Weekend Outfits of November


Welcome! Today we are going to talk about the weekend outfits of this November. Also I’m going to share some pretty cafe designs that I saw during these weekends.

Weather is getting colder and we are ready to say goodbye to Autumn which is my favorite season! I love autumn very much, especially November because it includes my birthday. So let’s start with the last weekend of November which is my birthday!



My birthday was the day after Black Friday! I don’t think a better gift than this. Because of the black friday, I bought lots of things and one of them is this comfy puffer jacket. I bought it from Bershka. It wasn’t on sale however, I really like its color because it reminds me the autumn!


We walked around the city whole day and this jacket keeps me very warm. So if you have problems with cold weather like me, you should buy this puffer jacket right now! It has different colors, but corduroy looks so nice with this tone of orange. By the way, corduroy is very trend these days! And it looks so nice with light blue, light pink and camel tones.


I prefer to combine this puffer jacket with the color black. In my opinion this colour combination looks so casual and chic at the same time. I wear my hoop earrings from Bershka. I have three sizes of this earrings and this is the medium one. You’ll see other size of this earring at the end of this article! I think this one looks so nice when you make a hair braid or a hair knot.



This weekend outfit is a bit classic and elegant than the other. This can be a Friday look, like you just out from your work and decided to drink something outside before go home. Actually I found this cafe when I was walking around the city and looking some good place to spend time. This cafe has unique decoration. Look at these pages on the wall!



I combined a black loose trousers from Zara with a warm white sweater from Lcw. This soft touch sweaters are very trend these days. I bought different colors of this sweater but white is my favorite of course! If you want, you can check another sporty outfit of this sweater from the link here.

I complete the look with vintage earrings that I bought from Skopje. As I said before if I wear big earrings, I prefer to tie my hair. That’s why I make a small elegant hair bun.


Finally I wear my under knee black boots with this outfit. Because you know the first rule is feeling warm and being stylish at the same time! This pant is cropped, so under knee boots help me to keep my legs warmer. And also it can easily integrate with black pants. So your outfit looks flawless.


weekend outfits

I bought this faux fur from Zara last season and everyone liked it very much! It keeps me very warm and it looks very stylish. Good news! You can find a similar one in Pull & Bear this season.

weekend outfits

I prefer to straighten my hair for this weekend outfit. And I complete the look with my big hoop earrings from Bershka. I think they look so nice when you straighten your hair.

I like to do my makeup with orange tones if I wear something blue. Finally, I wear a brownish lipstick which is one of my favorite. If you like its color, you can learn its brand and color code from the link here!


weekend outfits

This was a rainy weekend so I walked around the park with my comfy mom jean and a dark green sweater on it. I complete my look with a long, lapel collar dark green coat. If it is cold outside, I can recommend you to wear your cropped mom jeans with thin sheer black socks. It looks much better this way!

weekend outfits

weekend outfits

Here is a cute activity recommend: eating some mandarin on a park bench! This November passed so nice for me and I wish you all happy, warm and stylish weekends!

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See you at the next article!

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