Combine Your Clothes With Different Colors in Simple Methods


Hi girls! Today I want to talk about how to combine your clothes with different colors and what you should know about the different colors combination. Actually, it is really easy to catch the harmonious color combination! All you need is to learn some golden rules about the color wheel. If you want to combine your clothes with different colors but if you don’t have any idea about the color match, this color wheel can help you. By aid of this color wheel, you can combine your clothes in 2 different type of combination style. If you are ready, lets start to learn color combination!


This is the first way to combine your clothes with different colors. You should choose a main color and combine your other clothes with this color’s different tints, tones and shades. In this way your outfit will look much modern and stylish. In my opinion it is the easiest way to combine your clothes in different styling. Because many of us don’t prefer to make cloth combination from this way so it is a little unusual look for us. I know it is hard to match true tones of a color for the cloth combine but I’m sure that you’ll get much modern outfit in this way. You should try to do it!

If it is hard to find the true tones of clothes from one color, you can also use the colors which are side by side in the color wheel. Actually I mean the similar colors can give the same look for you. For example you can prefer earth tones with earth tones, pastels with pastels. In this way it will be easier than the first option.

My favourite styling about this topic is using similar earth tones together. You can see the color harmony from the picture below. I combine a Kanken backpack with Mango jacket. And completed the combination with Bershka pullover.


This is the second option to make a fashionable combine from your clothes with different colors. You need to choose complimentary colors. However, if you don’t have any idea about complimentary colors don’t worry! Actually, a complimentary color means the opposite of the main color in the color wheel. You should try it and you’ll see that the opposite colors gives you a stylish and different look. I love to use orange and khaki colors together. As you see from the color wheel, they are opposite colors and they look really cool together! I combine a Stradivarius mom jean with Colin’s basic V neck collar t-shirt. And I completed the combination with an over size khaki jacket from Bershka. And the orange small bag is from Six. If you like the color harmony you can combine your clothes with these colors!


Black and white are also complimentary colors but I want to suggest you a little tip about this combination style. When you combine your clothes with black and white try to use a bag which has a stunning vivid color! For example I like to combine yellow with black and white. Besides, you can prefer red or orange. And also if you prefer, you can give this effect with your jewels. Try to prefer a jewel from these color groups. In this way, your cloth combination will look much stylish. Otherwise, your black and white combination will look boring.

I could use a black bag for this combination but I didn’t prefer. Because if you use a black bag with black-white combination as I said before it will be a little boring. That’s why I chose yellow bag from Vakko for this cloth combination. In this way it will look much modern and energetic! I completed the combination with Colin’s white T-shirt and black tight trousers from Zara. Finally, I use a black long cardigan from Mavi. If you like this look, you can combine your clothes with different colors of bags!


I want to suggest you some easy combine ideas which can help you to look modern and chich quickly. Firstly, you need to have basic t shirts colored white and also black. These t-shirts can easily combine with different type of cloth items easily. I prefer to buy V neck collar t-shirts. However you can prefer open back t-shirts or crew neck t-shirts. You can easily combine your clothes with these useful items.

If you want to make a styling with sport items you can prefer a mom jean and your basic V neck collar white T-shirt. However, if you choose your t-shirt one or two size larger than your size, it will look much better in this styling. And you can complete your outfit with white sneakers and also a jean jacket. Trust me you will look so casual and cool.

And if you want to be chich or if you will go outside at the night you can combine your open back black t shirt with your black skirt. You can prefer any kind of skirt for this combination. Like high waisted, circular, fishtail or micromini skirt. You should just choose the best one for you body shape and your height. Do a showy eye makeup and you’re ready to go out with your friends or boyfriend. Your star is your makeup and your smile!

I combine a claret red velvet bag from Koton with this H&M black velvet skirt . Finally, if you prefer you can complete this look with your same colored rouge with your bag. It will look awesome! I choose Estee Lauder 250 Red Ego for this clothe combination.

I hope this article will help you to get an idea about using different colors together and color harmony. Now, its your turn to combine
your clothes with different colors!

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