Summer Shoes and Colors Trend

Hi girls! Today we are going to talk about an important piece of our outfits: Shoes! Especially the shoes which are useful for this hot summer days. I want to give some examples from my wardrobe according to 2018 summer shoe trends. I read about this topic a lot and decided to show the trends to you with my outfit ideas. If you ready let’s start with our favorite summer shoes : Sandals!

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This is a kind of my favorite sandals to wear because it is really comfortable to walk with it. I feel myself more comfortable when the sandals enwrap my feet. That’s why this kind of summer shoes are my favorites.

You can wear this kind of sandals even if you are going to a party or a summer wedding, it looks really stylish and cool. And also you can prefer to wear it in your daily life. That’s why they are really useful for summer days.

I want to say that, if you are looking for a sandal which will become your joker summer shoe, you should prefer a color which is always compatible with different colors and shades like: black, camel or white. In my opinion if you have this colors of sandals, they can save your all summer outfits! For example I got a camel colored one and I really wore it tones of times with different outfits. As you can see from the picture below, it has a very basic design so it is easy to match this summer shoe with different stylings. I prefer to combine it with my striped green dress and my small camel bag. I think camel looks really good with green!



summer shoes

If we are talking about summer shoes, of course it means that we can wear more bright and colorful shoes. That’s why we like summer very much! It makes us to feel energetic when we wear bright colored items in our outfits. And also it is very trendy to wear red, yellow or orange summer shoes this season. Choose your favorite color and buy one pair for yourself. I’ve got an orange one and I really like it to wear. Of course I can’t wear it everyday because of its color but it doesn’t matter! If you looking for something different and more brave, you can prefer bright colored shoes to wear at this summer days.

As you can see from the picture below I wore it with my orange skirt and black floral kimono. I prefer to wear it with a skirt to show the sandals better. However, if you want to wear this kind of summer shoes with pants, be careful about its lenght. Try to prefer a cropped one.

Finally, I should say that this summer shoe is not as comfy as the toe ring sandal because of its design. Because it doesn’t enwrap your feet as well as the other ones. However, I like its color and its long laces very much so I prefer to use it when I don’t need to walk long times at outside. I wore it when I went on a vacation to Antalya! It was really easy to walk with it on the shore.

summer shoes


summer shoes

If you are a short woman and you care about it, you may prefer to wear this kind of comfy high heel summer shoes. I’m not a short woman but I like to wear high heel shoes in summer, if they are comfortable for walking. Because when you wear a high heel shoes it automatically make your outfit looks much chic and cool. So, I sometimes prefer to wear but I don’t like to wear a classical color so I bought a yellow one for sunny summer days!

As you can see from the picture above, I combine it with my floral skirt and a white T-shirt on it. It looks comfy and also cute. I should say that, the high of shoes heel is important for me. Because if it is too high, I feel like it doesn’t look good for a daily summer outfit. You may prefer to wear them at night, it will look better!

summer shoes


summer shoes

We like to wear sandals because they keep our feet very fresh and comfy. However, sometimes we need to wear sneakers when we go out. We may want to go for a concert or a picnic with our friends. In that case, it will be better to wear a sneakers to move comfortable. That’s why I added white sneakers to summer shoes category. We don’t need to talk too much about white sneakers because they are always compatible with every color and styling. That’s why it can be a real joker item for us girls!

I didn’t want to buy a white sneakers because I know myself that I can’t keep them clean for long times. However, I can’t stand it and bought one pair for myself. There is a dad sneaker trend these days so if you care about fashion trends you can prefer a white dad sneakers to buy. You can easily find this kind of summer shoes from Nike, Adidas and the other sports brands.

As you can see from the picture above, I combine it with my white striped pants and a white basic T-shirt on it! I like this kind of casual and sporty outfits very much! And it looks really cool when you wear all white. I hope you also like girls! See you at the next article.


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