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Hey girls! Today we are going to talk about a timeless trend: leopard print. As you can see, animal printed clothes are very trend this season. Therefore, I want to choose some trendy leopard print accessories and clothes from Zara USA. In addition, they are all available to buy on Zara USA website. So, all you need to do is click on the photo! If you still don’t have anything with leopard print, I think it is time to invest one of them!


If you are not very into leopard print trend, than it can be better to wear it as an accessory. I think that, when you add a small detail of leopard print to your outfit, it makes you look more stylish and elegant. So, these leopard print scarves from Zara USA, can be a good beginning.

zara usa

zara usa

zara usa

If you like wearing belts, then I highly recommend you to buy this leopard print belt from Zara USA. Because you can match it with your light blue mom jean, white jeans and black jeans! And trust me it will look stunning anyway.

zara usa

What about wearing this leopard print bag from Zara USA? Its metariel is very different and you can put lots of things in it! Therefore, this is my favorite size for handbags. Not too small or too big!


Here is another bold accessory from Zara USA. This hat can make you look really fancy girls! This one is a really special piece.


If you already like to wear leopard print in your daily life, you can go for a leopard print top. I chose these two clothes from Zara USA for you.

zara usa

This is the other color option for leopard print and I like to match this color with Neon Green, neon pink or yellow. I know it will look stunning but who cares? Fashion is absolutely something like this. So, be brave babes!

zara usa

Second top option from Zara USA is this transparent one. I think this is perfect for special night outfits! Because its back is completely transparent.


zara usa

Leopard print looks very nice and bold with high heels! I can’t imagine something more chic and sexy than that! And I really like this one from Zara USA! If I were you, I would wear this high heels with a champagne red dress. Omg! Do you imagine it?


Or, you can wear this kind of cute ones with your white summer dress. So, you can show your style even if you’re at beach!

Click here to see trendy leopard print outfit ideas! You may get some inspiration to combine these pieces from Zara.

Finally, here is a perfect leopard print outfit inspiration from Peppi! I’m sure that you’ll like her style. Therefore, you should check it out!

I love her leopard see through raincoat from Zara! I would like to have it!

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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