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Barbed wire tattoos and barbed wire heart tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo designs. Since ancient times, barbed wire tattoos frequently preferred. They are still popular nowadays.

Barbed wire tattoo has meaning and history, just like every form of tattoo has a meaning. These tattoos are timeless. And each time, you can add details that you think are appropriate to give them more personality and meaning. So, let’s discover together barbed wire tattoo meanings and inspirational examples.

barbed wire heart tattoo

We know that, Latinos in North America were the first to use the barbed wire design in tattoos. The most common meaning of this type of tattoos was the prison. Of course, it gradually spread to other meanings. Thus, designs with gang touches frequently used by members who wants to show their commitment to the groups.

Lockdown is associated with meanings such as lack of freedom and imprisonment but can also symbolize various aspects of life. Additionally, it is also used as the meaning of both emotional pain and sacrifice. For this reason, it is associated with Gothic culture, Satanism, and Christianity. Undoubtedly, each can give it the meaning he sees most appropriate, fitting his personality and ideology.

barbed wire heart tattoo

The meaning of your barbed wire tattoo will ultimately reflect your own memories and passions. However, there are several generally accepted meanings, including:

  • Christian faith
  • Broken heart
  • Overcome difficulties
  • Death
  • Suffering/pain in love
  • Achievements of goals
  • World War
  • Captivity
  • Force
  • Joy

Types of Barbed Wire Tattoos

There are different variations of barbed wire tattoos. The most popular one is barbed wire heart tattoos. You can get inspiration and design your own tattoo. Also, you can mix it with other symbols to create personal meaning for your barbed wire heart tattoo design. Let’s check some ideas for barbed wire tattoos.

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

There are many meanings for a barbed wire heart tattoo or barbed wire wrapping a heart. For example, the feeling of being trapped in love or a relationship is another barbed wire heart tattoo meaning. On the other hand, this can also show that the person will remain loyal to the love even in harsh times. Also, a barbed wire heart tattoo design is the most aesthetic of tattoos. As an idea, here are some sketches. Watch this timelapse YouTube video if you are wondering how the drawing process goes. Maybe you could get relaxed after watching it ?

barbed wire heart tattoo

Dua Lipa is a young star who speaks of her style and talent. The famous singer has many minimal tattoos on her body and a barbed wire heart tattoo on her inner arm. If you have minimal aesthetic tattoos like hers, barbed wire heart tattoo will look stylish with your other tattoos. If you are interested in modern gothic styling, you should check this barbed wire necklace. You can use it with your preppy outfits.

barbed wire heart tattoo

Barbed Wire with a Cross

A cross-shaped tattoo wrapped in barbed wire symbolizes some people’s unshakable religion and trust in their god. Additionally, it reminds the source of help to overcome complicated expertise as a Christian. Also, it might symbolize your beliefs and help remind your personal source of stamina.

barbed wire heart tattoo

Rose and Barbed Wire

There are many ways to design a rose with a barbed wire incorporated into a tattoo. Some of them portray the wires as the stem of the rose. On the other hand, others highlight the beauty of the flower surrounded by barbed wire. These two shapes go well together because both have thrones. This combination solidifies the meaning of the tattoo. Also, you could combine rose with heart. In this way it looks more passionate and your fantastic barbed wire heart tattoo is ready!

barbed wire heart tattoo

Mostly we see this tattoo design as a large tattoo in large areas. Making it a minimal tattoo can make the details invisible. That’s why you can prefer the tattoo on your arms or legs. Here I linked some temporary rose and barbed wire tattoos. If you are unsure about a permanent one, you can try first to see what it looks like.

Butterfly Barbed Wire Tattoo

This one is my favorite! The butterfly and barbed wire tattoo design look chic. Tattoos with butterfly figures as the central theme; It tells that at the end of the difficulties in life, beauty comes, and beauty can end one day. It takes a mystical meaning while combining barbed wire depiction. The combination creates a sense of faith in beauty.

barbed wire heart tattoo

It is possible to come across butterfly symbols on the foot and wrist. These temporary butterfly tattoo models, especially made by women, look very stylish. Also, you can use butterfly symbols in areas where minimal tattoos suits, such as the ear or neck. You can try some temporary butterfly tattoos before you design your own tattoo.

barbed wire heart tattoo

As for the other shapes, you can prefer various butterfly-shaped tattoo combinations. The duo-colored tattoo looks fantastic. It could be a good option. As well as abstract depictions, you can select realistic ones. But if you ask me, simple versions look more chic and modern.

Simple Barbed Wire Design

Most barbed wire tattoos symbolize jails on top of walls or anywhere that needs protection from outsiders. Therefore, most of them are kept simple, featuring the wire wrapped around the entire arm or calf. As you know, a tattoo is an excellent representation of your personality and style. Therefore, it’s an important issue to choose a great tattoo. In your deciding journey, you can get help from our previous articles about tattoos. Here is one of our articles of us about the Sunflower Tattoo Meaning.

90’ iconic name Pamela Anderson didn’t want to have to spend hours for makeup every day while shooting the action film ‘Barb Wire.’ After trying out a temporary version of a barbed wire tattoo, then she made this permanent tattoo, saying, “I love it. I think it’s very feminine for barbed wire.” That specific tattoo design is quite often, and it’s a classic. I think it looks powerful on the person who has. Also, some variations of the barbed wire tattoo with other symbols exist.

barbed wire heart tattoo

Finally, here I listed some additional examples for your inspiration.

barbed wire heart tattoo

barbed wire heart tattoo

barbed wire heart tattoo

Stay Stylish!

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