Valentine’s Day at Home with Your Significant Other

valentine's day

As the global pandemics going on, we don’t have anywhere to go and anything to do outside. In addition to pandemics there is also deadly cold winter preventing us spend time outside. Valentine’s day is getting closer but don’t worry because you have many things to do at home with your beloved one.

Home Fashion at its finest!

Although you are at home, you can still be the fanciest version of yourself. Take on your best pieces and even put some make up on. No make up make up seems like the best choice for your at-home-valentines-day celebration.

Both Christmas and Valentine’s days are remembered with its vivid color “red”. Red is an awesome color. It doesn’t matter if your skin color is fair, medium or dark. It looks so good on everyone.

valentines day

Here you can find best red dress ideas and combinations they can be worn both on Christmas and Valentine’s day celebrations.

However, I strictly recommend you to wear sweatpants or tights to feel comfy and casual chic. Monochrome tracksuit outfits are the most fashionable ones these days. You can read this article and get inspiration from it!

valentines day

Valentine’s Day Kitchen

You can either do cooking with your other half or you can cook some delicious stuff for your other half as a gift. Valentine’s day most favorite food is probably the heart-shaped cakes.

valentines day

Here is a detailed video on how to ornament your cake at the easiest way!

Instead of a big heart-shaped cake you can ornament your cake with little tiny hearts. Like these cuties below.

valentines day

I couldn’t a video of it but somewhere in this video below, there is how to do it. You can just watch it till you can find it ? It looks so so cute with its minimalism.

Or you can make little sweet cupcakes with a heart shape inside! Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside!

valentines day

If you don’t want a sugary unhealthy treat, you can make fruit sticks cut heart-shaped and have a healthy night.

valentine s

My personal favorite is definitely these treat boards with cheese, crackers and fruits.


You will have a lot of time at home, therefore, I am sure a good movie will be your savoir activity. We are starting with the first movie came to mind.

Valentine’s Day Movie Recommendations

Valentine’s Day (2010)

This movie doesn’t focus on only one couple but instead tells the story of several couples struggling with the problems in their relationships and they are doing everything to be with the one. This movie stars many celebrities we saw in the screens such as Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts and Ashton Kutcher.

valentine's day

About Time (2013)

I don’t think there is anyone doesn’t watch this heartwarming movie. The movie character, Tim can travel in time. He uses his power to get his love, Mary. It is a kind of movie that will make you smile during the whole movie.

valentines day

La La Land (2016)

Sebatian and Mia are two young people who are extremely passionate about to do what they love. They both want to be successful in their carriers and pursue their dreams. However, their love becomes a dealbreaker and doesn’t fit with their plans. It is a musical movie with Oscar winner soundtracks and amazing lighting!

valentines day

The Big Sick (2017)

Kumail, a Pakistani boy, meets the love of his life. First, he is concerned about his traditional Muslim family will not accept an American girl as his wife, but his concerns will not be limited to this. When Emily gets an illness that can end up putting her into coma, they will need better bonds between each other and their families. It is the real love story of the major character Kumail, don’t miss it out!

valentines day

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Two people who were once diagnosed with some mental problems fall in love each other in a weird way and their crazy story begins.

valentines day

Valentine’s Day Gifts

There is a little time left for Valentine’s Day coming up and you haven’t decided what to buy your other half yet??? Don’t worry so soon! Because you still have some time, Business Insider published a list of Valentine’s day gift ideas for everyone!

In addition to those recommendations. I recommend you to buy whatever he/she needs, and this is the one thing you will be sure!

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