Short Cardigan Outfits Styling Tips

short cardigan outfits

Cardigans are perfect fit for spring and fall seasons. Therefore, I’m going to give you some cool styling tips about short cardigan outfits!

In this article I’m going to give you styling tips about short cardigans. However, if you also want to get outfit inspiration about long cardigans too, you can click here to read my other cardigan article!

Create a Contrast with Your Cardigan!

This is the “you can never go wrong” formula of cardigans! As you can see from the photos, I usually wear my colorful cardigans with more plain colors like beige and black. So, I can feature my cardigan color and style better.

short cardigan outfits

short cardigan outfits

For example, at this short cardigan outfit, I’m wearing black high waisted pants and black top with a beige short cardigan. You can also wear a black cardigan with this outfit however don’t miss the keyword! “Create a contrast” That’s why I decided to wear a beige cardigan and complete the look with colorful accessories. You can choose one more color which goes well with black and your cardigan’s color. For me, it was brown. So, I wear my brown vintage bag and brown faux fur bucket hat with this beige cardigan. If you like bucket hats like me, you should check this outfit’s details! It seems like this bucket hat trend will stay with us for a long time!

short cardigan_outfits

short cardigan outfits

Here is absolutely opposite way of creating contrast with your cardigan! This time I’m wearing beige palazzo pants with a beige top. And I add a color to my outfit with this cute vintage baby blue cardigan. I don’t want anything to be feature more than this cute cardigan. Therefore, I didn’t add any more colors with my accessories. As you can see, I’m wearing a beige small bag from Zara which goes very well with my all fall & spring outfits.

So here is my favorite short cardigan outfits formula!

Wearing Same Colored Pants and Top + Making a Contrast with the Cardigan + Adding Similar Colored Accessories with Cardigan

Other Styling Tips For Short Cardigan Outfits – Don’t Miss these Details!

Here is my other stylish cardigan outfit tips for you!

Putting Your Cardigan into Your Pants

short cardigan outfits

This is an unwritten rule of wearing a short cardigan in a stylish way!

Wear It with Belt

short cardigan outfits

Want to look more chic and elegant without an effort? You should add a cool belt to your short cardigan outfit!

Wearing a Top which is Matchy Matchy with Your Cardigan

cardigan outfits

Isn’t it just gorgeous?

I hope you guys like these short cardigan outfits styling guide! If you have suggestions about wearing cardigans just comment below or send us your cardigan outfit via e-mail! So we can inspire each other!

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Her 7th and 8th outfits! These are absolutely showing us how to wear one cardigan in an absolute different styles! I love the 8th outfit the most! What about you?

Stay Stylish!

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