Above Knee Tattoo and Caring Tips

above knee tattoo

Hello there! This article is for those who have thought of getting a tattoo in their mind at least once. Or who searching for above knee tattoo ideas. So, to everyone! The tattoo is the most permanent way to reflect your personality and style. Therefore, although it is difficult to decide, it allows you to carry your own signature on your body. Various tattoo designs can be made on multiple parts of the body. For example, while large patterns are used in the shoulder and back areas, smaller structures are preferred on the wrists. Above knee tattoo, the subject of today’s article, is the type of tattoo that suits women the most. It adds an attractive and stylish air with its stance on the leg. You also have a lot of options to choose from as a design for above knee tattoos ideas. Let’s examine these designs now!

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above knee tattoo

Above Knee Tattoos with Others on Legs

Above knee tattoo provide an attractive appearance as they draw attention to your legs. You should consider getting a tattoo above your knee to stand out with your style and look glamorous. Of course, as there are minimal designs, there are also tattoo designs that will cover the entire leg. An above knee tattoo will look great with these if you already have tattoos on your leg.

above knee tattoo

Matching the two knees in above knee tattoo is widespread usage. Likewise, you can create a story-telling design with other tattoos on your leg. For example, you can combine flowers and butterflies together. Thus, you can combine different symbols to create a story using your body as a canvas. Using such beautiful designs on both legs or just one leg is possible. You are totally free to decorate your beautiful body with above knee tattoo!

above knee tattoo

Roman Numeric Above the Knee Tattoos

Some dates are unforgettable for us. Dates of birth, separation, reunion, death dates, and more… We never forget such essential dates and pin them in various places to remember. For a tattoo design, the date is a fantastic design. Especially when the novel is written in numeric form, it creates both an aesthetic and meaningful appearance. I recommend you choose the gothic font for above knee tattoo. It looks aesthetically pleasing to the preppy fashion of recent times. Even a tattoo above the knee will adorn your leg like an accessory. And you will be able to make this personally important date an inseparable part of you forever with above knee tattoo. You may want to try with a temporary one before getting a permanent tattoo. Here I found a link from amazon services llc. for you. You can try a temporary tattoo like this whenever you want.

above knee tattoo

Minimal Tattoo Above Knee

Tattooing doesn’t always have to take up a lot of space and be in the spotlight. Minimal designs are also beautiful that is used quite often in tattoos. You can use a motto, planets, or floral patterns that are meaningful to you as a minimal tattoo. We talked at length about minimal tattoo ideas in one of our previous articles. If you’re interested, you should take a look. I think it is a great option, especially for small slogans as a knee script tattoo. It is usual to want small designs as the above knee tattoos are in mind. I am sure it will be nice to see your life motto in a place that does not look big, and you can always see it. It will also look aesthetically pleasing from the outside.

You can have stylish tattoos without having a permanent tattoo. You can design your own minimal tattoo with body markers, which we often come across on social media these days, and make temporary tattoos suitable for any outfit. Also, many people tattoo themselves with hand poke. If you have the talent, you can try such a method. I believe that you can get successful results especially in minimal designs. In this YouTube video, poke tattoo making is shown by giving some types. You should visit if you are interested.

above knee tattoo

Butterfly Above the Knee Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo is a meaningful symbol as well as beautiful. It represents the excitement, freedom, and elegance felt. Also, in Chinese culture, butterflies symbolize immortality, joy, grace, and writing. You should include such a meaningful tattoo symbolism in your tattoo design. I especially love the bohemian ones. The designs made with illustrations look really cool. Other insect tattoos, like butterflies, look incredibly cool in fairy grunge style on above knee tattoo. You should also definitely consider colorful butterfly tattoos. Especially the red ink tattoo designs look glamorous on the skin as black ink. All of these are a great source of inspiration for your above knee tattoo!

above knee tattoo

Mandala Above Knee Tattoo

It is possible to come across all kinds of designs while getting a tattoo. When choosing a tattoo that will stay with you forever as long as you do not vanish, it is essential to find the one that appeals to you the most. If you have a free spirit and shine with spiritual powers, tribal designs are just for you. A mandala design is an excellent option for your above knee tattoo. Also, it is nice for both men and women.

By taking advantage of the oval shape of the knee, you can combine your body with a tattoo and add a dazzling design to your leg tattoos. You can also use this spiral type of design on the side of the knee. This way, you can make your knee part of the tattoo. There are primarily black ink mandala tattoos, but the colored designs also look fantastic for above knee tattoo. I recommend getting a colorful mandala tattoo, especially if you have multiple tattoos on your leg. Thus, it will look eye-catching among others.

above knee tattoo

Tattoo Care Guide

Because the tissue on the knee is thin, you might think knee tattoos hurt. Of course, since everyone’s pain threshold is different, we can say this situation is relative. However, there are care conditions that you should pay attention to when you get a tattoo on any part of you. Of course, it is normal for your tattoo to fade over time. After a few years, you can have it serviced and colored again. However, some conditions cause rapid fading outside of normal fading. You should pay attention to some care recommendations for your skin health and for the care of your tattoo also for avoid lot of pain. You can check out this blog for more detailed informations. Please, do not forget to consult a doctor when you feel discomfort!

above knee tattoo

Just Touch Your Above Knee Tattoo with Clean Hands

Most tattoo artists have their own aftercare instructions. But what they all have in common is that you only touch your above knee tattoo with clean hands while caring. For this reason, wash your hands before cleaning and caring for your tattoos.

Remove the Bandage and Wash Only with Antibacterial Soap

The original bandage your tattoo artist used to wrap your tattoo can be removed as long as your tattoo artist recommends after your above knee tattoo is complete. Do not re-bandage your tattoo after the bandage has been removed. Use antibacterial soap to clean the tattoo. Avoid using any cloth while cleaning your above knee tattoo, as this will exfoliate the injured area. Then, rinse with warm-to-moderate water and dry the above knee tattoo area with a towel.

above knee tattoo

Apply Care Cream

Every tattoo artist has their own recommended tattoo cream. Applying too much tattoo cream to your tattoo can clog your pores and create rashes that harm the healing process. Therefore, be careful not to overdo it when applying the care cream. In addition, when your above knee tattoo starts to heal, you can moisturize it with body oils instead of care cream to moisturize until it is completely healed. Also here is a very powerful moisturizer for you. You can use it both for above knee tattoo care and to moisturize your whole body.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure!

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and protect your tattoo from direct sunlight.

above knee tattoo

Stay stylish!

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