Wedding Guest Summer Dresses

wedding guest summer dresses

It is so good to have summer around! The darker skin, lighter hair and longer days give me high motivation for life. As we all know summer does not only mean vacation, beach and sun; it also means having many weddings. It is like the official wedding season all around the world. Weddings parties are fun but unfortunately it sometimes might be hard to find the perfect dress for each wedding. Don’t worry. This is what we will deal with in this article. This is the ultimate source for wedding guest summer dresses.

Beach and Garden Wedding Guest Summer Dresses

We are so lucky to have such a concept, Beach weddings! And we are also very lucky the bohemian summer chic style. It has been trendy for the last few years and you are still not late to catch this trend. Bohemian style is mainly based upon 70’s hippie breeze. There are some main pieces to create this style. The dresses are usually loose relaxed fits and A-line cuts. Mixed print designs and embroideries are used very much creating this style. When you combine them with chic pieces it becomes one of the best choices for wedding guest summer dresses.

marriage guest fashion

wedding brifashion dresses

wedding guest summer dresses

Like probably most of you. I’ve experienced wearing high heels on sand or grass so I know the struggle very well. For that, I strongly suggest you to wear chic sandals with low heels to complete your wedding guest summer dresses. Those sandals give the summer vibe so good and they do not hurt your feet during the ceremony. You can find them every store. Those are great for your casual style and the best for your beach wedding guest summer dresses style

wedding guest summer dresses

Cocktail Wedding Guest Dress

Many people start to give cocktail parties instead of the other styles of traditional wedding celebrations. The cocktails can take place in various places like on a yacht, at the poolside or on a rooftop. When someone talks about cocktails, all I can think about is silk dresses. I have been such a big fan of silk slip dresses and I will continue to be. I find it incredible for them being so elegant and effortless at the same time. They are flawless choices to create wedding guest style because they can be easily combined with strapped heels and any clutches. Celebrities also like to use silk dresses. Among the other wedding guest summer dresses, I’m sure you will be the one to catch all the eyes.

marriage guest dresses

marriage guest summer dresses

wedding guest summer dresses

Hall Wedding Guest Dresses

Not all summer days are sunny and bright or not all people like to have outside wedding. Hall weddings come to scene then. It is an opportunity for all women to wear high heels as high as possible because it is easier waking on ground than on beach or meadow. Also, you don’t have to worry about the breeze at night. No matter what kind of wedding guest summer dresses style you want to get, I highly suggest you to choose midi dresses because it is the most popular dress length right now. You can have tiny straps or half sleeve. Both ways look really elegant. One of the most popular of summer 2020 is the coral pink and I am sure it will look so good on your bronzed tanned summer skin. That’s why I’m leaving here some cute pink midi dresses to inspire you.

wedding guest summer dresses

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Scarlet red is also one of the most popular colors of 2020 summer. I don’t personally think there is a year or season where the color red is unpopular. It is such a on-hand color and it looks so elegant. If you want to make a safe choice. You can always go with red in your comfort zone. While talking about colors, it is impossible to mention the monochrome outfits trend. Wedding guest dresses are cute and easy to combine but if you want to combine more than one piece you can get inspired from this monochrome outfits article.

If you are going to be one of the bridesmaids and there is a specific dress code, you should check this article to get inspired and inspire all the other bridesmaids.

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