Are You Ready to Wear Clear and Plastic Items?

Hi girls! Today, I’m here to show you a new trend about women fashion. Actually, I can say that, this trend is the most craziest and different one I’ve ever seen! So, do you like plastic clothes or transparent clothing items? Or do you like plastic? I know these questions are really interesting but that is the point! That is what women clothing fashion is going to look like. Plastic and transparent clothes are going to be our new clothing items! I think that we need to be more brave to wear this kind of transparent clothes in our daily life.

However, some popular brands have started to manufacture this kind of plastic clothes. For example Zara has already manufactured clear raincoats and shoes. And I really like them!

Of course there are some good and bad things about this trend. However, I want to share my favorite plastic clothes, bags and shoes with you. We can comment these clothes together and you can decide if you like them or this trend is not available with your style. Let’s start with the most clear raincoats I’ve ever seen!

Transparent Raincoats

I need to say that I like these raincoats very much! I think they all look fancy but effortless. So I think I can catch this trend with this kind of raincoats! Especially, the white and clear ones are my favorite. You can combine your transparent white raincoat with all in black. Just wear your black pants and t-shirt in it and it looks all stylish.

The only bad side of this plastic clothes is their transparency. Because of the transparency you can’t wear very complicated or colorful items in it. It will look confusing. In my opinion, you should prefer one color in it and make the raincoat as a star item on your clothe combination. The striped and transparent Zara raincoat is really affordable. You should have a look at Zara!

Colorful Clear Bags

plastic clothes

Like every women, me too very interested in bags. When I go for shopping, I always look for the bags, even if I don’t need to buy one more. So, I always wonder about bag trends and this season plastic clothes affected to bag trends very much. That’s why, you’ll see lots of different clear bags in popular brands like Zara.

I saw some different types of transparent bags. You can prefer a small or a big shoulder bag. However, if you prefer a soft and pastel one, you can easily combine it with lots of different colors and you can easily make different outfits. That’s why I want to buy a soft gray or a white one. However, you should be careful about their transparency again. It’s a small problem again. Actually, I’m trying to say that, everyone can easily see the items in your bag! So, you can’t put everything in it because it will look much confusing. The items in your bag, may cause your outfit looks incompatible, about the colors. So don’t miss that issue!

Buying a shoulder clear bag is not the only option. As you know that, this season belt and beist bags are really trend so you may prefer a small and transparent one for your wardobe! In this way, you can catch two trends in one bag! You can see from the picture above, there is a cute small pink belt bag on the left.

I really liked it but I think I can’t use that kind of bags. Because I bring lots of items with me when I go outside. So it is really small for me. However, the gray and small one is my favorite. I can use it with my lots of different outfits easily. It has an compatible color and the size of bag is also available for me. I picked my favorite clear bags for you. So, you can get an idea about this bag trend and also you may find your favorite one!

Most Compatible High Heels

plastic clothes

As you can see from the picture above, plastic clothes also affected to high heels trends! I can easily say that, it’s time to wear transparent and plastic clothes, bags and shoes. I want to start with Rihanna’s outfit. She combined a transparent and plastic bag with an plastic high heels. In my opinion, you should be very brave to wear that kind of plastic high heels. It looks really different and fashionable. I know it is a little bit unusual outfit, but don’t forget that she is a famous person. We may catch this trend with different type of plastic higheels like the other shoes on the right side of the picture.

Additionally, I think that it will be much better to use only a transparent bag or a transparent high heels. When you combine them together, I think it’s going to be very confident and it doesn’t seem so stylish for me. Finally, I want to say that if you find a bag like Rihanna’s bag, it will be a joker item in your closet! You can use that bag every color and clothe combinations. I think that all of us need to buy one for own.

Additionally, I like this elegant high heels because they look really stylish. Especially the black one with a transparent band is my favorite. I think you can wear it with jeans and also a skirt or a dress. It is really compatible with sporty or chic stylings.

I hope you got an idea about transparent and plastic clothes, bags and shoes. And I hope that the pictures I choose for you can help you to describe what do you feel or think about that trend. I shared my favorites with you so you may find your favorite ones and go to buy clear and plastic clothes!

For more information, you can read this article.

See you at the next article girls! Stay stylish.

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