Trendy Woman Sunglasses 2021

trendy woman sunglasses

Summer is coming fast and women’s sunglasses are taking the top of the trends. Sunglasses are a statement piece for most women who are into fashion, and I think there are some trendy woman sunglasses that should be in every closet. For me, sunglasses are a must have piece of my wardrobe and I do wear them every season.

Normally, there are different type of sunglasses for different season. For example, our sunglass lenses should differ accordingly, as the sun’s rays from the summer months are reflected at a steeper angle and more burning than in the winter months. In the winter months, we can wear lighter and less protective glass sunglasses, while in the summer we should prefer sunglasses with higher protection glass. In this article, I will show you some trendy woman sunglass ideas for this year and where you can find their more cheap version easily. If you are a sunglasses addict like me, you will love this article. Let’s start!

These Lexxola Sunglasses are Everywhere

trendy woman sunglasses


These sunglasses are so trendy right now. So you probably see a pair of Lexxola sunglasses on your social media. You may not heard the brand because it is the design of these sunglasses that stands out. The most famous style features a bold Damien plant-based acetate frame and lenses in sunny shades of yellow, orange or sky blue. They’ve been worn by everyone. YouTuber Emma Chamberlain has sported a few different pairs, and even model Kaia Gerber worn these trendy sunglasses on her porch.


trendy woman sunglasses

Lexxola sunglasses have 7 different type of frame. The most trendy woman one’s are style called Damien, Jordy and Freddy. They are unisex frames too so anyone can wear them.

trendy woman sunglasses

Picture on the right called Freddy. This is a slightly oversized frame that feels oh-so-’70s inspired. This can be a must have for the woman that love wearing vintage pieces. On the left called Jordy. This is also a vintage inspired frame, it has more smaller and more angular frame rather than the Freddy one.

Oh btw, you can check this youtube video! He is talking about Lexxola too.

Trendy Luxury Woman Sunglasses

trendy woman sunglasses

This part, I choose some luxury woman sunglasses that are so trendy right now. These sunglasses are a little bit pricier side but don’t worry after this part I will give some cheap alternatives for all styles that I mention. First trendy luxury woman sunglass style is Loewe Paula’s Ibiza sunglass. This colorful bold frame so trendy right now. You can easily see this frame every fashion bloggers. This style has lots of color option but I fall in love the green one.


Other one of my favorite trendy sunglass is Versace’s Medusa Biggie style. This frame style first lounge for mens but it became very trendy and became a unisex model. This trendy sunglass has a very geometric frame on the front and has a gold medusa amblem on the side of the sunglass. And also has very bold colores like neon pink, orange and neon green except the classic black or white versions.

trendy woman sunglasses

The last trendy luxury sunglass option that I want to talk about is Gucci’s Fluo Narrow Acetate Rectangular style. This woman sunglass style is on the trend for last 2-3 season. Almost all celebrities wore at least one color of these sunglasses. As I said before, geometric woman sunglasses models are very trendy this year, so every brand has released this kind of model this year. And because of the colors are very trendy this year, brands kept the color options wide.

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Shop The Trend

Yes! Now we come to the favorite part of every woman, shopping. If you like the sunglasses models I described above and said yes I want to fit the trend but don’t want to pay that much for a seasonal sunglasses, I got you! And I found cheaper versions from Amazon for you.

You can see this woman sunglasses model on all social media right now. Personally I see it everywhere. Because this sunglass model is so trendy right now, everyone wants to buy it. And it also looks like the Gucci style that I mention before. I found very cheap version for you that you can buy and it’s also have so much color option.

Girls! This is the same sunglass that the Versace one. Omg! I personally need to buy it. If you are a fan of that trendy Versace sunglasses like me, hurry up! This has only four basic color option but I have never seen a dupe this similar to Versace before.

The last one is for Lexxola lovers like me. This style look very similar to Lexxola’s Damien model. If you are a lover for aviator sunglasses, you need this style.

If you want to learn other woman sunglasses style that are trendy this year, you can read WhoWhatWear’s Article too.

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