Deep Winter Color Palette – Ultimate Guide

deep winter color palette

Hello girls! Welcome to Fashion Activation Blog! Today’s topic is the deep winter color palette. It is an intriguing subject to talk about. Because how we look and what we are wearing has an impact on how we feel. Our clothing choices can flatter us and makes us more confident and comfortable. Therefore, knowing which colors are good for you and which ones are bad for you is crucial.

Seasonal Color Analysis

Your color season will determine which colors complement you best. Consequently, having this info is really beneficial when choosing your color palette. However, figuring out which color season you fall into can be difficult.

By examining skin tone, eye color, and hair color, seasonal color analysis is performed. Your skin, eyes, and hair will then fall into the four fundamental seasonal categories autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

Furthermore, the seasonal color analysis might be your essential guide when it comes to building a wardrobe, choosing cosmetics that suit you, and just displaying your best features.

deep winter color palette

deep winter color palette

What is Your Skintone? Are you Warm or Cool?

1. Vein Color Test

Examine the veins underneath your wrist. If your skin is primarily blue or purple, you have cool skin. Your skin tone is warm if they generally have a green tint. This test may be highly helpful for some people, but it may be challenging for others whose veins are different colors. I realize how challenging it is. There are other ways to determine skin tone, though.

2. Gold and Silver Jewelry Test

While it is still sunlight, you must wear both silver and gold jewelry on your skin. Then, consider which one gives you skin that is more beautiful and appears healthy. If you look your best in gold jewelry, you have a warm undertone; if you look your best in silver, you have a cold undertone.

3. Tan vs. Burn Test

Do you tan or burn? If you tan really quickly, your skin has warm undertones. If you burn quickly or are completely incapable of tanning, you might have chilly undertones.

4. White Paper Test

For this test, you’ll need a blank sheet of white paper. In the sunlight, with no makeup, bring the paper close to your face. If your skin seems more yellow or gold, it has warm undertones; if blue and red, it has cool undertones.

For certain people, these techniques might not be trustworthy. You might have a neutral skin tone if you are one of those people who cannot detect the undertone of their skin. The other possibility is that you actually failed to locate it or that you are stuck in your old routines and unable to make a choice.

Winter and summer are the cool seasons, whereas spring and autumn are the warm ones. I’m going to talk about the deep winter color palette today.

Overview of Winter Color Palette

There are 3 types of winter color palettes. These three winter seasons are integrated into each other.

Bright Winter Color Palette

Firstly, Bright Winter Color Palette is also called as “Clear Winter Color Palette”. The color palette contains vibrant and less-cool tone colors.

True Winter Color Palette

Secondly, the True Winter Color Palette has a balanced of cool, clear, and high contrast.

Dark Winter Color Palette

Lastly, the Deep Winter Color Palette is also called the “Dark Winter Color Palette.” Deep Winter color combination is dark and cool. That means cool colors look better on you instead of warm colors.

The Dark Winter Seasonal Color Palette

In other words, Dark Winter is a palette that has a cool hue, a dark value, and a neutral chroma. If you wonder what is hue, value, and chroma, here some little background information.

Hue is what most of us think of as a description of a color, like green, blue, red, yellow, etc. The value of a color is how light or dark it is. So, basically, it depends on adding such as white or black to a color to change its value. Last but not least, chroma is a color’s amount of saturation. Chroma is a measure of how much gray there is in a color.

Dark Winter Skin Tone and Hair Color

What are the features of the Deep Winter Color Palette? Let’s talk about skin hair and eyes. As I mentioned, Deep Winter Color Palette contains darkness and deepness. Therefore, The contrast between your characteristics is quite strong. In other words, there is a high contrast between eyes, hair, and skin.

deep winter color palette

1. Skin

Deep Winter skin is more likely to be cool, neutral cool, or olive.

2. Eyes

Deep Winter eyes are can be ranged from dark hazel, dark olive, and dark brown to black.

3. Hair

Deep Winters’ hair is dark as eyes that ranging from medium brown to black. Basically, dark hair is dominant. The color of the hair does not prone to develop highlights under daylight.

Dark Winter Color Palette

A dark winter colour palette contains darkness and coldness. According to the major qualities of Deep/ dark Winters, the colors are deep, dark, and cold for suiting the high natural contrast level. In other words, the dark winter palette is formed by very intense or saturated, contrasting colors.

Best Colors for Deep Winters

Cool Winter’s most fabulous colors have no warmth. Cool pinkish purples, dark pine green, blue silver, purple indigo, and navy, white wine.

Best Neutrals for Deep Winters

Black and white are the primary neutrals of the Deep Winter Palette. Besides, it is highly important to style these colors. Wearing all black may you look down if you have darker skin. At that point, you can try to wear black for a few clothing pieces. As wearing all-black, wearing all-white is also a little bit risky. It would be better if you style the white with dark colors for a high-contrast look. Dark greens, dark blues, light tones of beiges, and grays are also amazing neutrals for Deep Winters. More specifically, mocha, espresso, silver, gray, burgundy, olive, white, black, midnight, and navy can be examples.

Dark Winter Neutrals and Colors to Avoid

There are also the worst colors for Deep Winter Color Palette. Warm and light colors are the worst colors for Deep Winter Color Palette. Warm earth colors and pastel colors make Deep Winters look unhealthy.

Deep Winter Wardrobe Basics

You can buy anything you want. Any wardrobe basics such as a blazer, cardigan, turtleneck, midi skirt, tailored pants, dress, silk shirt, camisole, etc. I would like to point out that these clothing pieces should contain Winter Colors. So, this is the only part you should remember.

Blouses for Deep Winter Color Palette

deep winter color palette

A few top suggestions for the Deep Winter palette, here you go. Dark green halter neck plain knit crop and cardigan set might look cute on you. Moreover, two-tone Queen Anne neckline tank tops are so chic and would be an amazing choice for a party or even formal events since it has satin material.

Coats for Deep Winter Color Palette

A Navy blue long coat and chili red trenchcoat are the essential recommendations for your dark winter wardrobe.

deep winter color palette

Bottoms for Deep Winter Color Palette

Dark blue jeans, tailored pants, leather pants, or skirts might be your choices for your seasonal wardrobe basics. Leather skirts, leather jackets, leather joggers, etc. are good choices to look cool. Especially, High Waist Leather Pants might be the best thing to wear.

deep winter color palette

You can also check our articles about Leather Jackets, Leather Joggers, and Leather Skirts to combine the best materials for you.

Shoes for Deep Winter Color Palette

Boots, flats, sneakers… Any kind of shoes that ranges from the winter color palette you pick is great. However, several colors for shoes go well with every outfit. Such as black and burgundy. Black Lace-up Military Inspired Ankle Boots or Dr. Martens Burgundy Boots might be ideal for any kind of outfit. For summer shoes, sandals or flats would match with outfits. Burgundy Hermes sandals are a chic piece to combine. Lastly, if you are interested in vintage aesthetic outfits, you can consider buying Black Mary Jane Pumps.

deep winter color palette

Bags of Deep Winter Color Palette

Again, if you’re looking for a piece that fits most of your outfits, black bags are always the best option. You can combine your outfits with pairing black crossbody bags or faux leather tote bags. ALDO Greenwald Crossbody Bag is a gorgeous bag to wear or Dreubea Faux Leather Tote Bag might be ideal for you.

deep winter color palette

Dark Winter Metals, Stones, and Materials

Since the colors related to Dark Winter are neutral-cool, you can additionally try gold metals. Nevertheless, silver is one of the greatest metals for you, of course. You should remember to choose a dark gold that isn’t bright yellow if you want to wear gold so much.

As I always said, your preferences and choices matter, if you want to wear any color that is opposed to your natural colors, it is okay. Your confidence will shine because you are comfortable with that color.

Accessories for Deep Winter Color Palette

Dark Winters’ greatest accessories are silver metals. However, gold can be good for you as being neutral and cool.

deep winter color palette

Deep Winter Color Palette Outfit Ideas

Probably, every color in Winter Color Palette will look good on you if you are Deep Winter. However, several color combinations for Deep Winters can boost your look.

Black and White

You can combine dark neutral and light neutral such as black and white. And this color combination makes you look good healthy and beautiful. For example white crop t-shirts, black wide-leg shorts, and black converses are ideal for comfortable outfit ideas. You are still cool but sporty. Furthermore, you can combine long sleeve white shirt and black tailored pants. I feel like wearing a black silk dress and a white Chanel heart-shaped bag is a timeless outfit.

deep winter color palette

Color Contrast Outfits

Also, pairing a strapless purple top and white pants provide you with an adorable look. Breathtaking contrasts rise to life in the world of dark winter colors. For instance, think of an energetic symphony that is sparked by the contrast of an emerald green shirt and rich burgundy pants or skirt.

deep winter color palette

Monochrome Outfits

A Burgundy suit is a monochrome outfit that we all looking for. And it provides a bossy and outstanding look.

deep winter color palette

Analogous Outfits of Deep Winter Color Palette

Dark green and bright accent colors go amazingly well together. For example, a dark green midi dress and Carolina blue bag would look great, right?

deep winter color palette

Makeup Looks for the Dark Winter

Last but not least, you might occasionally feel off when thinking that the makeup products you purchased look strange on your face. And after that, you might constantly second-guess how you spend your time and money. Finding out whatever color season you are in will help you put an end to this relapse. More specifically, people who have a deep winter color palette should be deep, dark, and intense. Black is essential for deep winters. Let’s review.


Eyes tell everything about you. Your feelings or thoughts can be seen from the eyes. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize them. Especially Deep Winters can do that easily with their black mascara or eyeliner. Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Pen No-Skip Eyeliner Waterproof Formula Eyeliner would be a great choice for eye makeup. In addition, eye shadows can be tones of brown and black.

deep winter color palette


As a result of having a high contrast level; burgundy, red, pink, and plum are the most suitable colors for Deep Winters. Lipstick colors can be fruit dove, rose, redbud, wine, chili red, scarlet red, deep purple, boysenberry, etc. NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie Liquid Lipstick can be the perfect choice for Dark Winter lipstick choice.

deep winter color palette


Similar to Deep Winter lipsticks, tones of red, pink, and purple can be preferred. And it does not matter which time you wear these makeup colors. Because with your high contrast, the makeup probably will not be extreme or tacky.


Lastly, nail polish colors are also important to flatter your look. You can prefer deep or dark colors such as burgundy, dark blue, etc.

Dark Winter Celebrities

There are several Deep Winter celebrities we know. For instance, Lily Collins, Nina Dobrev, Anne Hathaway, Nazanin Boniadi, Gemma Chan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Daisy Ridley, Rose Byrne, Lais Ribeiro, etc. So, let’s look at some celebrities to understand the Deep Winter Color palette.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins, the lead actress in Emily in Paris, is a Deep Winter. As you can see, burgundy looks good on her. She looks beautiful in dark jewel-toned colors such as ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue. Also, burgundy and wine red clearly flatter her skin tone.

deep winter color palette

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, the actress who conquered our hearts, is also a Deep Winter. Like Lily Collins, Anne also looks great in jewel-toned colors. Navy and charcoal are great colors that elevate her look to the next level.

deep winter color palette

Nina Dobrev

Nina, who was the main character of The Vampire Diaries, is considered to be Dark/Deep Winter although not yet certain. However, Deep, cool-toned reds like burgundy and red absolutely add excitement to her skin.

deep winter color palette

Catherine Zeta-Jones

We know Catherine from the Wednesday series. She was looking gorgeous in black in the all episodes.

deep winter color palette

Common Asked Question about Deep Winter Color Palette

What is the Difference Between Deep Winter and Deep Autumn?

Deep Winters and Deep Autumns are commonly confused together. It is understandable because both are dark season palettes and seem alike. Their main color feature is deep and dark.

However, there is a distinguishing trait which is the undertone. While Deep Winters have a cool undertone, Deep/ Dark Autumns have a warm undertone.

Finally, we have reached the end of the article. Lastly, I would like to recommend a video about the Dark/ Deep Winter Color Palette. Because, I found the video very helpful, you can check it out. I hope you like this article about Deep Winter Color Palette and find it very helpful. If you want to look at more fashion content, join our Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube community. You can also, find us via email. ????

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