Light Pink Outfit From Bershka

Hello pink lovers! I have a perfect new for you. This season light pink is going to be everywhere! From design to fashion, it is going to be popular this spring. Therefore, I chose some basic and stylish pieces from Bershka. If you a fan of pink, you can wear these pieces together. It will look so stylish! However, you can also wear these stylish pieces with different colors! Let’s have a look and talk about how to combine them!


light pink

A pink earring can make you look fancy and stylish. Don’t forget that, if you want to look more cool it is all about accessories. I mean, of course pants or tops are also important but accessories and the way you wear them, creates the difference. It completes your style so don’t forget to wear fancy accessories. This long one is really gets me! By the way, if you want to buy any of these pieces, just click on the photos!

light pink

Are there anyone who doesn’t know about clear plastic trend? I don’t think so but if the answer is yes, please click here to learn about this trend! Because they are really the hit pieces of this season. And I like this big light pink clear and plastic Bershka bag. You can combine this bag with white jeans or light blue jeans. It will look pretty cute!

light pink

I like this light pink sneakers because they are looking kind of chunky ones. You know wearing chunky especially white sneakers are really trendy. If you get bored to combine everything with white sneakers, this one is a perfect option! It will go well with everything you combine with white sneakers.


I hear that you asking: “Okay we saw some fancy accessories but what are we going to wear with them?” Here is the answer. I choose some basic light pink pieces that everyone can easily combine with different colors or styles!

light pink

Here is a basic top that can also go well with white jeans!

light pink

This light pink pants can look perfect with red! If you’re looking for something more bold, you can try it.

light pink

This corduroy jacket is the easiest one to combine. But my color suggestion for this jacket is light blue and white. Try to match it with something white or light blue. It will look perfect in both way.

If you like pink, just click here to see perfect pink women suit outfits. You’ll see how to wear suits as a street style! I love this trend too!

You should watch this video if you are a pink lover! I’m sure that, you’ll love it!

Did you see this year’s Oscar looks? Here is celebrities in all pink outfits!

See you at next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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