The Best Long Sleeve Prom Dresses

Prom is one of the biggest nights in our lives! It is an end of an era and a start to a new life as an adult. There are countless choices for the prom dress. If you are lost between those countless choices, this article is just for you! Get ready to discover the best long sleeve prom dresses! But before that… don’t forget to read our 2020 trends article to see what is popular now!

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Maxi Dresses

The beauty of maxi length and long sleeve prom dresses is that they make you look like such a princess. The ones with the tulle are the best ones to do it and they look so adorable. Puff sleeves originally comes from the Victorian era and they are so trendy again! With tulle puff sleeves and tulle skirts I think they have the first place among the long sleeve prom dresses contest. They look better especially with the prettiest colors. The colorful long sleeve prom dresses are brave and if you choose the right color your skin will shine more than ever!

long sleeve prom dresses

long sleeve prom dresses

If you are not a big fan of puff sleeves, tulles and colourful dresses. Welcome to the world of Black long sleeve prom dresses. We all know that they are the safest colors while choosing a gown. Literally, there is not a place where a black dress doesn’t fit. I especially like the ones below with a deep cleavage because that makes it more sexy. It kind of compensates for the long sleeves and the length of the skirt because otherwise it may look too enclosed. The black prom dresses may be safe but they are definitely too elegant to be boring.

long sleeve prom dresses

Long Sleeve Mini Prom Dresses

For the girls who like to go beyond lines, here are the mini dresses! Because not everyone has to wear long gowns at the prom. So let’s see the best long sleeve prom dresses with mini skirts.

Again, I am starting with puff sleeves because I am literally in love with this sleeve style these days. I think this white dress is the star of the mini long sleeve dresses. It has everything at once. The body part of it is so minimal. It has the right amount of cleavage on the chest and it’s pretty mini. The way it fits on the body is super chic. The puff sleeves turns this basic white dress into a long sleeve prom dresses material. It gives you an opportunity to combine it whatever shoes and accessories you want as it is rather plain. It is all up to you to create your own long sleeve prom dresses style.

long sleeve prom dresses

These tight black long sleeve prom dresses are quite classic. As I mentioned above. They are risk-free but elegant enough. I really like the sleeves to be tulle and they are so popular right now. So not just for the prom, you should just have at least one dress like this sleeve.

long sleeve prom dresses

And the last type of mini prom dresses I choose for you is the more detailed ones. Simplicity means elegancy in my dictionary but I can’t deny the beauty of ra-ra skirts and layered sleeves. Those two dresses below are beyond real world. They may be a bit unusual for a long sleeve prom dresses concept but why not to be crazy a bit? The way they dwell on the body is per-fect!

long sleeve prom dresses

Midi Dresses

I chose the best two long sleeve prom dresses with midi skirts. One of them has puff sleeves again. It has a sweetheart neck with a thin cleavage and a-line skirt. with its color and everything, this dress literally belongs to an epic princess. The second one is a damson color silk dress with an asymmetrical cut skirt and trumpet style sleeves. It gives me the latino feeling. I am sure you will look so good in it while dancing.

long sleeve prom dresses

Celebrities in Long Sleeve Dresses

There are some celebrities with the best long sleeve dresses to inspire your prom dresses. I am starting with my personal favourite Gigi Hadid. In 2017 The Glamour Women of the Year Awards, she wore this gold gown. It is kind of a dress that wrapping the whole body without any cleavage but it is not boring because its details are on fire! Lace and Sheer parts of the dress look so good and I love the idea of cascading sleeves very much.

long sleeve prom dresses

Hailey Bieber also preferred a dress that completely wraps her body. It is so basic one color dress i really don’t know what I like about it but it really looks good. It has a very deep back cleavage which is an actual wise way of showing skin while using long sleeves. I like it being long neck and the way she tied her hair really up to compensate the long neck feature.

Hailey Bieber dress

The last but not least celebrity with long sleeves is Emma Stone. In 2015 Academy Awards she wore this glittery green dress with matching green shoes. I like seeing her legs in this dress a lot. It is such a young dress and I’m sure a dress like this will perfectly fit into your long sleeve prom dresses style.

long sleeve prom dresses

In this website there are the best long sleeve dresses, I am giving you a link for your consideration while choosing the best one among the long sleeve prom dresses.

Also there is the latest long sleeve prom dresses ideas on this youtube video.

Stay Stylish 🙂

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