Get Short Hair Without A Haircut : French Beret

Hi girls! As you can understand from the title, today we are going to talk about haircuts and the most elegant accessories of winter: French berets. I’m going to show you girls how to get short hair without a haircut! Our lead actor of this issue is of course this elegant french beret.


It is getting colder every single day, so french berets are good option to keep you warm and chic. I think they look pretty nice, even if you are in a casual or a work outfit. Furthermore, french berets are usually made by wool, so they keep your head very warm in cold winter days. So, if you still don’t have, it is time to get one!

How To Get Short Hair with a French Beret?


As you know that, these days short haircuts are very trendy. However, if you are a long hair girl like me, but also want to have short hair sometimes, I have a perfect new for you! You can get short hair with a French beret easily. Now it is time to explain it! Okay girls, all you need to do is make a ponytail and then wear your french beret on it. The ends of your hair will look, like they are your whole hair.


As you can see from the picture, I have very long hair. However, I made a ponytail at the top, then wear my french beret on it. Additionally, you can set your hair length with your ponytail. Just move your ponytail up or down! Furthermore, it will look better if you curl your hair before make a ponytail.


Finally, I want to talk about this French Beret outfit. As I said before it looks pretty good in a classic or sporty outfit. I prefer to wear it with my mom jean and long coat. This french beret has a colorful pom pom on the top, so you can easily combine it with different colors!




This was a city walk outfit of mine. I like to share interesting interior design ideas or architectural photos that I took with you. So this one is the building that I saw while walking in the street. You can see the big toys on the building!


I hope you girls like my idea and use it! I will continue to share the places I went, and my outfit ideas with you.You can have a look at the places I went this November, with outfit informations from the link below!

Weekend Outfits of November

Keep stay with me and stylish!

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