Sweater Blazer-Conform Way to be Fall Chic

sweater blazer

Autumn has officially arrived! While leaving a warm summer behind us, we started to need new clothes in our closets with the cold weather. Also, with the end of the summer vacation, many of us are spending our days with a busy schedules. The sweater blazer is a great piece to choose for these busy autumn days! Sweater blazers are pieces that are both stylish and very comfortable; in this way, they can be preferred anywhere from home to work. For example, if you are a home office worker, it is a must-have top in your closet. It is indispensable for making a stylish and fast combination in a suddenly planned meeting. Of course, you can spend a long time combining this elegant piece. Because it is a suitable choice for both daily life and stylish dates. However, let’s see together how you can combine a sweater blazer.

Sweater Blazer with Midi Dress

There are many types of sweater blazers available. Some of these are a j crew sweater blazer, open front, buttoned, long and short models. Since it has many such models, combining the sweater blazer in different styles is easy. If you still don’t have a sweater blazer, you should get one immediately. Also, if you’re considering a birthday present for your close friend or sister, it would be great to skip the gift cards and buy her a nice sweater blazer! Here, you can find an excellent sweater blazer as a gift to your loved one.

sweater blazer

While the weather is not completely cold, it is the best time to wear a midi dress. You can combine the midi dress, which is preferred with elegance in autumn combinations, with a sweater blazer. The autumn month has favorable weather conditions to use many pieces. For example, you can choose a midi dress and suede boots this season. This way, you have a great outfit in sunny-cool weather.

A Midi dress is a perfect choice to be combined with a sweater blazer. Because bringing movement to the long fabric of the dress, provides a fragmented appearance and makes it look harmonious with the upper part. Also, the sweater blazer does not cover the dress like heavy coats. It adds elegance to your clothing while protecting you from the cold. You can choose your dress in many timeless patterns. For example, polka dot leopard prints, etc. These patterns are good choices for autumn. Also, your great blazer will not get in the way of these patterns. It will only provide a complementary look.

sweater blazer

Combine Sweater-Blazer with All Dresses!

With the cold weather, knitted dresses are entering the closets again. Solid color, midi-length knit dress, and blazer sweater will create an outstanding style. These dresses, which usually stick to the body, highlight your curves of you. On the other hand, the sweater blazer you wear makes your upper body look more imposing and provides a beautiful appearance. Using a belt with such dresses can be a good option. However, it is necessary to be careful when choosing it because the belt can look complicated with the blazer. Basic dresses look easy to wear, but there are details you need to pay attention to. In one of our previous articles, we wrote about how you can combine basic dresses. You can browse and decide on the appropriate style for your sweater blazer if you wish.

sweater blazer

You can combine it with a pair of shoes and a bag according to your sweater blazer and dress style. Preferring sneakers under a dress is a widespread and stylish choice. But when the romantic weather of autumn comes, suede boots should not be missed. Suede boots can be preferred in black, but my favorite is the brown ones. It goes very well with autumn colors. It is a great color to combine with green, mustard yellow, and damson. Wearing a classic watch with this stylish outfit would be a good option. You can complete your look with a few casual accessories, such as gold earrings and a simple necklace.

Royal Chic

We saw a stylish dress-seater blazer combination on Meghan Markle. She has achieved a casual chic look with her gray jacket combined with a denim dress. The belt, which is the same as the fabric, also animates the dress without making it look complicated. I recommend you make room in your closet for denim dresses while autumn is here. They provide a stylish and elegant look and are very easy to combine.

sweater blazer

Two Piece: Skirt & Knitwear

When autumn comes, it’s time to pull pantyhose and seasonal skirts out of the closet. A Petite skirt, knitwear, and sweater blazer will be indispensable for your autumn combinations as a beautiful trio. This youtube video I found for you has some outfit ideas for fall. With the inspiration you get from this video, you can identify the missing pieces in your own closet and create beautiful combinations. Also, you can combine a sweater blazer in dark academia style with a mini skirt made of plaid fabric and an earth-toned sweatshirt.

Especially in the fall, such shades of color are in fashion. In addition, the sweater blazer is a very suitable choice for combining these timeless pieces. You can dress up in dark academia style with a few details. Here is a plaid maxi skirt for you. You can combine this skirt with a sweater blazer. But don’t forget your leather strap watch and other accessories!


Midi Skirts

In addition to mini and maxi skirts, midi-length pleated skirts can also be preferred with a sweat blazer. These pleated skirts with various patterns are often included in the fashion. I think it’s a bit of a classic choice. It provides a stylish look, especially when combined with a belt. You can choose boots under these kinds of dresses; otherwise, flats can also be a good choice. This way, you can easily combine your midi skirt with a shoe according to the weather. Eventually, it will provide a stylish look in harmony with the sweater blazer.


Another favorite piece of autumn is midi velvet skirts. A striped t-shirt and sweater blazer you prefer over these skirts will make you look stylish. Combining velvet straight-cut skirts with heels or boots is very easy. If you prefer a dress with large patch pocket details in the front, you can pay attention to the shorter length of your blazer.

Blouse-Pants Chic

At the beginning of the article, we discussed the comfort of sweater blazers. So far, we’ve talked about a little more complicated styling in the titles. Now it’s time to become an indispensable part of our daily life. We all have trousers and a blouse that we can combine with everything in our capsule wardrobe. I think the sweater blazer is one of the pieces worthies of entering the capsule wardrobe with this ease of combination. While surfing the web, I found a helpful blog post about the sweater blazer and the capsule wardrobe. You can take inspiration from the many images found in this article.

sweater blazer

You can provide a whole look with plain blacks, or you can look casual chic by combining them with the jeans you wear the most. Let’s start with the black pants first. The color of the blazer you choose is essential when combining it with black jeans or fabric trousers. Of course, all-black combinations also look stylish. Still, I recommend you select contrast tones to add movement to your outfit. The black sweater blazer and black trousers that you will wear over a sweater blazer in earth tones, which are the favorites of autumn, will make your body look longer. You can use a belt to add excitement to your combination. The uninterrupted look will continue if you wear black shoes on your feet. But still, patterned shoes will also be a stylish choice.

sweater blazer

Timeless Leather Pants

Leather pants are always fashionable as one of the timeless pieces. The black leather trousers you prefer with your sweater blazer combine a comfortable and stylish look. I recommend you prefer leather trousers with a straight cut. Wide-leg leather pants will not be a suitable choice with the fabric of the sweater blazer. While narrow trousers bring the body lines to the fore, the wide-leg material highlights more. It makes the blazer look incompatible with its fabric. Here, at this link, I found good leather pants for your sweater blazer outfit.


Jean Chic

I can’t imagine a closet without jeans. Jeans are the most fashionable parts of every period. While new cuts are in vogue from time to time, some jeans are timeless. One of them is boyfriend and mom jeans. Torn details, rhinestones, double trousers… You can combine jeans with any theme. In this respect, it is a great choice to wear with a sweater blazer womens. You can combine it with a flat-soled shoe for a daily look or create a stylish outfit with heels. Of course, it is possible to catch a view between these two. It is possible to make the sweater blazer and jeans pair casual chic by combining them with French ballerina flats and a handbag.


As an Alternative: Sweater with Blazer

Our headline was about being comfortable and stylish in the fall. Still, we have done some combination reviews on the sweater blazer. Before ending my article, I thought I could write about sweaters and blazers. Why not! Let’s look at this trend, which has been very fashionable in recent years. And find out how to wear a sweater with a blazer.

Blazers have been very fashionable in recent years. We’ve seen a lot of different interpretations in the last year. Blazer dresses were the most interesting of them. As autumn came, we started including sweaters in our daily outfits. Blazers are great options for combining these sweaters. With the blazer you wear, your look will be completed, and you will have a stylish outfit. In addition, you are very free to choose the sweater you will combine with the blazer. Whether you prefer a hoodie or a knit sweater, you will get a stylish look when you combine it with a blazer.

sweater blazer

As I mentioned, wearing a blazer with a sweater is quite a trend. Among the celebrities who follow this trend is Hailey Bieber, who influenced fashion with her style. She talks about her combination of street looks and red carpet outfits. She created a stylish and relaxed look with the white hoodie she wore inside her red shawl collar long blazer. Combining the same blazer with a turtleneck sweater, she achieved a more stylish, sporty look using jeans and a belt. You can easily create different outfits by combining your blazers with other pieces, as she did. In this respect, I think the blazer is indispensable for the capsule wardrobe.

sweater blazer

Stay Stylish!

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