Zara Woman Winter Collection – My Favorite Clothing Items

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Zara is the one of popular clothing brand of the world. Zara Woman collection is mostly different from another brands and also they are really fashionable. This brand’s designers are really good at this job! And also Zara is not expensive like the other fancy brands. You can buy a fashionable clothing item without giving lots of money!

Like every woman, I too love to wear from Zara woman collection. Some of the clothing items from Zara are the star pieces of my closet. And some of them are the items which helps me when I don’t have any idea about what to wear or how to combine clothes. Therefore, I want to share some of my favorite and useful clothing items from Zara woman collection 2018. If you ready let’s start with outwear!


My first favorite clothing item from Zara woman winter collection is this short jacket. This jacket is really cool! It is a colored faux fur. It’s texture is really smooth. And also it doesn’t make you feel cold because of its thickness. You’ll see that, you can combine it however you want. It always makes you look fancy and beautiful.

It has a different style so that you can combine it in two ways. If you feel like sporty, you can combine this fur with your mom jean and your sneakers. As you see in the picture below, I combined it with my mom jean too. Especially, I chose a jean which is similar tone with the fur. So that I could use a bag which is orange, because of opposite colors harmony. If you want to learn more about color combination you can have a look at this article!

Fancy Blue Faux Fur

Finally, you can use this combination style when you go outside, in the morning. I wore this fur from Zara woman collection, when I went to Karaköy to drink coffee with my friends in the morning.

Let’s have a look the second option of the fur combination!


If you feel like to be chic, you can combine this fur with black trousers and you can make fur the star item of your combination. In this way you’ll look much elegant. You can use this combination style when you go out at night! I wore this fur from Zara woman collection, when I went to celebrate my belated birthday with my friends.

As you see in the picture below, I wore a Black Zara woman trousers with this fur. I think that, these trousers are the most helpful clothing item for me, from 2018 Zara woman collection.

Every woman knows that black pants are always the helpful items for us. Because all of us can combine the black pants easily. You can wear a pullover or a shirt on it and it will be OK! But if you get bored from the same combination and want to be different, you can prefer these kinds of trousers. In this way, you’ll look more fashionable without any effort. By the way, I love to combine these trousers with oversize pullover and sneakers! It is a cool combination to go to school.

High Waist Black Trousers


This is my second favorite trousers from 2018 Zara woman collection. This is a cropped, striped trousers which is really trend this season. In my opinion, every woman needs gray trousers in their closet! After black, gray is the joker color for us! Because it is easy to choose color next to gray items.

Sometimes I prefer to combine these trousers with my oversize throat claret red pullover. Because these trousers has claret red lines on it. As you see on the model, you can combine these trousers with a sporty pullover and sneakers. In this way you’ll look sporty. Besides, you can prefer to combine it in second way, and look much chic. As you see the picture below, I wore the Zara woman trousers with black tight sweet. And make it look much elegant.

Cropped Gray Trousers

Additionally, I wore this trousers when I went to school for a long exam and it made me feel really comfortable after skinny jeans! By the way, this season, this kind of trousers are much trend and comfortable than skinny jeans!


This is the last trousers from Zara woman collection, as a suggestion. As I said before I love to wear gray trousers. When I see these trousers in Zara, I couldn’t stop myself and I bought it. Yes, I know that, lots of woman bought this kind of trousers this season but I love this styling. As you see on the model, you can get an sporty chic look easily with these trousers from Zara woman collection. I wore it when I went to eat something with my home mate at Taksim Square. So I preferred to combine it sporty.

Sporty Chic Trousers With Side Stripe


Like every woman, I to fall in love with bags. Yes, when I go to shopping, my preference is always bags. I used to use big bags but nowadays I prefer to use small bags. In my opinion these kind of bags are more chic than the others. However, I know that it is hard to put your belongings in it. Anyway, they are still my favorites!

I think that every woman needs to buy at least one, small bag. If you don’t want to buy a bag for every different cloth combination, you should choose a bag which has a harmonious color with lots of different colors like black, camel or cream.

The other option is buying a bag like the picture below. This bag is my favorite from Zara woman collection this season. Because if the bag contain these harmonious colors, you can use it with lots of clothe combination. That’s why I love this bag very much! As you see the picture below I used this small bag from Zara woman collection , with my red jacket and cream pullover. By the way, this bag is my birthday present from my sister. Thank you sis!

Finally, you can learn the hit pieces of Zara 2019 collection from here!

Small Elegant Bag

Stay Stylish!

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