The Flintstones T-Shirt Outfit

Welcome to my blog girls! I hope all of you guys are well today and ready to get inspired about fashion! Today I’m gonna show you one of my favorite and motivational outfit with my “the flintstones” t-shirt. I prepared 2 different outfits with the same t-shirt. Let’s see which one is going to be your favorite!

Cartoon Printed Clothes are in again!

In 2020’s fashion, cartoon printed t-shirts become popular again. There were Snoopy Bags, Tweety t-shirts and too many cute cartoon characters on the clothings, pencilcases, bags many many years ago… We used to wear them when we were a little child.. However, this year we can see too many t-shirts with 90’s cartoon prints, in the shopping malls. From the Flintstones to Slyvester you can see too many colorful t-shirts, pygamas and sweatshirts at the popular brands. And they give super cute energy to your outfit! If you want to join this 2020 fashion trend, you should check my outfit inspiration first! If you ready, let’s see how I combine my cartoon printed t-shirt in a cool way!

The Flintstones T-shirt Outfit with White Jeans

As you can see, I combine my the flintstones t-shirt with a white cropped jean from H&M. I know there is no white part in my t-shirt but white goes very well with this tone of gray and it helps me to make my outfit look more summer one!

After matching gray and white, I need to choose a color for the shoes and the bag. I decided to choose the color from the t-shirt to make this outfit look a little bit matchy. And brown looks so great with in this color combination! Isn’t it? I wear a brown leather belt, brown sandals and a brown bag from Bershka. In this way, my outfit looks kind of cool not like a small girl outfit. In my opinion that’s the keyword while wearing cartoon printed clothes. You shouldn’t look like a baby! 😉

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You can find my photo of The Flintstones t-shirt outfit on Mavi instagram account! This brand liked my outfit very much and they asked to publish it on their official account. Such a cute thing!

The Flintstones T-shirt Outfit with Gray Mom Jeans

the flintstones

This option is for the who doesn’t like wearing Sandals and want to look more sporty! You can match your grey t-shirt with a gray high waisted mom jean like I did! That is one of my favorite color combination! Gray to gray or full gray outfits! If you have enough gray pieces at home, you should give it a try girls.

You can find a video of this outfit on my pinterest account so you can check the details like earrings and more!

the flintstones

So, which outfit is your favorite? 1 or 2? Please write me on the comments down below.And also you can send me your cartoon printed outfit via e-mail and I can share it here! In this way, we can inspire each other!

Stay stylish my girls!

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