Denim on Denim – The Timeless Trend

denim on denim

Denim on denim! Firstly, I want to say that, this is one of my favorite and the timeless outfit ideas. I know it is not something new but it is still very trendy. Therefore, I want you to remember your old jean shirt or jean jacket. Because it is time to combine them with jeans again! So ,if you want to look cool, there are two simple tactics about this trend. Let’s have a look at them fastly!


denim on denim

I really like the way she wears jeans. Because it is important to pick same colored jeans and jacket if you want to look more stylish. This is the first tactic for trendy double denim looks. However, if you don’t have a jean shirt, you can wear a basic black or white t-shirt instead of it. I especially like the details of this look. Did you see her shoes? Because this is the coolest idea I’ve ever seen! Matching fancy shoes with this outfit, looks awesome!

denim on denim

You can wear a red lipstick with this kind of looks. Besides, it looks pretty nice with her chic small scarf. I like the way she added a color to this outfit.


denim on denim

Second tactic about denim on denim looks is using bright colored accessories like this small red bag! I like the contrast of blue and red. You can also go for a bright green or yellow bag too in piece of mind.

denim on denim

If you thinking that double denim trend looks are only good for sporty outfits, you’re totally wrong! For instance look at these outfits and how they combine it with high heels!

It doesn’t matter if your jean shirt or jean jacket is old or new! Just try to combine it in a correct way. Trust me you’ll look stunning!

Here are some dos and don’ts about this trend. If you want to learn more tactics about double this trend, you should definitely read it. Just click here!

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I like her second look! Which one is your favorite?

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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