Prom Makeup Ideas for Every Type of Girl

prom makeup

Everyone wants to look their best on their special day. Prom night is one of them. Prom nights are always important from elementary school to high school and at university. And our makeup style always changes because we grow. But we always want to be in our best view. So, in this article, I will share with you different makeup looks that you can use for all ages. Do you prefer more natural looks or would you prefer to be more bold on this special day? If your prom day is approaching and you don’t know how to make up, this article is for you! These looks aren’t only for prom makeup you can use them in your every ocassion.

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Natural Makeup Looks

Natural make-up is a style that is always in fashion. If your everyday style is more sporty or you don’t like bold makeup looks, natural makeup is just for you. Little bit concealer, a little blush, a little mascara and a nice lipstick can make you look healthy. This look is also ideal for daily makeup! Especially for younger followers can easily use this look for their prom makeup.

Natural makeup is the ‘me, but a better’ style that uses subtle techniques to emphasize your best features. It’s very comfortable to wear, and it will last all night, too. You won’t have to worry about your false lashes falling off or your lipstick wearing away! Now let’s look at the natural makeup looks that will be suitable for you for prom makeup.

prom makeup

You can use your lip gloss as an eyeshadow for a fresh and glossy look. It is a good trick for a natural look and it’s easy to apply the same gloss you use on your lips to your lids, letting your natural eyelids shine.

prom makeup

No make-up look is the trend we’ve seen everywhere. And it’s really usefull for prom makeup. It’s all about having beautiful skin that looks plump and healthy. Keep your makeup fresh by focusing on clean skin.

prom makeup

Earthy Toned Makeup

This makeup style is also can suit with every ocassion and your prom makeup too. Earthy tones is easy to use in your make up looks and it can goes with every dress style. It’s only slightly more complicated than everyday makeup, and because the eyeshadow and lipstick tones match, you don’t need to overthink it. Start with a natural good looking foundation, add some bronzer- blush, and fill in your brows. Next, add some earthy toned shadow. It can be light brown, dark brown, a good peachy tone and also pink can look good. After, wear some matte liquid lipstick that can match with your shadow. The final step is to curl your lashes and add lots of mascara. For an extra touch of glamour, add some extra false lashes.

Prom make-up looks that will make you look gorgeous on your special day.

prom makeup

I think earth-toned neutrals on the eyes and lips paired with blush and highlight is the best look for your prom makeup.

prom makeup

If your skin tone have pink undertone, you need to do some pinky eyelids for your prom makeup. I think a natural make-up using pink and salmon colors suits all ages and every event. And it’s easy to do because of these natural colors can easily match with our skin tone. So there is no wrong way to apply it. You can also use your blush for a eyeshadow. You can also read Byride Article for more pink makeup inspo!

Go Bold on Your Prom Makeup

Natural looks may not be for everyone. If you are one of those who prefer to wear more bold makeup on this special day, this is for you!

Bold makeup doesn’t just mean using more products. It’s actually means doing more stand out makeup. So if you want to apply this style, I can offer you two options; first you can do lighther skin and a good bold lipstick or a good smokey eye or both! Second choice is do some good coverage skin and lightly eye lids and lips. Of course there are no rules to do makeup. You can do whatever you like. It’s your prom night and makeup!

prom makeup

prom makeup

Fully lined good bold red or pink lips are also a savior for prom makeup. And Adriana Lima’s choice too.

prom makeup

A smokey eye that matches your dress will always look good. Also if you have colored eyes, you can prefer colored eyeshadow to complement your eye color.

Finally, let’s get ready with her for prom night!

Stay stylish!

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