90s Hip Hop Fashion: Music and Fashion Combination

Hi girls! In today’s article, we travel to the past. We will talk about the 90s, one of the most iconic periods for fashion. We can say that 90s fashion is an inspiration even today. Many of the clothes we wear in our daily lives were trending in the 90s; such as, mom, boyfriend jeans, and crop tops. In this article, we will talk about 90s hip hop fashion. There will be a deep examination of the clothing of hip hop artists. The first thing that comes to mind in hip hop culture is gangsta rap and artists like tupac biggie and das efx who made this music come to mind. That’s why, we’ll talk about trending pieces in 90s hip hop fashion, and then we’ll take a look at the looks of celebrities with these pieces. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Trendy Pieces from 90s Hip Hop Fashion

There are many distinctive outfits in the fashion of the 90s. Some of these are denim overalls, boots, and hats. The general style of the clothes worn in these years is that they are simple but elegant. For example, dresses and skirts do not contain much detail in terms of patterns and embroidery, but they create a striking appearance. The most used accessory is the fashion staple. In addition, the colors of the clothes are also important in this sense. Classic colors such as red, black, and white were frequently used in clothing. During this period, the most popular brands in hip hop style were Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sean John. Let’s take a closer look at these brands and trend pieces.


Jean Jumpsuits from the 90s

We can say that one of the trendy pieces of this period is the jean jumpsuit. Maybe you can imagine yourself like construction workers when you wear this kind of cloth but that piece was very popular in 90s hip hop fashion. These overalls are usually in the long model. In those years, it was preferred to wear white or different colored T-shirts inside such overalls. No matter what color the T-shirts were, they did not contain any patterns or embroidery. Such looks were simple but eye-catching for hip hop style. For example, this is a very stylish jumpsuit like in the 90s. Also, jumpsuits were mostly matched with timberland boots. I think this kind of a look provides punk and cool appearance and reflects the 90s hip hop fashion soul.


Bucket Hat for Hip Hop Artists

The other popular piece of 90s hip hop fashion was the bucket hat. As I mentioned in the previous chapters, bucket hats are also trendy today. We can see that most people wear those hats in daily life and especially in the summer season. These hats, which come in many different colors, have become a trend again in recent years. You can wear this hat in different locations such as streets and beaches for summer outfits. Thanks to its plain and monochrome model, it will easily match your looks.


Parachute Pants for Iconic Looks in the 90s

Parachute pants are one of the most remembered fashion items from the 90s hip hop fashion I think. These pants were providing cool and gangsta looks. We can recall them from music videos. In these videos, girls were matching their parachute pants with crop tops. On the other hand, boys were preferring oversize t-shirts. These outfits gave a shabby and careless look to artists and dancers. One of the reasons why they wear loose and comfortable clothes in this way may be that it makes dancing easier. In a sense, hip hop means rhythm and dance to them. If you want to see, these pants are the ideal choice for a hip hop star.

How Artists Dressed in the 90s Hip Hop Fashion?

When it comes to Hip Hop music, many star names come to mind. For example Beyonce, Jay Z, Tupac, and Snoop Dog. The clothing styles of these artists are discussed at least as much as their music. Everything they wear becomes a trend after a while. People follow their clothing styles closely and theyinspired people with their styles. Unfortunately, Tupac is not among us, but he maintains his place in the 90s hip hop fashion world along with other artists. In addition to these singers, Will Smith also made a mark on the agenda with his dressing style in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, in which he starred. In this part, we will see 90s Hip Hop stars’ outfits.


Snoop Dog from the West Coast

I think he is a very cold-blooded person. I feel this even when I listen to his songs. He has a different aura and you can feel his energy easily. Besides his character, his style is also attractive. His mood reflects his outfits and hip hop style clothes look good on him. The style of Snoop Dog and other hip hop singers like him is called West Coast Hip Hop style.


Tupac: What a Legend!

Although he died at an early age, Tupac was a star who inspired everyone with his clothing style and music. His posters adorned the walls of many young people. We can say that he influenced inspired many names in rap and hip hop music while making their songs. Among the accessories he uses in his clothing style, especially the headbands are engraved in everyone’s mind. Headbands in different colors and patterns have been the most matching piece with his name in 90s hip hop fashion.


Beyonce and Jay-z: The Stylish Couple of Every Period

We have known them for a long time. They always look good. They influence and inspire us with their songs, styles, and family life. Beyonce is a legend. She showed women’s 90s hip hop fashion in those years. However, she continues to show how to dress a woman. She is the representative of female energy and power. On the other hand, Jay-Z is one of the pioneers of hip hop music in the 90s and today. As a couple, their style and music are undisputed I think.


Today we talked about 90s hip hop fashion with some trendy pieces and celebrity looks. I think the 90s is a very special period in terms of fashion and music. In those years, there were many changes in people’s lifestyles, perspectives, and likes. That’s why fashion and music have changed and got some new meanings. Hip Hop is a genre of music that feels enjoyable and free. These feelings may reflect artists’ fashion style.

If you want to more about 90s fashion, these articles may be helpful for you. I leave a song from Kanye West for you to listen to while you read my article. I hope you find useful all the things I wrote. See you in the next article.

Stay Stylish!

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