Red Outfit Ideas for Christmas Parties Coming Up!

Time to count back from ten! Christmas, the most wonderful time of time of the year is coming up soon. Streets have been getting ready with cute Christmas trees. And how about you? If you’re stressing over your Christmas look, you’re looking at the right page! We’ll make here a huge changing room with cute dresses girls!

Looking attractive white also staying comfortable and feeling confident is a challenge at Christmas, so we’ve rounded up chic outfit ideas in three concepts that make you the woman of the night in any type of party.

Just decide what will you do. Are you looking for an idea for an office party or a romantic night with your boyfriend? Let me guess you’re a party animal! You’ll dance the whole night with your friends at a home party… Wherever you’ll celebrate Christmas, you’ll look amazing with just a little help.

A Romantic Christmas Dinner with your Boyfriend




Christmas… The most romantic and warm night this cold term of the year! If you have a boyfriend, you’re lucky to add more romance of the night with a fancy dinner before midnight. In your bright red silk dress, with your high-heels and holding your red wine in the face of your boyfriend… He’ll never forget this beautiful scene until the next Christmas.

Most of people think that wearing red at Christmas is cheesy. Just don’t mind them! You cannot force not to wear white to a bride. (Wait for my wedding dress article girls! The proposal’ll be coming up for you after this night) Some days have colors, like Christmas. But don’t forget that you don’t have to wear all red, just a little red touch will make you stylish and attractive.

Do you remember Rachel from Friends in her red dress, she was amazing! How about wearing a tight slit dress like hers or you can choose a satin red spaghetti strap dress. You’ll look classy but gorgeous! Open your hair and give them some wave, this romantic look will make you like a mermaid. A pair of a fringed evening clutch… And you’re ready to go!

Red is the New Black at Office!


If you have gone to work with your black suits during the year, it’s time to get the bit between your teeth at Christmas! If you want to look chic and confident without losing your series look, jumpsuits are just for you!

You’ll work in your routine comport until the party with your red jumpsuit if you’re not quite feelin a dress. Pair it with the same red high-heels. But yes, you are right, it’s hard to find shoes the same color with your outfit, so don’t worry you’ll be still shining with nude or black shoes. But think about this total red look girls and be sure that you’ve looked for all the brands and you can also check my Red outfits article to have an idea.

You can complete your look with a thin belt, shiny earrings, and a big red clutch bag to catch your office look at the same time. You can make your hair ponytail to feel comfortable.

Wish you good luck girls, go and find the right look for Christmas and show your colleagues that you are the most stylish as you are the best at work!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, at Christmas!


red outfit


Ten, nine, eig… Oh wait wait wait! Dear midnight, let me dance first…

Time to dance! If you’ll spend Christmas with your friends at a home party, don’t waste time walking around all the shopping centers. A mini red dress is the best way looking good and energetic at the Christmas party. Get ready for the night with a mini red velvet dress or a chic red sequin dress. Also, you can choose your mini red dress with tassels or drapes, so your dress will dance with you at the same time and you’ll shine on the stage! Pair your dress with big earing and show them with the way of messy bun.

Probably you’ll never have a sit whole night, you’ll dance, make conversations, smile for photos… You’ll be everywhere. So your comfort is as important as your look. You can pair your little dress with black boots or black block heel booties which make you effortless and comfortable for the night ahead. Or you can pair your dress with platform heels princess shoes which makes you taller and comfortable simultaneously. Take a tiny shoulder bag and throw on a black biker jacket and to stay cool and young!

And finally! You can find more ideas here. I wish you a merry christmas!

See you in the next article girls!

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