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elena gilbert outfits

Hi baby girls! In this article, we will examine the style of Elena Gilbert-Elena gilbert outfits, the lead character of the world-famous TV series The Vampire Diaries. When we look at Elena Gilbert character, we see a life story. The mystery about her family and of course uncertainty about her boyfriend choices. Elena’s passion for life governs her decisions. And we can easily see this passion in her clothing choices.

When we say Elena Gilbert style, the first thing we can see is a casual style of clothing. However, when we examine it in a little more detail, we can see the little spice. Elena Gilbert character is a true hero of this style. Because she has a cute but very sexy style that has what everyone wants. In fact, Elena Gilbert outfits and inspiration from these clothes spread on TikTok as a trend. After this trend, Elena Gilbert became popular again and her style began to be talked about again.

Let’s take a closer look at the clothes of this much-talked-about character! And create new outfits with this inspiration.

Elena Gilbert Clothes

elena gilbert outfits

Elena’s choice of clothes is not as indecisive as choosing a boyfriend. And Elena organizes her unique style from the first season to the last season with her personality. Indeed, anyone can see the comfortable yet confident handling of these effortless looks. Elena Gilbert fashion is getting more popular day by day. Regardless, my favorite is definitely Elena Gilbert outfits season 1. Because she was so cute and fascinating.

Color Selection

elena gilbert outfits

Elena Gilbert outfits consist of red, blue, green, white, black, and also shades of these colors. While some tones are pastel, and some are bright colors. This selection is established between sexy femininity and sweetness. This dark color choice makes the character’s style look darker and more casual. As the seasons’ pass, we can also say that Elena’s style leaves the cuteness aside and becomes darker and sexier with the vampire effect. In my opinion, red is Elena’s favorite color and I like on her the most.

Shape of Clothes

elena gilbert outfits

Elena Gilbert is a character that carries tight clothing patterns very well. And most of her outfits are very tight. She prefers jackets that fit very well, blouses that adhere completely to her body. And skinny, bootcut, or flared styles as her choice of trousers. Even though the series was on television in 2009, Elena has a great role in making the flared trousers style famous again these days. In line with the broadcast date of this show, Elena’s choice of trousers has been low waist jeans. But day by day, it seems that we are leaving very high-waist jeans aside. This year it is possible to see low-waist jeans in shop windows and on fashion models. Low-waist jeans are back in fashion and Elena continues to impress us. So, if we want to copy Elena’s style, the clothes we wear should be skinny ones that cover our bodies.

Types of Shoes

elena gilbert outfits

Shoes of Elena Gilbert outfits are simple, unobtrusive, comfortable fit that completes the outfit. Ballet flats, converse, and boots are among the most preferred shoe styles for the first seasons. Considering that converses are very popular nowadays, Elena shows us a way to combine these shoes. If you’re wondering what my favorite is, it’s definitely Elena Gilbert-style boots! If this is your favorite type of boots, you should definitely check out the super cute Elena boots I found.

Why Was the Fashion of the Early 2000s Trending Again?

elena gilbert outfits

The reason why this trend is so popular is that it can be worn over and over again while keeping up with fast-changing fashion trends, and it can be easily dressed in style. All you have to do is create a layered look and pair it with a mini denim skirt or shorts or flared bootcut low-waist jeans for the bottom part. What we call a layered look is a tank top with lace on the inside and a buttoned body on top, and a leather jacket, hooded cardigan or blazer jacket can be preferred at the top. What we are looking for in this style is definitely the simplicity. If you want to examine early 2000s fashion in more detail, you should definitely check our All About 2000s Fashion article.

How Do We Dress Like Elena Gilbert?

elena gilbert outfits

My favorite thing about Elena’s style is that she uses timeless pieces together to create a basic, comfortable, and feminine look. Tank tops are one of the few pieces that Elena can’t give up and Elena knows how to embellish a basic look by adding a lace detail to this piece. She prefers button-up tops in long-sleeved and tank tops generally with lace, thus achieving a cool cleavage. Check out the perfect Elena-style lace detail tank top I found for inside, and the deep red button-up long-sleeved on it just like Elena!

elena gilbert outfits

As we know Elena’s most preferred trousers style is flared jeans, we can even call these jeans Elena. The jeans that Elena wears usually low waist and sometimes a normal waist. Although it is a waist type that I do not prefer, it is not possible to say that it looks bad on Elena Gilbert. Deep tones jeans bring Elena’s body to the forefront and make her look tall and slim.

Finally, if we put on our converses and wear our amazing Elena-style jewelry around our neck, we can say that we definitely are ready! I also give you the link to Elena’s converse which will indefinitely match every outfit for you. With these links, you can do the same outfit in the 42nd second of the video below without any hassle, and don’t forget to check out the other inspired looks in the video.

Elena’s Accessories

elena gilbert outfits

Elena usually prefers silver-colored, red, or blue stone jewelry. She occasionally prefers gold-colored jewelry. In the early 2000s, big jewelry gained a lot of popularity, so the character completed her style by wearing larger pendant necklaces. Those who are influenced by this style are now creating a layering trend for necklaces by combining necklaces with large and small ends. The necklace you see in the photo is a very important necklace for both The Vampire Diaries fans and Elena.

elena gilbert outfits

Elena Gilbert Unforgettable Dresses

elena gilbert outfits

As we mentioned, Elena is a character who knows well where and what to wear, although she often has a casual style. Let’s not forget to look at the dresses she wears at the parties she attends when she wants to draw attention to herself. The dresses you see in the photo above are also preferred in sax blue and reddish, which are the ones that Elena can’t give up. The sax blue dress is my favorite of this character’s dresses. Elena carried this silk-straight yet striking dress perfectly. She completed her style with a large-tipped silver necklace and high-heeled shoes, which is also one of Elena’s classics.

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