MC Hammer Pants

mc hammer pants

Ladies and gentlemen! It’s MC Hammer Pants, You Can’t Touch This! You’re landed in the right article to consider whether MC Hammer pants should appear in our styles or not. As far as I heard and seen, so many people think that hammer pants are the worst pants in the history of fashion ever and they should never pop again. I personally do not think like that but everyone has their own opinion. I really wonder about your opinions after reading this article! Anyway, I’m going to explain everything about mc h. pants. Firstly, I will mention a brief history of MC H. pants. Secondly how to style hammer pants. And thirdly where to wear them. Let’s start!

mc hammer pants

What are MC Hammer Pants?

Long, loose pants with a fitting ankle are known as MC H. Pants. These pants are often referred to as “harem pants”, “parachute pants” or “buddha pants”. Hammer pants are really unique pieces that you can wear. Especially, if you are interested in a unique and comfy style, then wearing hammer pants can be the best decision for you!

mc hammer pants

Introduction to MC Hammer Pants Briefly

MC H. pants popped out with the song video “U Can’t Touch This” released in the 1980s. M.C. Hammer left his mark on the hip hop world with his shiny baggy pants and his pants got a lot of attention from so many people.

These pants, which hang loosely from the waist down, narrow at the wrists and allow the wearers to move more easily. The fact that such pants attract attention from hip-hop dancers and yogis proves that the piece is comfortable and useful. Because both dance and yoga are activities with intense movements.

MC H. pants are inspired by harem trousers that originated in the Middle East and South Asia. And have been used for many years. For example, in Turkey, these pants are known as ”Turkish shalwar” and are accepted as traditional pants. While those pants are suitable for yoga and hip-hop dances, they also provide ease of movement for people engaged in agriculture or livestock.

mc hammer pants

What Do You Wear with MC Hammer Pants?

You may think that hammer pants are more suitable for comfortable situations rather than chic, serious situations but HEY! Let’s change our perspective a little bit and try to see the big picture.

Actually, who would have guessed that a simple white long-sleeved t-shirt, these beautifully patterned mc hammer pants, and high-heeled shoes could look this stylish? Along with this outfit, you can get this chic look by wearing a nice shiny blue shirt, black mc hammer pants, and a pair of high heels like Kim Kardashian!

mc hammer pants

MC Hammer Pants as Jumpsuits

I guess I’d rather wear mc hammer style jumpsuits than pants. The convenience of being a piece is a great feeling. Going on a date or picnic? Just put on your bohemian jumpsuits and get out. You can provide a stylish and comfortable look according to its pattern and fabric. As seen in the photos, fabric, and pattern are very important factors!

mc hammer pants

MC Hammer Pants and Crop top

Orange hammer pants and a crop top with red straps seem to be yelling “I’m the most comfortable outfit in the world!”. Looking at the next outfit, I must say that the yellow hammer pants, black crop top, dark green crossbody bag, spotted socks, and Birkenstock Boston clog that is in trend these days are very pretty and cool together.

mc hammer pants

MC Hammer Pants and Sweatshirt

I will try to dispel any concerns you may still have regarding the versatility of these Mc H. pants by showing these outfits to you. I love sweatshirts that keep us warm in cold weather. The first outfit got me on the color match. High lace-up boots and casual drop-crotch pants create a street-hippie look. The next outfit gives me an incredibly cozy feeling and is simple to wear. It will ALWAYS be absolutely perfect to pair the hammer pants with a hoodie, cardigan, sneakers, favorite top, or whatever else you have in mind.

mc hammer pants

MC Hammer Pants and Blazers

When the cold starts to come, blazers are our saviors. Just one blazer can change the mood of an entire outfit. If you want to combine a blazer and mc hammer pants, you should pay attention to the models of both pieces. Although they are two beautiful pieces on their own, when not combined properly, they may not look very nice. Black hammer pants, a plain cream t-shirt, and a blazer jacket look stylish! If we look at the next outfit, a tight-fitting jacket, slightly slim-fit mc h. pants, high heels, and sunglasses add a nice vibe to street chic.

mc hammer pants

Where to Wear MC Hammer Pants?

Anywhere you want!? When you combine these hammer pants according to the places you will go, you can create an outfit that is suitable for the atmosphere. However, I’m going to mention only the most common places or activities to wear MC hammer pants. Firstly, you will read about wearing those pants during yoga. Secondly, during the dance. Thirdly, at work.

During Yoga

Yoga is a type of exercise that emphasizes breathing in order to improve both physical and mental health. Since the purpose of yoga is to create awareness and harmony in the mind and body, wearing clothes that we feel comfortable in provides us to focus on yoga better. Therefore, MC hammer pants are suitable for this sport. You can check out my recommendation for yoga pants here.

mc hammer pants

mc hammer pants

During Dance

Furthermore, mchammer pants are ideal for dancing due to their loose fit and flexibility of movement. Moreover, M.C. Hammer proves that hammer pants are comfortable and useful for dancing with these words “The looser the pants, the more accentuated your dancing becomes” he said to the New York Times in 2008. Watch this video of MC Hammer’s “You can’t touch this” music video for you to see how he dances with his pants.

At Work

If you remember, I said that MC h. pants’ patterns are very important. If you choose form-fitting hammer pants in a formal atmosphere such as the workplace, you can get a more stylish and organized look.

mc hammer pants

Finally, if you would like to learn more about MC Hammer / Harem pants, I highly recommend you to watch Wendy’s Lookbook’s youtube video!

Stay stylish!

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