Lace Jumpsuit – The Most Graceful Fabric

lace jumpsuit

Hi lovelies! We are here to talk about the most graceful fabric of all time, lace and how can we wear it, particularly lace jumpsuit. I am going to give you information about lace’s history, what are the some types of laces, pros and cons of using lace in your clothes and how can we use it when wearing jumpsuits. And before we get there, I want to write a quote from Coco Chanel explaining what she thinks about this amazing fabric: “I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin”.

What Is Lace? Learn Origins and History

lace jumpsuit

Lace is a very delicate web – like fabric. It is usually made of cotton, silk, viscose, linen or wool. And the usage of lace varieties, for instance you can use for clothing or for your house decorations. Lace has existed for centuries, although no definite date can be given. It is most likely that the fabric lace emerged in between the 15th – 16th centuries.

lace jumpsuit

lace jumpsuit

Lace can not be associated with one particular city for manufacturing but when talked about it, the first city that comes to mind can be Venice. Though it was traded all around the world. Unfortunatelly lacemakers have faced many difficulties through time. But till this day, lace has never lost its value and beauty. Certainly it won’t lose it any time soon. And it still is one the most used fabric for important and exciting events.

Types of Laces That You Can Use for Your Lace Jumpsuit

Lace is an either hand-made or machine-made fabric. Obviously there are many beautiful types of laces, but we are going to talk about especially the ones that can be used for clothing. Specifically white lace is the most popular one, particularly for weddings but don’t let what other people say stop you, you can use black lace or any other color you have in mind. Think out of the box, be creative. You can choose the one you like the most and use it for your dream wedding garment. Trust me, once you wear the lace you chose, you will not regret it. Because the feel of it is extaordinary. Lace will give you the elegant and classy look you always wished your clothes had.

Embroidered Lace for Bridal Lace Jumpsuit

lace jumpsuit

Embroidered lace is immensely popular as a bridal fabric for wedding gowns or veils. It will create a festive look. You can add beads or use it as it is.

Chantilly Lace

lace jumpsuit

Chantilly lace is a gorgeous fabric that has fine floral designs and done on a net background. This is surely a very delicate fabric and should be taken care of nicely. If you ask me, chantilly lace is “the one” for me.

Guipure Lace

lace jumpsuit

Guipure lace is a heavy fabric but still you can use it for clothing. Maybe not the best choice for a wedding dress but can be easily a good choice for jumpsuits or skirts, blouses, jackets and casual / evening dresses.

Lyon Lace

lace jumpsuit

Lyon lace has a lightweight tulle and outlined with a cord thread. It is made of pure cotton therefore a very wise choice to use it in your wedding garment.

Corded Lace

lace jumpsuit

Corded lace is also a fabric can be seen on many wedding garments. Definitely not a heavy fabric to choose, indeed a good one.

And of course there are more types of laces apart from the ones I just showed you. You can choose one of these or dig in deeper and find another beautiful one. Thankfully we have a good range of choices.

Pros and Cons Of Using Lace

lace jumpsuit

Now let’s take a look at what are the pros and cons of using lace in your garments. Like every fabric, there are things we should know about lace beforehand.


  • Lace will certainly look romantic on your jumpsuit. Like I said before, you will not regret it.
  • The texture of lace is definitely comfortable because it is a breathable fabric. You will move around easily without concerning and thinking “will I get so hot in this jumpsuit”.
  • Lace will look stunning on your jumpsuit, even if you don’t use it for the whole of your jumpsuit. Wether you intend to use it for all or use it for some, lace will make you look fabulous.
  • It is also a very versatile fabric. You can use not just for your wedding dress but also for your evening gowns or casual clothes too, it will be a perfect finishing touch to your outfit.


  • Undoubtedly you will need another fabric underneath the lace of your choice, because lace is a very transparent fabric as we all know.
  • For almost all kinds of lace fabrics dry-cleaning is a good choice, if you don’t want to hand wash it (it will probably be hard that way). Don’t forget to learn all about it before you purchase it. It might differ from lace to lace.
  • Lace is one of the most delicate fabric. You should be aware of how fragile it is and act carefully. We don’t want anything bad to happen.
  • Working with lace is a time consuming process, it certainly needs skills and dedication to put forward. Therefore lace is not a cheap fabric, it can be pricy.

Lace Jumpsuits and How Can We Wear Them

lace jumpsuit

Wether you want to wear lace jumpsuits for daily purposes or (what we are going to talk about most in this article) for weddings, wedding receptions or after parties, lace jumpsuit gives the freshness and modernity we all certainly love and adore. If you don’t want to wear a long wedding dress but want to look like a modern princess, I’m positive you will love lace jumpsuit.

lace jumpsuit

It is very important that you find a lace jumpsuit you like that fits well. This can take time, so you better start looking as soon as possible. Moreover searching early for your dream lace jumpsuit is crucial, because you might change your mind the more you look or the lace jumpsuit you found might need adjustments, the list goes on.


You should carefully choose your lace jumpsuit. Find which neckline suits the best for you, should you wear wide legs or not, or do you want to wear long or short sleeves, or maybe a sleeveless jumpsuit.


Last but Not Least – Veils, Hair and Shoes for Lace Jumpsuits

We can not finish this article without mentioning veils, hair and shoes of course. Lucky us, we have a good source for inspiration. You might already have figured out what you are going to wear or do in your wedding, but if you are still looking for ideas you are going to love these.

Veils for Lace Jumpsuit

Veils are an important part of your outfit on your wedding day. They add elegancy to your outfit. And everyone has a different upcoming to this matter. Are you going to choose a long veil for your wedding or a short veil? You can find and learn all about them from our articles.

Hair for Lace Jumpsuit

Hair is crucial, that’s for sure. It even has the power of changing your mood and we want all the best for ourselves. Wether you have short hair or long hair, you can find the inspiration you need from our wedding hairstyles for short hair and wedding hairstyles for long hair articles.

Shoes for Lace Jumpsuit

Shoes are the final key to your happy ending of your wedding day. Because you are going to wear them for long hours and we certainly want to be comfortable in them. Since everybody has a different style you can find what you need in our bridal shoes for every type of girl article.


And we have come to the end of lace jumpsuit article. Lastly, I found 3 different lace jumpsuits, wether you are the bride or an attendee, wether you want white lace jumpsuits or a black lace jumpsuit or a different color, you can take a look at them. I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed it as much as I did. And don’t forget “Wear to express not to impress”.

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Stay stylish 🙂

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