Hi girls! Welcome to my blog! Today I want to show you my “Zaful Outfits” created with trendy clothes! All the outfits are created by myself according to 2020-2021 fashion trends! Let’s start with my favorite trendy items: Bucket hats!

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I created 2 different styled bucket hat outfits. One is sporty and the other one is chic! Let’s have a further look to my timeless Zaful Outfits!

So Cozy and Chic Brown Bucket Hat – Wool Coat Outfit


You can never go wrong with a brown wool coat girls. Whatever you wear inside of this timeless color it will look harmonious! You can combine this color with beige and earth tones to make it look more chic. If you want to make it look more sporty you can go for blue jeans as well. One more option for this fashionable wool jacket is wearing all black inside! As I said you first, you can combine this type of jacket in million trendy ways. In my opinion, this is a must have piece for fall outfits!

Bucket hats are this year’s biggest trends but this bucket hat looks really cute! It is faux fur which keeps your head very very warm and stylish at the same time. It can be the star item of your outfits! If you are searching for a hat that will keep you warm you should have look at this cute one!

Sporty Black & White Zaful Outfit for the Weekend!


Here is another Bucket hat Outfit I created with trendy items! You know this year’s one of the biggest trend was “Cargo Pants”. This Zaful Black High waisted cargo pants are exactly what I’m looking for. It is not too much rapstar style! It has some zippered pocket details which are quite enough for this style of pants. When there are too much pockets or chains, I think it looks a little bit like a hip-hop or rapstar pants. So this one is looking so cool!

I matched this black Zaful Cargo Pants with this Gingham Jacket! I think that cargo pants look better with this kind of sporty cropped jackets. And you know, gingham is a timeless pattern that you can wear any time and any season… Trust me, this pattern will never become demode.

And this black bucket hat killing two birds with one stone! Because it is convertible! I prefer to wear plain black side because my jacket has already a pattern. So it will look better to wear patterned side with plain black jackets.

Cutest Colors Ever! Soft Colored Zaful Outfit


If you are a fan of soft colors, this outfit is for you! I’m wearing corduroy light green pants with this cute two tone cargo jacket. I love its colors and hood! Isn’t it so cute girls?

And I can highly recommend you this corduroy high waisted pants, if you have problems with the cold weather like me.

Vintage Jacket Look


This jacket is absolutely a master piece! From its design to colors, I adore everyhing about this jacket! It absolutely gives me the vintage vibe I’m looking for.

It is a corduroy jacket with hood so it is a perfect fit for your spring and fall outfits. This jacket has 2 different color options in website so you should definitely go and check the other options. All of them are really fashionable.

Stay stylish!

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