Hippie Fashion: A Timeless Trend

hippie fashion

Despite the commercialization, hippie fashion remains a timeless trend influencing style today. Designers have drawn inspiration from 70s fashion hippie, and they have incorporated many elements of it into modern clothing. Hippie fashion continues to influence modern fashion, and designers have embraced its colorful, free spirited, and unconventional aesthetic. Hippie fashion isn’t just a trend – it represents a culture and a way of life. The hippie movement represents a rejection of traditional values and a search for freedom and individuality. The clothing reflecting this spirit: emphasizing comfort, self-expression, and connection with nature. In this article, we will discover all the elements of Hippie fashion comprehensively. Let’s go!

The Brief History of Hippie Fashion

hippie fashion

What year was hippie fashion become popular? Hippie fashion emerged in the 1960s as part of a more significant counterculture movement that rejected traditional values. And embraced peace, love, and the spirit of freedom. This movement was born in the United States, where young people seek to break with the conservative values that have dominated the country for decades. The hippie movement embraces individuality and self-expression through clothing, music, and art. Loose clothing made from natural materials, such as cotton and hemp, characterizes 60s fashion hippie. The emphasis on comfort and a relaxed fit was a departure from the form-fitting, restrictive clothing of previous decades. The style combines bright colors, bold prints, and intricate embroidery.

hippie fashion

One of the most iconic symbols of the hippie movement is the peace sign. Hippie fashion often incorporates symbolism into jewelry, patches, and clothing to express countercultural values and beliefs. Symbols such as peace signs, flowers, and psychedelic designs are common to represent the desire for a more peaceful and harmonious society. By wearing clothing accessory with these symbols, hippies expressed their rejection of mainstream culture. Other popular symbols include the yin and yang symbol and the flower that symbolizes peace and love.

Hippie Fashion

hippie fashion

Fashion of the 60’s hippies is popular with both men and women. Both sexes wear loose clothing that emphasizes comfort and ease of movement. Men wear flare jeans, tie-dye shirts, and scarves, while women wore long skirts, peasant blouses, and headbands. Both sexes accept the use of natural fabrics and earth colors. Hippie fashion peaked in the 1970s as the movement became increasingly popular. This decade saw the emergence of hippie fashion, combining the ideals of the free-spirited hippie movement with trends from the mainstream fashion industry. Fashion hippie became more popular and commercialized, with designers creating clothing lines that mimic the bohemian style.

hippie fashion

In a nutshell, hippie fashion emerged as part of a more significant counterculture movement that rejected traditional values and embraced peace, love, and the spirit of freedom. Hippie fashion features loose, flexible garments made of natural materials, bright colors, bold prints, intricate embroidery, and iconic peace symbols. Hippies fashion peaked in the 1970s and remains a timeless trend that continues to influence fashion today. Whether you are a man or a woman, 70s hippie fashion offers a unique style, freedom, individuality, and self-expression.

What are the social and cultural implications of hippie fashion?

hippie fashion

Hippie fashions emerged as part of a socially and politically radical movement as a reaction against structuring and capitalism. Style helped hippies express themselves and aim to change the world. Iconic styles of hippie fashion include flower power, boho-chic and folk styles. Iconic designers include Ossie Clark, Mary Quant, and Halston.

Where is hippie fashion used today?

hippie fashion

Many people still embrace hippie fashion today as a vintage and bohemian style. Modern hippie fashion has been adapted by updating designs and materials while still maintaining the essential elements of the original style. Besides, you can see the video about Hippie Styling and see how it is influential on today’ fashion. Hippie fashion has been popular for years and still manages to stay current. Colorful, comfortable, and libertarian, this style can appeal to people of all ages.

Hippie Fashion Shopping Tips and Trends

hippie fashion

  • Colors are one of the most critical features of the hippie fashion. Choose vibrant colors such as purple, green, pink, yellow, and orange. You can also find colorful options in accessories such as skirts, dresses, and scarves.
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen are indispensable for the hippie style. These fabrics, which are useful especially in summer, feel comfortable and light.
  • Many accessories are available to match the hippie style. For example, you can add color to your style with accessories such as sunglasses, bags, hats, and belts.
  • The shoes you choose will complement the hippie style. You can emphasize the hippie style, especially with sandals, boots, and high heels.
  • Hippie fashion continues to be renewing every year. This year, trends include ethnic print clothes, patchwork styles, and maxi dresses.
  • Hippie style includes colorful and patchwork-looking dresses, loose and comfortable clothing, long cardigans, tulle, sunglasses, boots, and sandals.

Where to Buy Hippie Fashion Elements?

hippie fashion

People who live the hippie style may seem carefree, but they have been on the fashion world’s agenda for years and have significantly influenced fashion. Hippies oppose ready-made clothing and brands. They prefer second-hand clothing and usually combine the pieces they have. They always try to use all the colors of nature. Dresses, shirts, glasses, shoes, and all the elements they use on themselves are vivid colors. People who adopt this style are calls “flower children.” There are many places where you can find hippie-style clothes. Here are some options:

Thrift and Thrift Stores: These stores often have a large selection of vintage clothing, which can be great for achieving a nostalgic hippie look.

Online Marketplace: Sites like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay have many independent sellers offering hippie-style clothing. I linked some hippie fashion clothes to the article, you can check those too!

Specialty Retailers – Several retailers, such as Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie, specialize in bohemian and hippie clothing.

Festival Vendors – If you attend a music or art festival, you’ll likely find vendors selling clothing that matches the hippie aesthetic. DIY – If you feel crafty, you can make your hippie clothes using sewing patterns, tie-dye kits, and other materials.

Hippie Style Clothing

hippie fashion

The term hippie generally refers to a lifestyle with an apolitical stance towards life. The hippie movement started in the 1960s as a freedom movement that opposes the restrictions, orders, and normalization imposed by the system. The movement also promotes the idea of the world being a shared living space for all living beings, including plants, animals, and humans. In the hippie lifestyle, humans are not considering superior, and an approach of equality is embraced even towards the smallest plant.

The hippie lifestyle has established itself from the past to the present. It has manifested itself in people who define themselves as hippies. Hippie fashion, the hippie movement brings, has maintained its place in the fashion world from the 1960s to the present. Even in contemporary concert fashion you can easily see the influence of hippie fashion. So, it has authentic elements that make it unique.

Hippie Dresses

hippie fashion

Hippie dresses, which will make you look very stylish with their patterns and motifs, are indispensable clothes for the summer months with their spacious structure.


hippie fashion

The hippie movement is the most freedom-loving and comfortable fashion movement among all fashion concepts and movements. And everyone agrees on this issue. This movement is different from a fashion trend that follows the latest trends and has concerns about how it looks. On the contrary, it only takes inspiration from nature and colors. Hippie tops are loose and comfortable fit, allowing for freedom of movement.

They often feature flowing fabrics that provide a comfortable and effortless feel. Frills are a specific detail in hippie tops. They can be seen along the hem or neckline, adding movement and texture to the garment. Other popular details include embroidered lace and dyed patterns. Hippies also tend to stand out with bright, bold colors and floral and nature-inspired prints. These tops can be paired with various pants, such as jeans, skirts, or shorts, to create a complete hippie-inspired look.


hippie fashion

Hippie-inspired bottoms come in various styles, from flared skirts to comfortable pants. One common trait of hippie-inspired pants is the easy, casual, relaxed, fashionable look. Long, flowing dresses made of lightweight fabrics like cotton or rayon are popular among hippies. These dresses often feature floral prints or bright, bold colors and can be worn with a tank or simple crop top. On the other hand, Hippie fashion trousers are generally bell bottom or flared trousers. These trousers are indispensable in the hippie style, where comfort comes to the fore. They can also select lace, gauze, or jean fabric trousers.

Hippie-inspired pants are also popular and come in various styles, such as wide-leg, flared, or harem pants. They have soft and comfortable fabrics like cotton or linen. These pants give you freedom of movement and are perfect for everyday wear. Dyed, bold, or embroidered patterns often add hippie style to pants. Some hippie pants have elastic waistbands, making them comfortable and practical for everyday wear. Overall, hippie pants are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Those qualities make them a great addition to any wardrobe.

Hippie Fashion Jumpsuits

hippie fashion

Hippie jumpsuits are an iconic piece of clothing of the hippie fashion movement. Besides, they are often from light, comfortable fabrics as the other hippie clothes. Moreover, these jumpsuits are typically designs to be loose-fitting, providing a relax and free look. They are also versatile and can be dress up or down depending on the occasion. Hippie jumpsuits remains popular throughout the years and continue to be a favorite among those who embrace the bohemian style. The hippie-style overalls have become a popular trend for summer. They feature dazzling patterns, tassels, and lace, making them stand out. These overalls are a must-have for anyone who loves the hippie style.

Hippie Fashion Hairstyles

The hippie hairstyle is a defining feature of the hippie movement, known for its free, relaxed, and natural appearance. Those who embrace the hippie trend prioritize individuality over conformity and often draw inspiration from nature and colors to express their personal style. And the hippie hairstyle is often achieving by casually tying the hair or in an Indian-inspired manner, which gives a unique spirit. Long curls, braids, and flowers are the hallmarks of the hippie hairstyle. Here are some popular hippie hairstyles:

Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair was one of the most popular hairstyles of the hippie era. It is usually worn with a center part and looks natural and effortless. Hair can be left loose and sometimes decorating with flowers or headbands.

hippie fashion


Braids are also trendy in hippie fashion, especially fishtail braids, created by knitting small strands of hair together. The braids are often decorating with flowers or beads, adding a subtle touch to the bohemian look.

hippie fashion

Messy Hairstyle

Messy hairstyle is a popular style among hippies. These hairstyles involve pulling the hair back and pinning it into a messy bun or bun. Hair is left loosely around the face for a relaxed and effortless look.

hippie fashion

Natural Curly

Natural curls are another popular style among hippies. They are usually worn with the center part and free fall around the face. Natural curls have created a fanciful and feminine look overall.

hippie fashion

Headbands and flowers

Headbands and flowers are a hippie fashion staple. Hippie headbands are frequently pairing with long flowing hair, lending a feminine touch to the overall look. They can have various materials, such as leather, fabric, or even braided hair. Also, flowers are another popular adornment for hair, often braiding or wear behind the ears to add a touch of nature and beauty to the hairstyle.

In a nutshell, the hippie hairstyle is commonly long curls, braids, and flowers. These hairstyles are easy and natural and often require little or no styling. Headbands and flowers are staples of hippie fashion, adding a feminine and whimsical touch to the overall look. The hippie hairstyle, whether straight, curly, braided, or in a bun, highlights the hair’s natural beauty and leaves it loose around the face.

Hippie Fashion Shoes

hippie fashion

Hippie shoes generally refer to shoes that were popular during the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. So, these shoes are often characterizing by comfort, unique designs, and natural materials.

Birkenstock Sandals: Birkenstocks are known for their cork soles and comfortable straps. They are popular with hippies for their natural, organic look and feel.

Moccasins: Moccasins are popular among hippies because they are made from soft, supple leather and often feature intricate beading or lacing.

Flats: Flats with thick soles were popular among men and women in the hippie era. They are often decorating with colorful patterns or designs and help to add height.

Ground shoes: Ground shoes are designing to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot on the ground, considering a natural and healthy way of moving. They have a unique negative heel design that points the foot down instead of up like traditional shoes. Overall, hippie shoes are synonymous with comfort, natural materials, and unique style.

Design Your Nails- Hippie Fashion Inspiration

hippie fashion

Hippie-inspired nails are a fun way to express your free-spirited personality and add a bohemian flair to your look. One popular design is tie-dyed nails, which feature a swirling pattern of bright colors reminiscent of tie-dyed clothing popular in the hippie era. You can blend various colors with a toothpick or fine brush to achieve this look. Another idea is incorporating earthy tones like browns and greens or adding floral accents for a more nature-inspired look. Feel free to experiment with different shapes and textures, such as adding sparkle or using a matte glaze for a more subtle effect. Overall, hippie-inspired nails are a playful and colorful way to show off your inner flower.

Get Inspire from Phoebe Buffay’ Style

hippie fashion

Friends’ Phoebe Buffay has a quirky, eclectic style that often incorporates elements of hippie fashion. This means she likes to wear loose skirts, flowing skirts, and tops made of natural materials like cotton, linen, and wool, which are soft and comfortable against the skin. She also loves to wear vintage and used clothes and has a unique history. Phoebe adds accessories to her outfit, like headbands, layered necklaces, and beaded bracelets, giving it a rustic, liberal feel. Overall, Phoebe’s clothing choices reflect her liberal and unconventional personality.

Lastly, feel free to create your own style. Express yourself with your voice and style. Love yourself and be kind to everyone!

Stay Stylish!

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