Chanel Heart Bag Types & Cool Outfits with it!

chanel heart

Hello girls! I’m going to talk about the Chanel Heart Bag Spring / Summer 2022 Collection today. Haven’t you seen the heart shaped bags? These bags took the throne in my heart! I’m sure that your heart also will be taken the throne by these heart bags. Then, let’s have a look at Chanel Heart Bags and learn more about them!

chanel heart

Actually, you may ask why the Chanel heart bag is so popular? There are several answers that I can give for this question. Firstly, it is a timeless piece. It’s easy to carry and stylish look enthralls the hearts… Furthermore, the heart bag is very similar to Chanel Classic Flap bags. It got CC lock, diamond quilted design and leather braided chain strap like a classic bag that we all were dying for! The lambskin leather and gold hardware of the Chanel heart bag 22S are offered in all sizes and colors. I may consider the heart bag as the hottest piece ever! Secondly, I believe that the message that the bag gives is also important. The bag’s heart shape reminds me of love. It is not surprising that Chanel Heart Bags caught people’s attention because of their cute heart shaped design.

chanel heart

Are there Different Sizes of Chanel Heart Bags?

YES! In the CC in Love, you can find different sizes and shapes such as the Large Heart Bag, the Small (mini) Heart Bag, the Belt Bag and the Heart Zipped Arm Coin Purse. While the large Heart bag is qualified as a handbag, the rest does not fit into the handbag category. They are classified as small leather goods (SLG).

Large Heart Bag

The Large Heart handbag is a very popular piece due to its large capacity. The best news is that your phone can fit. While smaller bags do not fit phones, the large heart bag is our savior. In addition to the phone, a not very large wallet and lipstick can also fit inside the bag. These are just the ones that come to my mind! When you put these items in the bag, you’ll find that you can fit a few more items!

chanel heart

I should also not forget to mention the inside pockets and front & back pockets! To clarify, the front pocket has a turn lock, however the back pocket does not have it. These parts of the bag are really great pockets to fit your credit cards or some important papers.

chanel heart

Small (Mini) Heart Bag

While this bag fails in its large capacity, it still maintains a sweet and pleasant look. I am sure that those who want to attract attention will like it, since it is also small in a way that attracts attention.

Heart Belt Bag

Heart Belt bags can be also carried over the shoulder as around the waist. I think belt bags are really useful when you carry your money or some important things. Similar to belt bags, there isn’t enough room for large stuff. For example, wallets and phones. This is a little bit problematic if you want everything together. However, the heart shaped design and comfiness of belt bags tempts me to wear them, although they are not so functional. I really fell in love with how Eva Cheung styled her belt bag!

chanel heart

Chanel Arm Coin Purse

As its name signifies, a heart-shaped arm coin purse is worn on the wrist. It can be easily removed with the wrist band. Chanel heart zipped arm coin purse is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Although it has the same shape as other models, what you can put inside is very limited…


Are there Color Options for the Chanel Heart Bags?

Again, YES! There are various color options in The Heart Bag Collection such as black, white, coral pink, purple, blue and gold. In order to understand how the color looks in real life, we will also run through how influencers’ styled their outfit with Chanel Heart bags.

White Chanel Heart Bag

Even though I like all the colors of this series, white seems to be something else. I think it looks very elegant with every outfit.


Afterwards, I want to show some photos about how influencers combine the white bag and see how it looks with the clothes. There is an elegance that we cannot deny. As you can see, a denim shirt dress, a black suit or a comfortable yellow dress looks even more beautiful when complemented with a white bag.

chanel heart

Black Chanel Heart Bag

The black bag reminds me of the classic Chanel bag, except for the heart shape. I can guarantee that this bag, which is just a little sweeter, will also give a different elegance to the clothes.

For this part, I wanted to show different sizes of heart bags. You should see influencers’ wearing different sized bags and how they style these heart shaped bags. In the middle one, she paired the pleated skirt and beautiful black jacket with a large heart black bag. This outfit is a very good example of stylish attire to attend a school celebration. If you want a stylish yet untapped look, a plaid shirt dress, a red Mickey Mouse sweatshirt with black boots and a Chanel mini bag would be a really great idea for a Disneyland trip! On the other hand, a white shirt, mom jeans, a nude blazer and a waist bag are a beautiful outfit. Of course, we cannot say no to gold jewelry that makes the outfit look more elegant.

chanel heart

Coral Pink Chanel Heart Bag

Thereafter, we need to talk about coral pink color. These pink heart bags have a very different vibe that I can’t put into words. When I saw this Chanel Heart Shape Bag from the Runway, I experienced the spring/ summer vibe. I also felt this feeling when I saw the Chanel Vanity Case Bag. With its elegance, it was compatible with every outfit.


Now let’s look at the influencers’ outfits. First of all, I would like to say that I never thought that pink and purple would look so good. I love it! She looks gorgeous in her glasses, purple Chanel dress and coral pink heart bag. When we look at the other outfit, we see a more comfortable yet stylish outfit. It looks extremely nice for her to wear a black and white combined pink bag and create contrast.


Purple Chanel Heart Bag

Purple can be playful while also being chic and cute. The color itself provides you a charming and bright look.

chanel bag

Recently, lace clothes have been increasingly popular, and a dress version is not an exception. I adore how the influencer on the left kept her outfit simple but stylish by wearing a lace white dress and purple heart bag. The other influencer whose photos on the right looks very classy with her white pants, pink jacket, gold jewelry and the purple heart bag.


Blue Chanel Heart Bag

During spring summer, blue Chanel Heart bags are what you need. It matches a wide range of items and is quite adorable. As it is seen, she looks incredibly comfy and fashionable with her blue heart bag.


Gold Chanel Heart Bag

Finally, I need to mention the color that is representative of a classy look. The gold color makes the bag look more fashionable. There is evidence! You can check the influencers outfits, you will understand!

chanel heart

What do you think about this double heart bag style? In my opinion, Although it may seem strange to wear two bags, I must admit that it looks very great. Does the style of wearing two bags remind you of anything? Do you remember the Chanel Side Pack Bags? There were times when Chanel boosted the handbag sector to whole new levels.

chanel heart

If you would like to learn more about Chanel 22S Heart Bag comparison in terms of sizes and colors, you should definitely check these videos! First one is about Heart Bags size comparison and the second one, reviews the colors!

Stay stylish!

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