers during the 90s.

What jewelry was popular in the 90s?

There is not only one popular piece of jewelry but so many jewels of the 90s… Like chokers, pearl necklaces, and mood rings, there are so many! Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and headbands…

90s Necklaces

The choker necklace was one of the most well-liked and popular accessory items of the 90s. Since there was a versatility of chokers such as velvet chokers, plastic chokers, lace chokers, and leather chokers, it is understandable why it was commonly used. In addition to that, they frequently had charms or beads attached to them.

90s jewelry


90s Jewelry: Scarves as Chokers

Scarves as chokers were also worn by so many people during the 90s. Wearing scarves as chokers is definitely a distinctive and fashionable approach to accentuate attire. Furthermore, scarves are available in a range of shapes, hues, and designs, thus, it enables people to personalize their outfits to their sense of fashion. Satin scarf chokers also can be used in so many ways such as hair bands, wrist bracelets, etc. You can pair your scarves with your shirts or dresses to look more chic. As you can see wearing purple scarf as choker with a purple long dress make person more shiny in the red carpet.

90s jewelry

90s Jewelry: Tattoo Chokers

If you ask what the most famous 90’s jewelry is, I would say chokers. Tattoo chokers are made of a tight, stretchy piece of plastic that was intended to fit tightly around your neck and resemble a tattoo. Stretchable chokers, and as a part of 90s grunge jewelry, in any sort of color are still highly popular today. Pairing strechable chokers with a t-shirt and flannel shirts are absolutely suitable for 90s fashion.

90s jewelry

90s Jewelry: Pearl Chokers

Pearl chokers are another necklaces that were famous in the 90s jewelry. Wearing a pearl choker that fits snugly around your neck makes you look unique and elegant for a dinner date or a prom. Pairing pearl chokers with 90s prom dresses is a good idea to search for.

90s jewelry

90s Jewelry: Lace Chokers

Throughout the 1990s, so many people highly preferred wearing lace chokers as 90s Jewelry. These choker necklaces are frequently used by people as a standout piece to give an outfit a bit of coolness and attractiveness. The forms and colors of lace chokers diversified. Moreover, some chokers have charms and beads. Beaded lace chokers have a gothic vibe and can be worn on any occasion like a party, prom, or ball. I highly suggest you read our article about what to wear to a 90s party and 90s prom dresses.

90s jewelry

90s Jewelry: Neck Size Chokers

For 90s jewelry trends, neck-size chokers have a thin breadth and snug fit around the neck. Neck-length chokers were widely worn with punk rock clothing. However, it is also worn for elegant and classic clothing like Rachel Green of Friends.

90s jewelry

90s Jewelry: Heart-shaped Collar Choker

Then, it is time to talk about heart-shaped collar necklaces. These collar necklaces’ heart-shaped pendant is constructed of plastic or metal. Also, these were worn to give an outfit a spark of romanticism or tenderness.

90s jewelry

Nameplate Necklaces as 90s Jewelry

Moreover, name necklaces as 90s jewelry became increasingly prevalent as hip-hop culture expanded and individualized. Name necklaces’ material is made of gold or silver. Therefore, pairing it with any kind of outfit is easy.

Nameplate Necklaces

Beaded Necklaces as 90s Jewelry

Beaded necklaces were made with a variety of beads such as plastic, glass beads, and charms… Making beaded necklaces is easy and because you choose the beads, you can choose any color you want and express yourself. But if you do not have time to make that, you can easily buy beaded necklaces. Believe me or not, I think bohemian beaded necklaces. go well with everything. Wear any basic clothes and pair them with a beaded necklaces, you will look inevitably cool.

90s jewelry

Layered Necklaces as 90s Jewelry

Wearing several necklaces simultaneously was a common fad in the 1990s. Several necklace styles, such as chokers and longer chains were frequently worn. By layering the necklaces up, you can get a bohemian vibe. Check out our article which is about 90s outfits.

90s jewelry

Looped Pearl Necklaces as 90s Jewelry

Looped pearl necklaces are timeless accessories and I believe that it was an outstanding piece of 90s jewelry. They have a pearl strand that is wrapped all around the neck several times. These necklaces go together with elegant or sophisticated clothing including red carpet dresses or formal party dresses. Brides were also wearing looped pearl necklaces to glam up their dresses for the wedding. You can check out Anne Klein Women’s Gold-tone Pearl Collar Necklace also if you search for ideas about wedding dresses, our article which is a vintage wedding dress look is a perfect fit to read.

90s jewelry

Chain Necklaces as 90s Jewelry

Chain necklaces were also frequently paired with other iconic 90s hip-hop jewelry like chokers, and large hoop earrings as I mentioned before. While some chain necklaces are thick, some of them are quite thin. During that time and still, people wear chain necklaces by layering the items. You can also read our article about 90s hip-hop fashion.

90s jewelry

Cord Necklaces as 90s Jewelry

Moreover, cord necklaces are versatile and may be worn with almost any outfit. The cord necklace is a means of expressing yourself. Especially, Bella Hadid is a big fan of the bizarre 90s jewelry trend. You can also try exciting option to DIY the movement. Thus, guarantee your item is truly one of a sort is to source your own pendant from an vintage store and connect it to a string.

Cord Necklaces

90s Bracelets: Bangles

Bangles were also 90s jewelry. They are varied in colors and materials like plastic, metal or wood, etc. During the 90s, people were wearing bangles on their wrists by layering multiple of them.

90s jewelry

90s Anklets

Anklets which is also known as halhal are an excellent accessory for the warm summertime. Elegant ankle jewelry is always in fashion whether the sand or the club party. An anklet is a way for a touch of joy. Particularly, an elastic band or chain is a safe bet for people who prefer minimal jewelry.

90s anklets

90s Earrings

90s Jewelry: The Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings, which are perfect circles, stand for completeness, unity, and eternity. There is a big and deep history of large hoop earrings. During the 1980s and 1990s, Latina and black women have worn large hoop earrings as a beauty tradition that exhibit pride for their heritage and the areas they reside. In addition, hoop earrings have been popular for a long time and are intensively used in small to large sizes. That proves that it is a timeless piece.

90s jewelry

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings typically consist of basic designs with add-ons like beads, charms, or jewels that hang from the earring’s base. Since drop earrings are a statement piece, wearing a strapless dress or v-neck dress would be a good pair. Of course, clothing depends on the occasion, you choose which style you want to wear. Especially, making 90s ponytail will shine your drop earrings and you will be into 90s fashion more and more.

90s jewelry

Stud Earrings

You may think most of the jewelry of the 1990s was striking and eye-catching, however minimalist styles such as gold chains, stud earrings, and pearl necklaces were also popular. Therefore, stud earrings were one of the items that people looked for.

90s jewelry

90s Rings

Mood Rings

Mood rings were also recognizable jewelry during the 1990s. They had an interesting feature that was changing color in response to the individual’s body temperature who wore the ring due to a heat-sensitive liquid crystal in it. While for some people, diamond rings are meaningful as an engagement ring, Mood rings may be also meaningful for some people to propose. You can review more about them in our article about 90s Accessories.

90s jewelry

Cocktail rings

Afterward, cocktail rings are big and bold rings with gemstones or stones in vibrant colors. Wearing these cocktail rings with tight dresses or suits would look amazing.

90s jewelry

90s Bands

Crystal Headbands

Crystal headbands were another piece of 90s jewelry to wear for the red carpet or formal meetings. They were frequently crafted from flimsy metal bands which were studded with tiny sparkled crystals.

Crystal Headbands

Butterfly Detailing

Butterfly accessories, especially hairlips were a ’90s mainstay, however butterfly jewelry also has become popular in the 90s in addition. A whimsical butterfly brooch can liven up any ensemble. For instance, wearing a butterfly necklace with a black blouse and pants is a classic springtime or summer outfit.

Butterfly Necklaces

Butterfly necklaces surely add a pleasant mood to your outfit. You can combine a small butterfly detailing necklace made of gold or silver with a basic cord to provide a vintage vibe. Also, you may pair with other delicate necklaces to put together a beautiful outfit.

butterfly necklaces

90s Jewelry: DIY Chokers

In order to make chokers, you should first know what kind of choker you want. Beaded choker, ribbon choker, leather choker…Then, you can get what you need. After you choose the material of cord such as lace or leather, you can add beads or charms. Lastly, you should modify the length of the cord by wrapping the ribbon or leather around your neck. If you would like to see more different ideas, you should watch this video.

Our topic on 90s jewelry has come to an end. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed and learned from this article. If you want to review more about 90s fashion, you can read our articles below.

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