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We’ve watched an Indian movie even once in our lives and we’ve all been charmed with these colorful traditional outfits, saree styles. Combining different countries’ traditional clothes in different and modern styles in your wedding party, at the office or on the street, became an attractive tool for representing yourself. For new fashion trends, it doesn’t make sense of the fashion in which traditional clothing from other cultures isn’t just a dress that you wear in your trip and content yourself with just a picture for the rest of your life.

If we say, it’s time to saree style trend? We’ll have a look how can we combine a saree looking like an Indian movie star on streets and at special events. That being said, let’s dive into the movies, evolution of saree style and the big cities’ saree styles and then take a look where it’s in fashion trends now! Don’t forget to raise the sound of Indian music!


By definition, saree is a traditional outfit originating from the Indian fashion culture. There’re various styles of saree manufacture and draping that identify to traditional Indian clothing. There’re a lot of saree styles in different regions of India. The basic requirements to create a saree style are saree, blouse, petticoat and pallu. Traditional sarees tie from right to left in general. Fabric materials of sarees depend on the saree styles. Silk is one of the most used fabric to hold the shape for long hours. Georgette, cotton, cotton-silk blend or light chiffon are also preferred for the sarees. Sarees’ colors and patterns depend on the style from region to region and they have a large color scale. They also can have different types of patterns like floral, chequer, etc. Along with the saree, women wear a lot of accessories like colorful flowers and beads, to complete their look.

We’ll be talking top unique styles of the most traditional and different types. Also here are some common clothes in pictures.

Athpourey shari


One of the most known saree is Athpourey shari. White or gold color with a red border is the first striking feature of this traditional saree style. It has a box pleat at the front. The pallu as a veil comes from the back on the left shoulder and then covers up the right shoulder.


saree styles

Kappulu is draped from left to right, unlike the normal sarees. One of its two main unique features is narrow pleats that flatten the form on the back. And the other one is two fabrics by twisting the end piece around the body twice.


saree styles

Madisaru is an important saree style that was traditionally worn by women after their weddings. Nowadays, it’s generally worn during festive or special occasions.


Let’s make your wardrobe more colorful with fuchsia, red, gold… Most modern sarees are inspired by Nivi drape traditional saree styles and they are generally draped like traditional ones in a modern look. So, sarees can be official, chic, pretty and whatever you want to have in your style. As you make an all saree look, you can also combine them with your existing clothes. Therefore, let’s learn how to wear saree in modern style to look attractive on any occasion or mood.

Mumtaz style

saree styles

This saree style that designed with chiffon and a blingy border is a retro saree style that was created by actor Mumtaz. If you like to wear open belly dresses, they’re attractive outfit ideas for you! These sarees are wrapped in circles all over the bottom body.

Cape style saree

saree styles

One of the most trend saree styles! There is a cape over the classical saree style. You can match your sarees with each cape to vary your wardrobe and make different outfits.

saree styles

Butterfly Saree Wear Style

saree styles

Celebrities’ choice for saree style! You can go parties with folding the top part of your pallu into a slender column after creating a butterfly form at the lower part of the pallu. Time to walk around like a delicate butterfly!

saree styles

Pants style

saree styles

Pants! You’ve heard right! You can dress over it at official parties to look chic and serious simultaneously with combining blazers and jackets.

saree styles

The Angrakha Drape

saree styles

If you like to wear a one-piece outfit like jacket style dresses, this outfit is just for you! With this modern look, everyone will be willing to meet you!

The Ripped Jeans drape

saree styles

Give credits to your ripped jeans that you’re bored to combine with your white t-shirts. You can change your standard look with this saree style.


My beautiful brides! If you look for wedding dresses, saree style is a new trend that makes you the most original bride ever! In India there’re a lot of traditional saree styles for weddings, Coorgi style which is created by red and golden silk is one of them. It’s the simplest style to provide a gorgeous impact with ethnic wear for brides wishing to go the traditional way. Face accessories and a simple knot will complete your look. Apart from brides, bridesmaids can be a part of this concept. You’ll catch a royal look in your dream day! You can also find more wedding dresses here.

Scroll down and let’s touch with your wedding style!

Mermaid Drape

saree styles

You can have an original mermaid style look with the saree style! It’s wrapped around your legs as a skirt which makes you look chic and slim. Generally, the pallu which is pinned to the shoulder is well-pleated, unlike the skirt part.

Can-Can Skirt Saree

saree styles

If you want to choose a dress style saree, it’s just for you! The gorgeous can-can skirt which is a flared silk skirt is a part of the saree style. It has a great drape and pleat type as you desire. Then just wear the saree over it, you’re ready!

saree styles

Deepika Padukone Drape

indian style

Drape the saree in the classic style and put the pallu on the left shoulder without pleats! Don’t forget to add some glam effect with face accessorize to look attractive!

indian styles

Gujju Style

indian fashion

If you’re having Indian style wedding from foods to music, you’ll probably want to have your bridal saree style match it too!

The Classic Drape

indian fashion

Brides generally prefer to drape their bridal saree in a classical way combined with gold jewelry to look fancy. And some examples for you!

Additionally, you can find more saree drape styles step by step.

Finally! You can also watch drape steps from this link. Don’t forget to have a try with your saree or scarf until you have a new one! You’ll love the final look on video and of course you!

See you in the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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