Best Prom Dress Ideas for You!

Prom season is getting closer and everybody starts to look for a good prom dress. If you are one of them, this article can really help you to find your perfect dress!

A prom night is the most exciting, touching and beautiful day in the life of every person. On this day, everyone wants to stand out and look cool. But it isn’t easy to find a good and unique dress that complements your body type and will save you from accidental twinning. In this article, we will talk about different kinds of prom dresses and styles so you can consider long dresses, short dresses or even two-piece sets! From simple prom dresses to the hottest trending dress styles, we’ve got a look you’ll love!

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Long Prom Dresses

First, let’s talk about long prom dress ideas. Long dresses may be an easy choice but also they may not be. If you are one of the long girls in the school, this is the best choice for you. But if you are on the shorter side, and your dress length is a little long for you, you may have to tug the skirt of the dress all night long. And we don’t want that. The key is finding a dress that suits your body type easily and you can feel comfortable in it while making you look good.

Here are some ideas for you!

prom dress

Maxi prom dress with a leg reveal can be a choice! You can also adjust how much skin you want to show. It can be a good long full leg decollete or a little one.

prom dress

If you trust your body and want to show your body lines, long slim dresses are just for you. You can prefer some open back version too.

prom dress

This a-line prom dress type is looking good. If you don’t want to show your hips, you can choose this dress option. These floral dresses are on the midi side but I think these are very suitable for your prom night. Also you can wear it easily for another occassion after your prom.

prom dress

Black has always been a savior color. I chose these black prom dresses that you can prefer for your prom night. This off-shoulder style or that asymmetrical one is very unique!

Mini Prom Dress Ideas

If you are not a maxi prom dress girl, short is an option too. Mini dresses will not only highlight your legs and make your height look taller, but also make you more sexy or cute depending on your dress style. I think the best part of short prom dresses are; they can also offer a more cute look for those who don’t want to look sexy or stand out. It is also a good choice for petite girls.

prom dress

These white and pink prom dresses, will give you a refreshing and cute look. Also you can easily move and dance in these dresses all night!

prom dress

These sequin mini dresses have been in fashion for several years. If you wanna look cool like ‘I don’t care prom as much as you do but I came anyway’ type, you need some hot sequin dress. You can style it with some daily (I’m not doing my hair today) hairstyle and a simple makeup. If you want to learn some prom makeup tricks, check our Prom Makeup Ideas Article that you can find top of this page.


This lilac organza and slightly sheer dress hugs your curves. The ruching and underwire stitch detail creates a signature form-fitting shape and delicate spaghetti straps make sure it fits you just right. But if you are not comfortable in some sheer dress, there is another, not a sheer option, on this kind of dress style like this green dress on the right.

Two-Piece Sets

Some people don’t feel very comfortable in dresses. For this reason, two-piece sets may also be an option instead of prom dress. Prom time is also meant to summer is coming. And two piece sets are always give me a summery and beachy vibe. So two piece sets are also a good trick to choose for a prom dress because you can wear it another time too. You can wear it separately in different outfits, you can combine only the top or just the bottom. Or you can wear them together in another occassion in your summer holiday!

prom dress

Aimee Song in her Song of style dress looks so stunning. And the white one can give you a fresh look.

prom dress

prom dress

For more Prom Dress inspiration and fashionable outfits, you can visit our FashionActivation Pinterest! Omg! Love those prom dresses that she tried! You need to watch.

Stay Stylish!

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