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70s makeup

Hello ladies! Welcome to Fashion Activation Blog. Today, we’re going to the 1970s which is dominated by dazzling makeup trends. Are you interested in 70s makeup trends? If so, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll review 70s makeup components, 70s celebrities, and 70s advertisements. So grab your coffee and makeup cosmetics and let’s discover 70s makeup.

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70s Women

The feminist movement drove an enormous change in women’s roles and rights in the decade of the 1970s. Women embraced feminism and battled for equal treatment, seeking stop to gender discrimination. During this period, pioneering women cracked obstacles and glass ceilings and joined sectors dominated by men. In this period, social and political acts also affected the advertisement of makeup styles and makeup cosmetics. Because of the strong and liberal women’s image, makeup also evolved and got a strong tool for expressing yourself.

70s Makeup Trends

What was typical 70s makeup looks? I’m getting a lot of similar questions like that. The traditional 1970s makeup looks had a natural and carefree appearance. Particularly, people favored browns, blues, and greens as eyeshadow colors, and of course, soft, earthy tones dominated. There was a huge preference for disco hairstyles and makeup. Young women fell in love with long lashes by using mascara and even fake eyelashes. It was depending on personal style. They generally lef the brows naturally. The skin is bare and natural looking with a slight foundation and a dab of blush on the cheekbones. Moreover, lipstick color choices were frequently nude and pink tones.

Summarily, 70s makeup fads contain natural makeup, hippie makeup or glamorous disco makeup, etc. Generally, women preferred bare foundation, soft pink blush, and attraction to the eyes. Let’s review every makeup trend in parts.

1. 70s Makeup Eyeshadow

In the 70s, purple, earth, blue, and green colors were iconic for eyeshadow colors. Moreover, a lot of women were applying white or silver touches under the brows to provide highlights.

70s makeup

There were different kinds of eyeshadows, in other words, formulations such as creams, liquid, and compressed powder. Small pots, stacked bottles, and sticks, yes similar to lipstick, were all accessible for cream eyeshadow. For liquid eyeshadow, there were squeezy bottles and tubes with brushes applicator. The last formulation which is compressed powder eyeshadow was available for purchase in tubes containing spongy applicators.

Additionally, there were glitters everywhere all the time. For instance, people were loving to apply shimmer or glitter on matte-finish eyeshadows, especially for disco makeup.

2. 70s Makeup Eyeliner

Some people may have skipped eyeliner if they preferred a more natural appearance. If not, you can use eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelids as needed. Aggressive, well-defined, and heavy lines on both eyelids were preferred by punks, goths, and the new generation for 1970 makeup looks.

During the 70s, you could find pencil or liquid formulations for eyeliners. Black, green, brown, and blue eyeliner colors were outstanding. Younger women and teenagers liked to wear white eyeliner on their upper eyelids immediately following black, brown, or blue eyeliner.

70s makeup blue & green eyeshadow

Is winged eyeliner 70s?

Yes, winged eyeliner was a trendy makeup look in the 1970s. The decade’s strong and passionate fashion styles were nicely accentuated by the dramatic wing-like eyeliner style. The eyeliner was extended across the outer corner of the eye to create a winged impression in this eye makeup technique. The winged eyeliner effect gave charm and elegance to the eyes, thus becoming an important component in many women’s beauty styles throughout the 1970s.

3. 70s Makeup Blusher

Everyday blush was extremely natural in the 70s. At that time, Blushes were available in numerous formulations such as powders, creams, and, gels. Rather than the matte full-coverage foundations and dense powders of the 1950s and 1960s, 1970s foundations became more concerned with concealing flaws and providing base color than with building on makeup. However, blusher may be used more frequently starting in the mid-1970s, with definite lines on each cheek. Covergirl Cheekers Blush Peach Gilt is an amazing choice for a soft pink appearance on cheeks.

70s makeup blusher

4. 70s Makeup Bronzer

It was fashionable to be tanned in the 1970s. To achieve a sun-kissed effect, women were putting bronzer on all over their faces. The bronzed, tanned, and gold appearance became idolized, and therefore, bronzer became popular. The fad involves applying a color that’s two tones darker than your natural color on the cheekbones, point of the nose, chin, and jawline, and then mixing it out to achieve the ideal sun kissed shine.

5. 70s Makeup Lipstick

In the 70s makeup styles, pastel colors such as peach, cranberry, raspberry, red and pink were popular. Earthy hues and nudes were also fashionable, contributing to the more naturalistic aesthetic. Lipstick shades ranged from deep fruit tones like plum to pale peaches to earthy nudes.

Moreover, during the decade because of longing for the 1920s and 1940s, red lipstick had a return in the early 1970s disco makeup, so bright red became particularly popular. In the late 1970s, it was also popular. Revlon Super Lustrous Ravish Me Red and Maybelline Bright Pinky Red are products that you can consider buying it.

70s makeup lipstick

What lipstick was popular in authentic 70s makeup?

Lipstick styles in the 1970s ranged from soft and delicate to vivid and flamboyant. To achieve a youthful makeup look, ladies favored neutral and earthy tones such as peach and pastel pink. Bright and vivid lip colors, such as flaming reds, berries, and pink were also popular, particularly during the disco era. Glamorous and glittering textures were popular lipstick concludes, which added to the decade’s elegant and easygoing vibe.

6. 70s Lip Gloss

Super sparkly lip gloss was highly preferred and heavily pushed to use by teenagers and younger ladies for soft lips. Lip glosses were available in different kinds of sheer colors, including pinks, plums, and nudes.

There was also a bit of experimentation with flavored lip gloss, yummy! Popular flavors include fruity such as peach, cherry or vanilla, mint, bubble gum, and cola. NYX Professional Makeup Butter Non-sticky Lip Gloss and Maybelline Lifter Hydrating Lip Gloss are great choices for lip gloss.

70s makeup lipgloss

While glosses were available in tubes with an applicator within the lid, especially the rollerball applicator was extremely common. Particularly, Maybelline’s Kissing Potion was the best among the rollerball products for a 70s makeup look.

Lip gloss was put over lipsticks that did not have enough shimmer. of conformity with the feminine motif, lip colors of the 1970s were quite understated. Lip gloss from the 70s was trendy, and peachy or pinkish tints were popular.

7. 70s Foundation

Skin with a gloss or luminous glow was trendy; it was a component of the organic, fresh look. The heavy foundation was also not an aspect of the natural aesthetic, therefore sheer cosmetics became fashionable.

8. 70s Eyebrows

In the 1970s, eyebrows were mainly left organic, either gently filled in or slightly trimmed. Stylish eyebrows were thin to moderate in thickness. Liza Minnelli’s Art Deco tiny brows in Cabaret were unforgettable for pencil-thin eyebrows.

9. 70s Mascara

They were available in a wide range of colors, such as black, brown, green, and blue as usual. Vibrant colors, such as turquoise and lavender were also created.

During the 70s, applying mascara to both the top and lower lashes was a trend and most people were obsessed with it. The massive fake lash fad of the 1960s started decreasing in the 1970s as many women chose more natural shapes or abandoned the practice entirely. To get a more natural version of the statement look, young ladies were applying to both the top and bottom lashes but not excessively, I would like to remind you that. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara awesome choice for creating this look.

70s makeup mascara

If you considering using false eyelashes, you can check Quewel Lash Applicator Tool and Ardell false lashes out.

10. 70s Nail Polish

Nail polish came in an array of colors ranging from bright to black. There were also several coatings accessible, such as sparkly and pearlized. Nails, on the other hand, did not have to be vividly colored. In the 70s, women left their nails either unpainted or coated with a light layer of transparent gloss.

70s makeup nail polish

Jeff Pink invented The French Manicure in the mid-1970s and he was influenced by Parisian ladies who smeared white pencils onto the tips of their nails. People were shaping their tips for achieving rounded nails. Square nails also became popular, presumably as a result of Cher’s influence.

70s Suntan Skin

During the 70s, if you would like to get healthy and youthful looking, having suntan is necessary. People were using tan oils or sunbathing to have a sun tan even though knowing the truth about sun damage.

How do you wear 70s makeup?

Let’s talk about how to do 70s makeup. To emulate 70s makeup, begin with a natural baseline then add concealer and foundation if you want. Then, choose earthy color eyeshadows and mix them evenly across your eyelids. After, use mascara to become long lashes, and think about adding artificial lashes for a more intense effect. To retain a larger look, enhance the eyebrows by lightly drawing them in. Create a glossy look by using a highlighter on the cheekbones and soft rose tones as blush to offer a pop of color as a disco makeup ideas. Complete your 70s makeup with delicate pink or nude lipstick or lip gloss.

70s Celebrities

There are a lot of 70s icon celebrities that people admire. Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Duvall, Jane Birkin, Cher… Let’s look at them.

1. Diana Ross

Firstly, Diana Ross’s influence extends beyond the 1970s. Diana’s song which is These Things Will Keep Me Loving You playing in my mind right now. She was an icon. This super-flashy appearance, on the other hand, is definitely worth mentioning. You can create this look by using just mascara or adding artificial lashes.

Diana Ross 70s makeup

2. Shelley Duvall

Secondly, Shelley Duvall frequently wore layers of mascara to enhance her long lashes and create a doe eye look that appealed to her distinct charm. Long lashes were a hallmark feature of 1970s cosmetics, and Duvall masterfully blended this style into her whole look.

Shelley Duvall 70s makeup

Jane Birkin

Thirdly, Jane Birkin will forever be equal to a French beauty in people’s hearts. In this photo from 1973, she sports a glossy lip, which was popular at the time. Adding French-girl fringe emphasizes her beauty of her.

Jane Birkin 70s makeup

3. Cher

Fourthly, Cher was the most unforgettable cosmetics icon of the 1970s. You can see Cher and its influence on 70s makeup trends, especially her dazzling blue-purple eye shadow. You can use Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette. This Cher makeup 70s was flawless and admiring.

cher 70s makeup

4. Farrah Fawcett

Lastly, if there’s one thing about Farrah Fawcett, it’s her hair, we all know but I’d also like to mention her permanently bronze skin. She consistently wore a sun kissed makeup appearance, whether she applied a blush or a classic bronzer.

Farrah Fawcett 70s makeup

Finally, we have reached the end of the article about 70s makeup. I would like to recommend a video about Farrah Fawcet’s inspiring 70s makeup. This makeup tutorial is very detailed and gives information about women’s place in the 70s. I hope you enjoy watching the video because I did!

Stay Stylish!

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