There Is No Age To Learn How To Play Piano


Hi everyone! Today we are going to talk about an emotional instrument: piano and also how to play piano for beginners. Actually, I’m also a beginner in this job. I’ve started to play piano 8 months ago. However, I wanted to play it since my childhood. But, I was living a small town so there weren’t any music course, that can teach me how to play piano. When I started to live in İstanbul for university, I started to look for courses but they were really expensive so I stopped to look for it. One day, my friend took me to the music store and I saw lots of piano there. The white, big one was looks like a dream. Then, a man came there and started to play it. He was perfect and the voices that piano made were incredible! It impressed me very much so I started to look a piano course again. Finally, this year I found a course which I can easily afford so I have started to learn piano. The first time I touched the piano was awesome! I understood that, I’ll never stop to learn it. So that’s how my playing piano story started. And I want to share my experiences and thoughts with you about playing and learning piano. So, if you ready, let’s start with learning some basics about how to play piano.


I was playing guitar but I couldn’t read the notes, I only know the chords. So first step was, learning the notes for me and also the same thing for you. If you want to learn how to play piano, you should be able to read the notes clearly and quickly. So, if you already play an instrument, you are lucky about this topic! However, reading the notes while playing the piano is a little bit different from the other instruments. Because you should be able to read 2 staffs together, at the same time. It’s called grand staff. When the bass staff and the treble staff joined together it called Grand staff. Reading the grand staff is a little confusing at the beginning but don’t worry! You’ll start with one staff and the basic notes. When you start to play piano with both hands, you need to read two staffs.


As you know we use 2 hands together while playing the piano. However, at the beginning you’ll start with one hand control. When you improve it, you can start to play with both hands. If you want to improve it quickly, you should do lots of practice. However, the bad thing about learning how to play piano is the practice problem. You need to practice more often but if you don’t have a piano in your home, probably you don’t, you can’t practice. Therefore, you may buy a keyboard. It won’t give the same experience, but it is similar with piano, so it will be ok at the beginning.

There are some basic rules about piano fingering. Every finger have a number that can make easy to learn how to play piano. And there are some hand positions like right hand C position, which help you to practice easily. However, you need to learn this kind of technics from a teacher or the website I’ll suggest you at the end of the article.

Finally, you need a piano book which is compatible with your level, so that you can practice by aid of it. I can suggest you “Ferdinand Beyer – Escuela Preparatoria Op 101”. I have started to learn piano with this book and I’m still using it. There are lots of mini songs that can help you to improve your technique. This book can easily make you learn how to play piano, if you practice enough.


If you want to learn how to play piano, you need a trainer. So you may go to a course or you can buy a keyboard and practice at home at the beginning. I found a perfect website for us beginners. You can easily learn the basics about how to play piano from this website below. Moreover, these lessons are free. He teaches with videos and pictures so that you can learn it easily.

You can find lots of information about playing piano in this website like how to sit at the piano, fingering, different type of notes,
treble clef, bass clef, grand staff, melodic and harmonic intervals…

Free Piano Lessons for Beginners Part 1 – Piano Posture: How to Sit at Piano. Fingering.

If you want to learn how to play piano, you should know that you need to do it regularly and also you need to spare time to it. You should be patient and enjoy with it. I think that, this is a good relaxing way in our stressful lifes. I also think that, every person need to play at least one instrument. Because, it helps us to use our brain’s different parts together. I hope you’ll start to play an instrument as soon as possible!


Finally, I want to share this pretty song with you. This is a Theodore Oesten song.This song is about Dolly and it has different parts. It starts with Dolly Sleeps and continues with Dolly Dreams, Dolly Awakes and Dolly dances. This is the first song that I can play with both hands. So it is special for me. Therefore, I want to share it with you. I can only play Dolly Sleeps part but, I hope I’ll complete this song’s all parts as soon as possible. You can listen this song’s video from the link below. I hope you’ll like it!


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