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Getting inked is a decision that lasts a lifetime. And hand tattoos are a really bold decision to make. As everyone’s body is a canvas, there’s always an opportunity to place your favorite piece of art or a quote on your skin as a reminder of your journey. From something subtle and delicate to vibrant and symbolic designs, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a bold and extraordinary spot to get your next work, here are the coolest hand tattoo designs to inspire you.

If you are a person that never get a tattoo before, I have to send you first to our minimalist tattoo article.

Minimalist tattoos are a really great choice for a first tattoo. As a tattoo lover and someone who has lots of tattoos, I don’t recommend a hand tattoo for your first tattoo. It hurts guys, but you can start with a minimalist options.

I know that there are a lot of questions you have in your mind about hand tattoos. So, I suggest that let’s start our article with answering some frequently asked questions on getting had hand tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions on Getting Hand Tattoos

Is a hand tattoo a bad idea?

A hand tattoo is never a bad idea, first of all. Hand tattoos look really chic and cool on a stylish girl as you are. Especially, if you get a small minimalist hand tattoo on your hand, it becomes like a lifelong jewelry which enhances your style a lot.

How painful is a hand tattoo?

How painful getting a hand tattoo is totally depends on how resistant the person who gets it. Pain resistant can change from person to person. So, it is not easy to have a fixed answer to this question. However, from the experiences, it can be said that it is more painful than arm. Because Arms are more resistant to pain than hands in general. It can be the only thing that can be said about how painful getting a hand tattoo is.

How much does a hand tatoo cost?

The question of how much a hand tattoo is also extremely dependable. It does not only depend on the length of the tattoo but also the place you are getting it in. The city, the neighborhood, the quality of the place are all the factors that changes the cost of a hand tattoo.

How long do hand tattoos last?

Hand tattoos stay on your skin forever, till you decide to remove it by lasering. The removal sessions are extremely expensive and painful. So, if you want to keep it, you can keep it forever. Only, you may need to reink the same tattoo as it can fade and lose its bright color year by year. It results from usually sun exposure and/or the bad ink quality.

Which is the best hand tattoo to get?

This is a very subjective question. I guess I can not give you this answer straightaway but I can show you some great hand tattoos examples to get through the deep into this article. So, keep reading it!

Small Hand Tattoos

Most of the tattoo lovers prefer hand tattoos. But it can be big option or small. I personally prefer small more minimalist hand tattoos or some letters for my hand. Because, our hands are one of the most prominent parts of our body, so it is very possible to get bored of our tattoos. Therefore, if you are not a tattoo addict who have many tattoos on your body, I recommend you to choose minimal small tattoos.

hand tattoos

Love these kind of tattoos. These are so minimal and they looks great on your hands. I think this type of tattoos look very elegant especially on people with thin hands and these hand tattoos can complement your hands.

hand tattoos

hand tattoos

Small hand tattoos doesn’t always mean minimalist. If you are okey with bold choices for your hand tattoos. You can actually get your hand covered like this by getting many small but stand out additional tattoos. Rather than a single big bold hand tattoo, these small tattoos look great too! Let us explore some small hand tattoo designs in depth.

Celestial Hand Tattoos

The tattoos related to sky and space are called as celestial tattoos. And, I think that celestial ones are one of the best kind of hand tattoos for a girl to get. The beautiful thing is that they can be simplistic and very complicated at the same time. It totally depends on what you like and how you want to design your hand tattoos. Now, I am going to give you some celestial hand tattoo ideas. Let us talk about theemmm!

hand tattoos

hand tattoos

So as you can also see. These are not on hand. However, I am leaving them here just for you to see how beautiful the celestial objects are. I believe they can look really good on your hands.

The constellations are one of the most preferred celestial hand tattoos as well. You can get your zodiac on your hand as it will reflect you. Since the constellations are not understandable in the first sight, they would create a mysterious and cool vibe for you 😉 You should give it a try!

hand tattoos

hand tattoos

Lotus Flower Hand Tattoos

Lotus flower is a very symbolic flower. This flower grows inside the deep of the mud but eventually, it reaches the light as one of the most beautiful flowers ever. So, it symbolizes that everyone has a potential to become successful. They just need time. It also means to overcome bad things. In conclusion, it does not only seem cute but also carries a deep meaning for many people to relate.

hand tattoos

Geometrical Hand Tattoos

Geometrical hand tattoos are actually very small and simple one by one. However, they tend to go together usually. As you will see from this example inspirations below. These geometrical hand tattoos create an awesome harmony when together. Of course, you can also get one geometrical hand tattoo alone. You can still pull it off like a queen!

hand tattoos

Especially the point tattoos are so popular with fingers and hands. They give such feminine vibes to the owner. You should try to get one of those geometrical hand tattoos.

hand tattoos

hand tattoos

Minimal writings as a hand tattoo is also very trendy. If you want to carry a word that describes you on your body, your hands are a very suitable canvas for that!

Actually tattoos as writings are the most and the most preferred kind of hand tattoos. Minimal writings can be designed at whatever font and size you want. You can write them yourself or you can make someone beloved write your hand tattoo. It would be really cute to carry your loved ones’ handwriting on your body, right?

The cool part is that you can ink any writing, like anything you want. It is not limited to anything. However, the common writing tattoos for mom is to get their child names inked. In this Children’s Name Tattoos for Moms article of ours, you can see countless ideas of getting children name for moms.

White Ink Hand Tattoo

The white ink tattoos are just extremely attractive for many tattoo lovers. One of them is Kendall Jenner. She has two white ink tattoos on her body. Her justification for this is because she is a model, she doesn’t fill her body up with black inks but want it to be less visible. You can read the details and more in this Kendall Jenner Tattoo Ideas for Inspiration article. If you also want a less visible tattoo. Why not trying white ink ones like Kendall? I am leaving here my most wished-for white ink hand tattoos for you girls.

white ink tattoos

white ink tattoos

The one with the moon is a perfect example for celestial hand tattoos. As you can see, the white ink hand tattoos look very feminine and unique compared to the black ones. If you want tattoos that are not very visible you can choose one of them. Once they are seen, it is so hard to unsee them. They are the best!

Finger Tattoos

I personally huge fan of a finger tattoos. I cant say they don’t hurt, since we have thinner skin on our hands compared to other parts of our body, our bones are closer to our skin, which can cause us more pain when getting tattoos, but besides, finger tattoos looks amazing and really cool.

If you are concerned about your hand or finger tattoo fading, it can be slightly. Because we wash our hands frequently, tattoos that come into contact with soap and water can fade a little.

hand tattoos

These kind of finger tattoos are so trend. If you like more ethnic shapes as a tattoo, you can choose this style of dotwork hand tattoo.

hand tattoos

Or you can prefer these cute figures for your finger tattoos. These are also very preferred styles for friendship tattoos.


Since me and many people prefer black tattoos, I always gave samples from them. But you can also choose your tattoos in different colors. For example, I think this two colorful tattoo example looks very sweet. Also colorful hand and finger tattoos look very unique.

Big Bold Hand Tattoos

Big hand tattoos can give you a more badass vibe. If you are one of those cool men/women who have big tattoos on their arms and legs and even have those cool black figures all over their body, you already have tattoos on most of their body and you love getting tattoos. Maybe even you are a tattoo artist! And don’t you only have tattoos on your hands? You need to go and get some good chunky tattoo on your both hands. Now I’m going to show you a few examples of hand tattoos that I adore below.


Here I am again with ethnic hand tattoo, but this time with a big bold version! Snake tattoos and ethnic style tattoos are preferred by most tattoo lovers. And in the part that connects our hand and arm, right on our wrist, this type of body-grabbing tattoos look amazing.



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Go big or go home! This oldschool style hand tattoos are very popular among all tattoo enthusiast. If you like this oldschool tattoo style too, you can choose a colorful or black rose tattoo on your hand. Like this girl! Omg she is getting a colorful oldschool snake tattoo on your hand you need tp watch!

Celebrity Hand Tattoo Ideas

Celebrities inspire us in every aspect of our lives. From clothes and make-up styles to food and drink preferences, they just have big influences on us. They are the first and biggest influencers of the world. Let us now discover what kind of hand tattoos celebrities prefer and get inspired by their authentic choices.

Miley Cyrus Hand Tattoos

If you follow her or know her, you already know how massive tattoo collection Miley Cyrus has. Miley Cyrus has several tattoos on different parts of her body, Including inner lip. She is so cool, and her tattoos are also so cool. However, we will focus on her hand tattoos in our article. According to the latest photos of her, she has nine tattoos on her right hand in total.

First of all, she has “freedom” written on the back of her hand. It is alleged that it is a nod to her very popular 2019 single “Mother’s Daughter”. The heart on her pinky finger is a tribute to her family. Everyone in her family has a heart inked on their hands. The writing “BAD” in red is a tribute to American Pop King Michael Jackson’s namesake album. On one of her old interviews, she explained that the eye tattoo is a tribute to her old horse who lost one of its eyes. Although many of her tattoos has emotional meanings behind them, they all look so cool on their owns and I guess you can get some inspiration from Miley Cyrus hand tattoos.

hand tattoos

miley cyrus hand tattoos

Rihanna Hand Tattoos

Rihanna creates a big hype with everything she does both in fashion and business worlds. Although she is best known with her ribcage tattoo, her body is like a canvas full of cool tattoos. Rihanna hand tattoos are actually so popular tattoos. First, I want to start with her biggest hand tattoo which is a full-covered Rihanna hand tattoo. On her right hand she has a Henna-inspired hand tattoo. It is a pretty feminine and creative kind of hand tattoo.


Besides, she has writings inked on her fingers. One of them is on her index finger where a “Shhh” inked. It is a really really creative tattoo idea when thinking the context, we use our index finger. And the other one is a “Love” inked on her middle finger. Her tattoos are all so feminine and creative. They are all in black, so they seem so much classy!

rihanna hand tattoos

If you want to get into Rihanna’s world a bit more, I am inviting you to read this Fenty Beauty review.

Ariana Grande Hand Tattoos

Who doesn’t admire Ariana Grande? Did you know that she has almost more than 50 tattoos? Yes, she does. It is incredible that how she slays these hand tattoos. Her most famous hand tattoo is undoubtedly the moon and the stars. Her celestial tattoo is one of the most beautiful examples of celestial hand tattoos and celebrity hand tattoos both. This awesome hand tattoo is not only cool but also so sweet. It looks like the moons that we were drawing when we were kids! Besides, it is a woman in shape of moon. That’s cool Ariana!


She also has written tattoos which are “Toulouse”, the name of her beloved dog. “Honeymoon” a reference to one of her songs.


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Stay stylish!

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