Green Velvet Dress

green velvet dress

When I think about velvet dresses, the first color that comes to my mind is green! Green is the most elegant color for a dress, especially for velvet. The texture of the fabric shows both dark and light tones of green very nicely with an iridescent effect. When thinking about a green velvet dress, long, emerald chic dresses might come to mind first, but they’re more than that! So, let’s see together what the options are when choosing gorgeous green velvet dresses!

Type of Dresses

I think most of us would imagine a green velvet dress with a long sleeve, but there are also different types of velvet dresses. Even different-length versions of the same dress change the atmosphere! I suggest you consider different lengths of dresses if you are not sure about the dress.

Mini Green Velvet Dress

Let’s start with mini green velvet dresses. Short velvet dresses look pretty stylish. Besides an accustomed graceful look, it also has an assertive and energetic air. I really liked the first dress with the tulle sleeves. Also, it’s a good idea to choose a mini dress for a patterned velvet dress; it might be a little bit disordered in a long velvet dress.

green velvet dress

Midi Green Velvet Dress

Midi dresses are perhaps the type that highlight body shapes the most. If you have an hourglass body shape, it’s a good idea that wears a midi thigh velvet dress. This dress will make you very sexy! Also, strappers are making midi green velvet dresses chic. You might catch a more formal style with a longer enslaved dress as in the second picture.

green velvet dress

Maxi Green Velvet Dress

Maxi velvet dresses are my favorite! The slit detail on maxi velvet dresses looks very stylish. In addition, the double-sided slits took the dress away from its classical atmosphere. And added a very contemporary and casual chic atmosphere. Look at the outfit; it has become a glamorous everyday look with a pair of leather boots!

green velvet dress

How to Combine with Accessories

As you know, accessories affect the whole mood of the outfit. It is possible to transform the same dress with different accessories. Although the green dress can be quite stylish even when used without any accessories, it also becomes fabulous with additional accessories. Now, let’s look at how we can combine a green velvet dress with accessories!

What Bags to Wear with Green Velvet Dress

When the green color is combined with velvet, it can be a little challenging to decide on the appropriate color for the bag. It would be wise to use nude tones, as contrasting choices can overshadow the unique aura of the dress. As seen in the pictures, combining a nude-toned bag with the identical color shoe is highlighted the dress. Also, we can see an example of a very stylish use of a belt. This look was achieved without averting to all those glittering details and the eye-catching depth of the green velvet dress. Likewise, look this same-colored nail polish, a harmonious image was obtained with the bag.

green velvet dress

What Shoes to Wear with Green Velvet Dress

Like other accessory choices, deciding what color shoes to wear with green dress may not seem easy. A single-stranded stiletto in nude tones is an excellent choice to create a simple-chic combination with a frilly front model. Black heels will look very stylish when combining straight and thin-strapped green dresses.

For example, Hailey Bieber shows us how an olive-green velvet dress can be used as a casual chic outfit! With her patent leather boots and messy bun, she looks gorgeous. Although it seems very easy to make a messy bun, sometimes we cannot easily make the bun we want. Here is a tutorial for a messy bun!

Kendall Jenner is another great example of a strapped green velvet dress as a casual chic outfit. She is almost every time knows how to combine her outfit excellently. She completed the low headlined and strapped dress with a banded bralette in this example. Since the dress’s collar is quite low, her hangers seem to be a part of the dress. Of course, it was a perfect idea to use leather boots with these leather straps! For more Styling Ideas from Kendall Jenner just check it out!

green velvet dress

green velvet dress

How to Accessories a Green Velvet Dress

The long-sleeved velvet dress and the bun goes very well. You will get an exquisite look with the two curls you hang from the front. For such stylish hair, dangle earrings with shining will be a perfect choice. Moreover, you can combine many thin bracelets and a thin chain necklace with a velvet dress. These bohemian accessories will make your outfit more authentic.

green velvet dress

Do you need more information about velvet clothes styling other than dresses? Just check this Velvet Outfits styling tips!

Stay Stylish!

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